My Golden Mountain and Silver Mountain Geng Zhi Fan Ming Creates a New Idol in Contemporary Rural Areas

“My Golden Mountain and Silver Mountain” “Geng Zhi” Fan Ming Creates a New Idol in Contemporary Rural Areas
On May 7th, directed by Shen Yan, Ben Fang, Xu Jundong, Ren Yan, screenwriter, Fan Ming, Dai Lele, “My Golden Mountain and Silver Mountain” starring An, Li Hongtao and other officials formally finalized, landing on May 8Satellite TV.The play focuses on reform and opening up, new rural construction, and targeted poverty alleviation. It is called the first secretary Tang Liang (an An Shi) and entrepreneur Tang Xiaojun (Dai Lele) returned to his hometown, and the village director Fan Xinghuo (Fan Ming)(Decoration) The story of joining hands to get rid of poverty and prosperity.The creation of the “My Gold Mountain and Silver Mountain” script took four years. The main team visited five provinces, seven cities, more than 20 poor counties, and more than 50 poor villages to conduct field research. Taking many first-line typical poverty alleviation cases as the prototype of the story, the final creationcarry out.The whole theater covered all kinds of characters and events, including more than 30 main characters, stubborn humorous village directors, passionate village secretaries, and strong female entrepreneurs, showing the village director re-election and selecting poor households.Land expropriation, migration tombs, new village construction and other hot and contradictory events in contemporary rural areas.The drama was directed by Shen Yan, and his masterpiece “Chinese Divorce” and “My First Half of Life” set off a climax of ratings.Screenwriter Xu Jundong has created excellent works such as “The Story of the Cooking Class” and “The Story of the Police Station”. This time, he used the comedy expression to present the audience with touching and tearful stories in rural poverty alleviation.Fan Ming, who gained popularity with excellent works such as “The Story of the Cooking Class” and “Wulin Gaiden”, played Fan Xinghuo, a village director who was straightforward and interesting and had a cause of poverty alleviation.Li Hongtao, who has starred in many popular dramas such as “White Deer Plains”, “Half-Father and Son” and “Ma Xiangyang’s Going to the Countryside”, plays the stubborn village’s “richest man” Tang Daqiang.In addition, Dai Lele played Tang Xiaojun, a smart and capable female entrepreneur, and Tang Liang, who played humor and positive energy, jointly presented the audience with the image of a “new rural youth” moving forward “reversely”.Sauna, night net editor Liu Wei Tong Na proofreading Lu Qian