Before, he was worried that he repeatedly emphasized the importance of Rokai, a young player.,Does it make the players think he is making a fuss?。

Now it seems,The players still listen to him,Didn’t take his words as ears……
PS,still isFMDatabase problem……I didn’t meanFM2019To play,FM2020Will all the names become messy when playing??
After the enthusiastic investigation of readers,Found that it was the tester’sFM2020Various custom skins installed、Avatar、Team badgeMODs reason。If you use nativeFM2020,Can be played normally,The name will not be messed up。
Maybe you can try to load the database and open the file with the pure version first,Then install the skin avatar team emblemMOD,See if the name will be messed up……
At last,In order for everyone to find these characters,Let me talk about what team they opened:
Serie A:
Florence:Zhang Jun
Inter Milan:Guo Nu、Li Yongle
ACMilan:Yang Pan
Lazio:Ji Ming
La Liga:
royal house Madrid:Chu Zhongtian
Atletico Madrid:Gao Zheng
French League: