How to crack the eight coquetts of online women

How to crack the eight coquetts of online women

First, the soft fingers are entangled: when a woman’s phone or other contact tools seem to want to see you, how you can’t live without you, you must pay attention.

This is one of the tricks that women are best at, and it’s the “weaving of the fingers” that weeps the ghosts and gods.

Because the gentleness of women believes that few men can resist.

In particular, when women will drop bit by bit on QQ, will you come tonight, I believe that about 90% of men will collapse.

But ten percent of men always stand up.

How did they do it?

The answer is simple: doubt.

  When a woman “skewed fingers” to you, think about the circumstances under which she replaced you.

According to incomplete statistics, most women demanded men when they were “soft and entangled”.

Congratulations if nothing is required!

Because maybe the woman’s mother’s love has come, and you need to be a pet.

  Second, as if strangling in the throat: Women like to talk half-heartedly to the man they like, but she also wants to say complete.

But the woman’s stubbornness makes what she wants to say stubborn. At this time, the woman probably thinks of you, or hopes that you go to his side to give her a sense of security.

But she was inconvenient to say what she needed because she was a woman after all.

  At this time men should think more, and then tentatively ask women, communication is now developed.


  Third, to seduce: Women generally don’t tell you directly what she needs.

She will ask you if you have a meal?

Did you watch that movie?

Actually it was she who wanted to see that she hadn’t eaten!

  In such a situation, if you have seen it, you will be honest, but if you have eaten it, you will eat it honestly.

If you have any plans, you can say that you have n’t eaten, and you have n’t seen it.

Anyway, meals can be eaten at any time. It ‘s okay to watch the movie. You can be a narrator, as long as you are not afraid to be blinded in the cinema.

  Fourth, knowingly ask: Women usually ask who you are on QQ!

Don’t say that I am me!

You have to be sweet and think that I am the one who loves you.

Because women want you to remember her!

Even if she doesn’t remember you!

You must remember her!

  Fifth, find nothing: Women usually avoid when talking about sensitive topics.

But the nature of a woman is to spread the net, she will give all men the chance to chase her.

But it’s her business if you can’t catch it!

Women will say we change the subject!

Today’s weather is a topic that women like.

  Pay attention at this time, she is coquettish with you.

If it’s cold, you have to worry about asking her to add extra clothes. If it’s hot, you don’t want to suggest to go swimming.

  6. Detour: There are many ways for a woman to coquettish with you. She will not talk to you about this topic for a long time. After detouring for a long time, the topic naturally comes to the topic that she wants to say. This is a woman’s intelligence.

  But if a woman is smart, she still has to say something.If you do n’t catch a cold on that topic, you do n’t prevent the topic from being brought up again. If you are interested, then you do n’t want to talk about it. Do n’t talk deeply. Women can easily treat you as a confidant!

If you are willing to be a confidant then it is another matter.

  7. Questioning: Women like to ask questions to men, and the questions are strange.

But most of the time you ask is whether you love me or not, what are you doing?

Men want women to care about themselves, but if you ask too many questions, you will naturally be annoyed!

  When encountering such a situation, a man should never worry about it.

If you really ca n’t stand it, find an excuse to slip away and find an excuse to worship you. Do n’t be intimidated by the problem, and do n’t get entangled with a problem repeatedly. Pay attention to the Internet charges!

  Eight, synthesis: When a woman bombards you with the above seven coquettish ways, are you finished?


You can smile life, intuitive MM!

Don’t be afraid in the face of tenderness!

Shut down and just walk!

There is no MM in the future. No one in the world knows you. If you are as good as me!