After the Deep V, the two main lines configure the market

After the Deep V, the two main lines configure the market

China Securities Network Wu Yuhua grew for the fifth consecutive trading day in the two cities yesterday. The GEM Index continued to hit a new high since December 2016.

Analysts said that after the Spring Festival, due to the influence of eventual factors, the market adjusted. The Shanghai index fell below 2,700 points, which seems irrational in the short term.

After the stock index has stepped out of the “Deep V”, it should grasp the two main lines of allocation of the “home” economy and the deep development of emerging industries.

  The performance of agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery is strong. From yesterday’s perspective, 22 industries in the 28 industries in Shenwan have grown. Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, construction materials, and the automotive industry have seen the highest growth rates, respectively.

93%, 5.

37%, 3.


  Yesterday, there were more than 180 stocks, including more than 20 stocks in the agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, and fishery sectors. Xinnong Development, Huaying Agriculture, Zhongxing Fungus, Xuerong Biological, Dabeinong and other stocks have daily limit.

Recently, the strong performance of the medical biological sector has been differentiated. The daily limit of Wuzhong in Jiangsu has been trading for 4 consecutive days. The daily limit of Boteng Co., Ltd. has been rising for 6 consecutive trading days.Only stocks fell.

  From the perspective of the concept plate, biological breeding, soybean, western cement and other plates led the gains, while antibiotics, super bacteria, and pneumonia concepts and other plates led the decline.

  New Era Securities said that in the first week after the holiday, the stock market experienced great fluctuations, and the index went out of “deep V”. The short-term impact of the epidemic on mood and positions has ended, and then the medium- and long-term impact needs to be explored.

On this basis, the further upward momentum of the stock index comes from the progress of post-holiday resumption. If the resumption is faster, the progress will still be 北京spa会所 faster. If the resumption is slow, the vibration will rise upward.

  Market turnover was active Yesterday, the turnover of the two cities exceeded 880 billion. The activity of market turnover has continued to increase in recent days and has been close to levels in recent trading days.

  Wind data show that since February 4th, market transactions have been significantly active, and the transaction volume of the two cities on February 4th was 9096.

2.2 billion yuan, 8719 on February 5.

1.4 billion yuan, 9130 on February 6.

7.5 billion yuan, 9292 on February 7.

9.1 billion yuan.

  It can be seen that the A-share market rebounded recently and the trading volume effectively cooperated. The average turnover of US $ 699.6 billion in the previous month increased significantly.

  In addition, some are that Northbound funds have had a net overlap for two consecutive trading days.

Wind data shows that on February 7, Northbound funds replaced 32.

9.9 billion yuan, the net interest rate of northbound funds on February 10 was 32.

7.3 billion.

On February 10, the Shanghai-Shanghai Stock Connect and the top ten active stocks of the Shenzhen Stock Connect showed that Conch Cement, Yili, and BOE were net sold 2 respectively.

8.4 billion, 2.

6.6 billion yuan, 1.

3.5 billion yuan.

Ganfeng Lithium, Ningde Era, Wuliangye respectively received net purchases4.

1.8 billion, 2.

1.3 billion yuan, 1.

8.3 billion yuan.

  CITIC Securities said that investor sentiment has calmed down after repeated venting and excitement, and the market has entered a more rational consolidation period.

One week after the holiday, the potential net inflow of northbound funds against the trend was about 30 billion. After the market overshoot was repaired, the inflow is expected to return to the average.

  Grasp the two main lines After the market goes out of “Deep V”, how should investors in the future market layout?

  Guojin Securities said that a large number of recent risk incidents have come one by one, and the epidemic situation is likely to be aligned in the direction expected by the market.

Domestic macro decision-making departments have repeatedly improved the overall financing costs of small and micro enterprises, and the monetary easing environment remains the same.

The potential of A-stock ammunition, domestic public offering institutions, some brokerage asset management, private equity institutions and employees to subscribe with their own funds, apply for subordinate funds and asset management products, boost investor confidence.

The upward trend of the A-share market shock will continue.  In terms of industry configuration, China National Securities said that it focused on two main investment lines: first, the “home” economy opened up development space, and the emerging consumption model “online +” became the tipping point of the demand side; second, deep exploration of emerging industriesUS stocks map configuration main lines, such as Apple’s industrial chain, electric vehicle industry chain, cloud gaming, security and controllability.

  CITIC Securities said that the liquidity and loose funds further embraced long-term logical growth stocks, and the size of the market is expected to further differentiate.

The GEM refers to a price-to-earnings ratio (TTM) ratio of CSI 300 to CSI 4 from the beginning.

0 rose to 4 on February 7.

A shares as a whole can still be actively deployed.

In the trading window of the previous oversold rebound, time and elasticity are more important; in the configuration window where investor sentiment is stable and market volatility is reduced, it is more important to consider performance and the estimated cost performance of the allocation.

Combine the evolution of the epidemic to grasp the pace of deployment and focus on the targets that are beneficial to resumption of work.

  The agency said that considering the impact of the epidemic, the opportunities and rhythm of A-share allocation in 2020 specifically include three categories: the main line of transition to; the transaction-type opportunities before the epidemic eases; and the warehouse can be gradually built after the epidemic eases.

It is suggested that while continuing to grasp the transaction-type opportunities brought by the epidemic, you can also pay attention to the sub-sectors with a faster return to work.