Hear the conversation between the two,Lin Yu has refreshed the three views。

I understand,People born in the imperial family,Can really be ruthless,Even my brother,Can be killed。
After all these two people,Is a father-son relationship,Can fly separately。
“Yes,Lin Shao!”
Grandma bear!If it wasn’t for you bastard,I have accumulated a liter of wealth,Not less than half。
Wait for me,Look back,Beautiful with you two。
puff!Pig cage,Both of them spewed a mouthful of blood at the same time,Passed out。
I just heard Xiang Yanghong because of myself,How much assets have been lost。
Lin Yu,He even left himself to Xiang Yanghong。
as a result of,No need to think that both of you know what it is like。
Precisely because of this,Can you not be so mad at the moment??
While the two were in a coma,Xiang Yanghong expressed her apology,Call your own lawyer quickly,Let him bring the asset transfer contract。
After signing the contract,Xiang Yanghong endured the pain in her heart,To leave beforehand,Visit Lin Yu another day as a reason,Take your grandson and leave quickly。
Saw Xiang Yanghong leave,Clan Chief Zhong sees his granddaughter,At this moment, he is just playing with his mobile phone。