“Hey,brothers,how about it,How is the guy who was fixed by you now?”

“Hey,brothers,Is your boss here??”Xia Chenglong learns to speak with each other。
Is it because it’s dark that the music is too loud, so that the opponent can’t even see the enemy’s face,Or because I was intoxicated all day in the drunken gold fanatic, I was sucked up,The other party did not notice the real identity of the man in front of him,I didn’t even notice the big mistakes in the words。
“how,Your kid wants to go to the boss to claim credit?Haha,Count you lucky,I really met today。”The bodyguard patted Xia Chenglong on the shoulder:“but,The boss’s bodyguard is also there,You have to be careful,What he dislikes most is that someone disturbs the boss。”
“Big brother,Thanks for telling me this,It seems you are a good person who is rare among bad people。”
“brothers,Nonsense,You are also a bad guy!”
Good man rewarded,Even if the other party just reminded me。
So Xia Chenglong definitely gave this“Nice guy”Some preferential policies,Such as just knocking it out!
Chapter Two Hundred and Twenty Six Wind and rain
There are many people wearing masks in the bar,They are in order to indulge their lust,So as to be gentler in the face of ugliness。
Xia Chenglong walked in,Did not arouse anyone’s idea,I sat at the bar and ordered a glass of tequila,Spirits,There is always a lover。
Today’s spirits will not exist because of love,Just for hobby,Want to have a drink or two before doing something。
Spicy liquor shuttles between the mouth and the stomach,Let Xia Chenglong’s body become hot,He is searching for something,Found that this search is meaningless in terms of the number of people。
So he wants to change,Use the simplest and most effective method to solve the next contradiction。
The wine glass fell heavily to the ground,Xia Chenglong felt that such a voice was not loud enough,So all the wine glasses in front of the two bars were smashed。