Ying Hong Chuan Health Club opened, Zhang Liangbai Chen Chen Turing is a frequent visitor!

“Ying Hong Chuan” Health Club opened, Zhang Liangbai Chen Chen Turing is a frequent visitor!

I heard that the houses in “Ming Hong Chuan” are full of creative ideas, and many viewers are greeted by men’s technology-savvy rooms.

Today, Minghong’s biography has exposed the heroine of Chen Duoling, and the island has a look at it with a heart. Wow is surprisingly successful, and it’s more eye-catching than a high-tech room and a secret garden!

Show the queen of the health club, come and see!

Looking back at Zhang Liangbai’s private club?
(Zhang Liang’s room) (White guest’s big bedroom) by Wanhe Tianyi, Iqiyi’s costume martial arts light joy drama “Ming Hong Chuan” tells the love of science and technology love the first god of Shen’an City(Zhang Liang ornaments) and the first smuggling of Liu Anyu (White Guest) in the singular love of the singular encounters and gradually unlocked the stories of past lives.

Shen Xing and the female lord Wang Shishi (Chen Duling) had a marriage contract, while Liu Xingyu fell in love with Wang Shishi at first sight. The three were in the dark and began a period of emotional entanglement.

The Mid-Autumn Water Pavilion is the first health club in the city of Chun’an, and it is also a blessing to peep into the beauty of Wang Shishi.

The perspective of the real estate propaganda film, coupled with the dubbing of CCTV’s broadcast chamber, the background music of “pretending the atmosphere”, and with the magnificent costumes of the costumes, this piece of flowers is absolutely perfect, and it is really familiar with the style of nonsense!

The health club that Chen Duoling expresses endorsement is indeed not ordinary. It is full of food, accompanied by Chinese medicine acupuncture business, or a single dating community!

Don’t have to do a card?
I heard that the people in Minghong, the demon, the gods and three big people are regulars!

Catering to different tastes of people from all walks of life, privately ordered, intimate and thoughtful service, famous for the city!

God’s capture of Shen 15 seems to be very cold, but also has a hard-to-remember feeling for Qiushuige, and then has a paper marriage with poetry?
At the same time, it attracts the demon and the enchanting enchanting demon and the exotic princess, as well as the animal world!

People, demon, animals have, as for the gods who are regulars, white guests?

The island doesn’t know. everyone is still chasing it!

Let’s take a look at the supporting role of Qiushuige. Dance role, face value, guardian duty, certificate, and professionalism!

The street crew outside the Qiushui Pavilion has adopted the design style of Causeway Bay. The night view is excellent and it is worthwhile to arrange a day trip to Chun’an.
The Qiushui Pavilion is fascinating and beautiful, with all kinds of entertainment and entertainment. The main theme is peony red and bright yellow. The meaning is actually – Minghong biography must be red!

Do you like this kind of web-based gossip trailer?

If you like it, please pay attention to Ming Hong Chuan with Xiaodao, pay attention to Aiqiyi, and send the blasting blade to the crew.