Elite Lawyer landed on Beijing Satellite TV, Lan Yingying’s legal term death

“Elite Lawyer” landed on Beijing Satellite TV, Lan Yingying’s legal term “death”
On December 16th, Jin Dong and Lan Yingying starred in the realism and the vintage drama “Elite Lawyer” antique broadcast conference, the drama will land on Beijing Satellite TV on December 20th.The play tells the story of law practitioners such as Luo Bing (Jin Dong) and Dai Xi (Lan Yingying) interpreting fairness and justice and defending their career ideals.Lan Yingying said that “Elite Lawyer” does indeed have a “legal popularization effect” for herself. “After filming this drama, I have initially shown some legal common sense, and I can defend my rights by my side.”The picture of” Elite Lawyer “comes from a straight suit on the Internet, elegant manners, in the public’s impression, the lawyers in the film and television dramas have always been a cool and calm, overbearing collection and pronoun.However, in “Elite Lawyer”, Robin, played by Jin Dong, has a humorous and warm side in addition to his rational, calm and wise mature elite characteristics.As the ace lawyer and senior partner of Quan Jing Law Firm, in the eyes of his boss, he is a top professional with excellent professional skills; in the eyes of his peers, he is a strong personality participant; in the eyes of his friends, he is also a self-confident and versatile player.However, it is such a person who is in the “top-matching state”, but has recruited an assistant who is diametrically opposed to himself, and has since started a journey of mutual growth of teachers and friends.The solitary “lone wolf” lawyer became a warm-hearted person.”The master leads the door, and the practice is personal.”In the play, Dai Xi, played by Lan Yingying, is the most distinctive one among the lawyers.Although she is an assistant to Luo Bin, she has a completely opposite personality to the calm and rational Robin, and even conflicts frequently because of differences in ideas.In Lan Yingying’s opinion, Dai Xi is a true portrayal of every ideal young man in the workplace-passionate and impetuous.”She is a rookie lawyer who is new to the workplace, and the only person in the play who insists on herself.There is not much difference between her work and life, how to treat people in life, and she still retains her innocence and straightforwardness in her work.”Helping the takeaways write lawyer letters, handle copyright trademarks for girlfriends, write complaints to coffee shop clerks, Dai Xi, who has excellent professional skills and a sense of justice, always practices his own ideals and defends the dignity of the law.However, Lan Yingying ridiculed that this “just girl” was not good enough: “Because Dai Xi is a person with outstanding memory in the play, he is very diligent and talented.Many legal provisions can be read by others, but I must be able to speak directly, so I have memorized many large sections of legal provisions in the early stage.”She recalled that in order to highlight the different sides of the character, Dai Xi had two or three scenes that included a large number of professional legal terms. She ranked” dead “for a week before she finally knew everything.” BasicIt is memorized once a day, once a day, probably for a week or so.”Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Wei Tong Na proofreading Liu Baoqing