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od. David says to God, 鈥楾hy rod 鏉窞澶滅敓娲昏鍧?19 and thy staff are my help,鈥?or words to that effect鈥攎anifest metaphor. My rabbi shewed me a Jewish paraphrase of Jacob鈥檚 words, 鈥業 had neither gold, nor silver, nor herds, but simply my staff.鈥?He also told me that this 鈥榮taff鈥?was supposed by the Jews to have been given by God to Adam from whom it descended to the patriarchs 璐垫棌瀹濊礉鏉窞榫欏嚖 in succession. This shews that Jews might find no difficulty in Christ鈥檚 metaphor, 鈥楪o forth with nothing but a staff,鈥?i.e. the staff of Jacob, the rod and staff of God. But Greeks and Romans would naturally take the word literally[244] as meaning 鈥榳alking-stick.鈥?Then they would find a difficulty, asking, 鈥榃hy should Jesus 鏉窞涓嶆瑙勭殑鎸夋懇搴楀仛鍝簺 say, No bread, no wallet鈥攐nly a walking-stick?鈥?Hence many, writing largely for Gentiles, might alter it into 鈥榥o walking-stick.鈥?This is what Matthew and Luke have done. Similarly 鏉窞姘寸(鏈嶅姟鍥剧墖 they altered Mark鈥檚 metaphor 鈥榖ut shod with sandals,鈥?i.e. with light shoes fit for the 鈥榖eautiful feet鈥?of the preachers of the gospel, into 鈥榥o boots,鈥?or words to that effect. The error is the same. Jewish metaphor has been in each case taken literally by Matthew and Luke.鈥?

Scaurus added a few remarks on Christ as a 鏉窞鏈€濂界殑姘寸枟浼氭墍 historical character, 鈥渄imly traceable,鈥?he said, 鈥渋n the combined testimony of Mark, Matthew, and Luke鈥濃€攚here I thought he might have added, 鈥渁nd in the epistles of Paul.鈥?His main thought was that, in spite of all the defects of these three writers, it


was possible to discern in Christ a successor of Moses and Isaiah. 鈥淭his man,鈥?said 鏉窞419鐧捐姳缃?Scaurus, 鈥渕ay be regarded in two aspects. As a lawgiver, he took as the basis of his republic a re-enactment, in a stronger form, of the two ancient laws that enjoined love of 鏉窞瓒崇枟淇濆仴 the Father and love of the brethren. As a prophet, he saw a time when all mankind鈥攔ecognising in one another (man in man and nation in nation) some glimpse of the divine image, and of the beauty of divine holiness鈥攚ould beat their swords into ploughshares, and go up to the City of peace, righteousness, and truth, to worship the 鏉窞鐢峰+浼氭墍鍝釜濂芥帹鑽?Father of the spirits of all flesh. Isaiah had foreseen this. But this prophet was also possessed with a belief, beyond Isaiah鈥檚, in the unity of God and man. He was persuaded that the true Son of man was the Son of God, higher than the heavens. I think also that he trusted鈥攂ut on what grounds I do not know, unless it was an ingrained prophetic belief, found in all the great prophets, carried to its highest point in this prophet鈥攖hat, as light follows on darkness, so does joy on sorrow, righteousness 鏉窞鍝噷鐜╀綘鎳?on sin, and life on death. A Stoic would say that these things alternate and that all things go round. But this Jewish prophet believed that all things in the end would go up鈥攗p to heaven. That is how I read his expectation. Feeling himself to be one with God, he placed no limits, except God鈥檚 will, to the mighty works that God 鏉窞娲楁荡灏忓 might[245] do for him in his attempt to fulfil God鈥檚 purpose of exalting men from darkness to light and from death to life.

鈥淚t is in some of these myst

Elite Lawyer landed on Beijing Satellite TV, Lan Yingying’s legal term death

“Elite Lawyer” landed on Beijing Satellite TV, Lan Yingying’s legal term “death”
On December 16th, Jin Dong and Lan Yingying starred in the realism and the vintage drama “Elite Lawyer” antique broadcast conference, the drama will land on Beijing Satellite TV on December 20th.The play tells the story of law practitioners such as Luo Bing (Jin Dong) and Dai Xi (Lan Yingying) interpreting fairness and justice and defending their career ideals.Lan Yingying said that “Elite Lawyer” does indeed have a “legal popularization effect” for herself. “After filming this drama, I have initially shown some legal common sense, and I can defend my rights by my side.”The picture of” Elite Lawyer “comes from a straight suit on the Internet, elegant manners, in the public’s impression, the lawyers in the film and television dramas have always been a cool and calm, overbearing collection and pronoun.However, in “Elite Lawyer”, Robin, played by Jin Dong, has a humorous and warm side in addition to his rational, calm and wise mature elite characteristics.As the ace lawyer and senior partner of Quan Jing Law Firm, in the eyes of his boss, he is a top professional with excellent professional skills; in the eyes of his peers, he is a strong personality participant; in the eyes of his friends, he is also a self-confident and versatile player.However, it is such a person who is in the “top-matching state”, but has recruited an assistant who is diametrically opposed to himself, and has since started a journey of mutual growth of teachers and friends.The solitary “lone wolf” lawyer became a warm-hearted person.”The master leads the door, and the practice is personal.”In the play, Dai Xi, played by Lan Yingying, is the most distinctive one among the lawyers.Although she is an assistant to Luo Bin, she has a completely opposite personality to the calm and rational Robin, and even conflicts frequently because of differences in ideas.In Lan Yingying’s opinion, Dai Xi is a true portrayal of every ideal young man in the workplace-passionate and impetuous.”She is a rookie lawyer who is new to the workplace, and the only person in the play who insists on herself.There is not much difference between her work and life, how to treat people in life, and she still retains her innocence and straightforwardness in her work.”Helping the takeaways write lawyer letters, handle copyright trademarks for girlfriends, write complaints to coffee shop clerks, Dai Xi, who has excellent professional skills and a sense of justice, always practices his own ideals and defends the dignity of the law.However, Lan Yingying ridiculed that this “just girl” was not good enough: “Because Dai Xi is a person with outstanding memory in the play, he is very diligent and talented.Many legal provisions can be read by others, but I must be able to speak directly, so I have memorized many large sections of legal provisions in the early stage.”She recalled that in order to highlight the different sides of the character, Dai Xi had two or three scenes that included a large number of professional legal terms. She ranked” dead “for a week before she finally knew everything.” BasicIt is memorized once a day, once a day, probably for a week or so.”Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Wei Tong Na proofreading Liu Baoqing

[Does white rice porridge make you fat?

】 _Fat_Obesity

[Does white rice porridge make you fat?
】 _Fat_Obesity

In the hot summer, the weather is hot and most people have no appetite. In this case, many people like to drink white rice porridge, but some people are worried that drinking white rice porridge will get fat. In fact, drinking white rice porridge will not make you fat, andThe nutrition in white rice porridge is very rich. Drinking porridge often has many benefits to the human body. In fact, drinking white rice porridge will not make you fat, and you may lose weight.

Does white rice porridge make you fat?

White rice porridge crystals are 30 kcal / 100 grams.

White rice porridge has a high coaxial amount, and the transition value is very low.

Because of its high water content and low starch and adult content, it also helps digestion and absorption, making it ideal for dinner during weight loss.

Occasionally I only drink white rice porridge all day, but also can clean the intestines and detoxify, shave fat, not only will not gain weight, but also lose weight.

How to drink white rice porridge to lose weight Drink white rice porridge to lose weight can help to regulate the stomach and intestines, three general weight loss methods are generally recommended: 1. Eat white rice porridge as dinner at night: Slow down metabolism at night, eat low-calorie, easily digestible foodsGain weight.
White rice porridge is easy to digest, has low conversion, and does not gain weight. It is one of the best dinner foods during weight loss.

Of course, try eating at night four hours before bedtime.

2. White rice porridge occasionally replaces staple food: Simply put, rice starch, noodles and other staple foods are replaced by white rice porridge. Due to the sufficient ingredients, when eating the same amount of porridge, its value is reduced, so it can be reduced.Total calorie intake is helpful for weight loss.

3, three-day white rice porridge weight loss method: Three-day white rice porridge weight loss method refers to drinking only white rice porridge and water for three consecutive days, eat unlimited amount of hungry, but can not eat other foods.

You can’t add sugar to the porridge, you can add an appropriate amount of salt to supplement sodium and potassium ions.

Do it every half month and cycle until you reach your ideal weight.

Tip: When eating white rice porridge to lose weight, it is not recommended to accompany too many dishes, especially those with more oil, so it must be a shortfall.

Long-term consumption of white rice porridge to lose weight is not reliable. If you want to lose weight, it is unrealistic to drink white rice porridge daily.

First of all, although white rice porridge is more nutritious than the porridge made from other rice, if it is eaten for a long time, it will not provide the nutrition required by the body. Over time, it will not be able to reduce fat, and it will be due to malnutrition.Suffering from some other diseases.

Generally, you can control your diet through white rice porridge to lose weight. You do n’t just drink white rice porridge. Some of the necessary nutrients still need to be eaten. However, you must control your diet. You can eat, but do n’t eat more if you have enough donor capacity.

Dieting and exercise together with white rice porridge to lose weight is better. Everyone wants to drink white porridge to lose weight. Pay attention to the control of consumption, not too much.

In addition, during the consumption of white porridge, exercise for another hour or so every night can consume excess transfer in the body, so that you can lose weight after you stick it. In addition, when you eat white porridge, you should appropriately adjust the amount of honey to bring weight loss.some.

White rice porridge weight loss recipe 3 days White porridge weight loss recipe can reduce 4-6 pounds This recipe requires white porridge as the main food for three days (try to cook thinner).

Perseverance may wish to give it a try.

Day1 breakfast: white porridge, a steamed bun lunch: white porridge, a white boiled egg dinner: white porridge, a plate of stir-fried Day2 breakfast: white porridge, a sesame bag lunch: white porridge, a white-boiled egg dinner: white porridge, a plate of fried Day3 breakfast:White Porridge, Five Pieces of Crepe Cake Lunch: White Porridge, One Raised Wheat Bun Dinner: White Porridge, One Plate Stir-fry Note: 1. Three meals a day, white porridge can be eaten free, other side dishes are prohibited.

2. If you are afraid that the white porridge is too cold, add a few slices of ginger to the pot.

3. In order to increase the taste, you can infiltrate 1/3 rice gruel.

4. Stomach qi and gastric acid reaction may occur. If the condition is serious, it should be stopped. Shorten the three days to two or one day of gastrointestinal cleansing.

5, should be reduced by 4 in three days?
6 pounds, if you want better results, substitute for more thorough purification, that is, do not eat at all, and only eat white porridge, but some people may not be able to get used to it, you may try it, start eating for more than one and a half days, and thenAfter half eating white porridge, you will find that after three days, you seem to be a new person. Even your skin is smooth and delicate, and acne and facial oil will be reduced.

[Can green beans and lemons be cooked together]_ 柠檬 果 _ 同 吃

缁胯眴鏄竴绉嶈眴绫伙紝鑰屾煚妾槸涓€绉嶅父瑙佺殑姘存灉锛岃繖涓ょ椋熺墿鐪嬩技鏄鏃犱氦闆嗙殑锛屼絾鏄篃鑳界鎾炲嚭涓嶄竴鏍风殑缇庡懗銆傚緢澶氫汉鐨勫彛鍛虫瘮杈冪嫭鐗癸紝涔熷枩娆㈢爺绌朵竴浜涙柊濂囩殑缇庨锛屾墍浠ヤ細鍦ㄥ仛缁胯眴鐨勬椂鍊欏姞鍏ヤ竴浜涘鎬殑椋熺墿锛屾瘮濡傛煚妾€傚崟鐙It is cre  ╂ 槸 娌 ℃ 旁 懂   勶 綴 嗸 嗸 縸 眯眯 镆 犳  瑳 紴 Bi wind 尖 楋 楋 1.鏌犳鍜岀豢璞嗕笉浼氬彂鐢熺浉鍏嬶紝鏄彲浠ユ贩鍚堝湪涓€璧风殑锛岃繖鏄鏃ヤ竴閬撳幓鐏殑楗搧銆備絾鏄矞鏌犳鏄笉鑳界叜鐨勶紝鍚﹀垯鏌犳涓殑缁寸敓绱燙浼氬叏閮ㄦ哀鍖栨帀锛岃惀鍏诲氨浼氬ぇ澶ф姌鎵c€傜叜缁胯眴姹ょ殑鏂规硶鏄厛鐓哺姘达紝鐒跺悗鏀惧叆缁胯眴锛岀户缁皬鐏叜8~10鍒嗛挓鍚庡€掑嚭缁胯眴姹ゃ€傚洜涓烘鏃舵堡鐨勯鑹蹭负纰х豢鑹诧紝婧跺嚭鐨勭墿璐ㄤ富瑕佹槸璞嗙毊涓殑娲绘€ф垚鍒嗭紝鑰屼笖姘у寲绋嬪害鏈€浣庯紝娓呯儹鑳藉姏鏈€寮恒€傚€掑嚭姹ゅ悗锛屼綑涓嬬殑璞嗗瓙鍙互缁х画鐓垚缁胯眴娌欙紝鎴栧姞澶х背鐓垚缁胯眴绮ャ€?.This is not the only way to do it. It ‘s not a good idea. It ‘s not a good idea. It ‘s a lot of fun. It ‘s not a good idea.傜豢璞嗘礂鍑€锛屾斁鍏ラ€傞噺鐨勬按锛屽姞鍏ュ皯璁哥殑鏌犳灞戙€傜洊涓婇攨鐩栫叜寮€锛岀劧鍚庡皢閿呯洊閿欏紑涓€涓皬鍙c€傜伀鍔涙惉鑷虫渶灏忋€傜啲20鍒嗛挓銆傜啲鍑虹殑缁胯眴姹ゆ垚閽辩豢鑹层€?.鍙﹀閰哥⒈搴︿篃鑳芥瀬澶у湴褰卞搷姹ょ殑鍙樿壊鏁堟灉銆傚寳鏂圭殑鑷潵姘存槸纰辨€ф按锛岀啲缁胯眴姹や箣鍚庡彉鑹茬壒鍒揩锛屽€掑嚭缁胯眴姹ゅ悗锛屼袱鍒嗛挓鍐呭氨鑳界湅鍒版槑鏄剧殑棰滆壊鍙樺寲銆備絾鍦ㄨ嚜鏉ユ按涓姞鍏ラ唻鎴栨煚妾眮鍚庯紝鐔嚭鏉ョ殑缁胯眴姹ら鑹插彉鍖栧緢灏忋€傚洜姝わ紝濡傛灉鐢ㄨ嚜鏉ユ按鏉ョ啲缁胯眴姹わ紝鍙互鍦ㄦ按涓姞鍏ュ崐鍕虹櫧閱嬶紝鎴栨尋鍏ュ嚑婊存煚妾眮锛屼絾娉ㄦ剰涓嶈兘鍔犲お澶氾紝鍚﹀垯姹や細鍙橀吀锛屽奖鍝嶅彛鎰熴€

[How toffee toast]_ common practice of toffee toast _ practice of toffee toast _ how to make toffee toast

[How toffee toast]_ common practice of toffee toast _ practice of toffee toast _ how to make toffee toast

Friends often come to visit, but you take them out for dinner again and again, isn’t it very impolite?

What’s more, it would be healthier to eat at home.

So, for friendship and health, you have to master some cooking skills.

So, let ‘s learn with me if I make a toffee toast 1.

121 triplicates, microsuspended for several minutes.


212 bread machine after oil kneading method, hair well.

This recipe is sticky and can already trim the viscosity in the bread machine.


Roll into dough, vent, and drain clean.


Fold in three folds, lower the interface, and relax for a few minutes.


Roll away again, this time longer.


Roll into a snail shape with the interface facing down.


Three snails lined up at the bottom of the toast.


This is the second fermentation, and I personally think that it can be sent a little more.


Preheat the oven at 200 ° C for 5 minutes, 180-200 ° C for 40 minutes. The temperature in my oven is not enough, and the color is not good. I re-baked at 200 ° C for 3 minutes, and the color was a little bit off.


The internal organization is really fluffy, and the use of toffee is really different . the aftertaste is very good.

It’s not difficult to make a toffee toast, the hard thing is whether you are persistent.

In fact, as long as you can thoroughly understand the method steps mentioned above, plus your insistence, the “results” will immediately appear.

Shuanghui Development (000895): Swine Fever Short-term Impact on Slaughter Volume Long-term Positive Concentration Increase

Shuanghui Development (000895): Swine Fever Short-term Impact on Slaughter Volume Long-term Positive Concentration Increase

Key points for investment: Short-term effects of swine fever affect slaughter volume, and increase the concentration in the long term. Affected by African swine fever, the price of pigs and pork has increased significantly in the past three months.43%, an increase of about 3 ppt over pork prices.

Inventory drought + rapid increase in hog prices + impact of African swine fever epidemic, so the slaughter volume will be placed in the first half of this year.

8%, and the amount of pigs slaughtered is 6.

At 2%, the overall slaughter volume decreased.

According to our research, the slaughter volume of Shuanghui Q2 remains at a normal level. However, due to the low price of pigs in the same period last year, the slaughter volume is at a high level. It is expected that the slaughter volume of Q2 will improve this year.

Slaughtering gross profit margin decreased or stayed the same 18Q4-19Q1 due to the effect of African swine fever, the spread between provinces and regions. As a leader in slaughtering regulations, Shuanghui merged part of the interprovincial supply of pork business.

Entering 19Q2, the price spreads in various regions have narrowed. It is expected that the gross profit margin of Q2 will decrease slightly from the previous quarter. In the upward cycle of pig prices, the company also released some frozen meat inventory to stabilize the gross profit margin.

The price of meat products can be raised again, and the cost can be controlled. In April this year, the company raised the price of meat products again, with a range of 2-3%. This is the second price increase after the initial price increase, which involves high,北京夜网 middle and low-end products.Product sales have been affected for a short time, but as the industry leader in meat products, it has only the right to speak. If the cost continues to rise in the future, it may not rule out the possibility of further price increases.

As for the cost of meat products, the company is expected to moderately increase the use of imported pork from the United States and low-priced stock meat in the early stage to limit the growth of subsequent costs. At the same time, it will use domestic favorable policies to promote profitability and maintain the stability of the overall profitability of meat products.

Earnings forecasts and estimates We expect the company’s revenue to be 53.5 billion / 588.3 billion / 64.2 billion in 2019-2021, even +9.

8% / 8.

9% / 7.

0%, the profit is 50.

700 million / 52.

100 million / 58.

8 ‰, +3 for ten years.

twenty two.

6% / 12.

9%, the current corresponding 19/20 PE is expected to be 16x / 15x, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: pork prices rise faster than expected / meat prices increase, sales decline, affecting revenue

Semir Apparel (002563): Core Management Team Increases Shareholding, Demonstrates Conversion Confidence

Semir Apparel (002563): Core Management Team Increases Shareholding, Demonstrates Conversion Confidence

The main points of the report describe the announcement of Semir Apparel, and the controlling shareholder Qiu Guanghe transferred their 537 holdings to Xu Bo and Shao Feichun in a block transaction on September 12.

130,000 shares, 268.

560,000 company shares, each accounting for 0 of the total share capital.

1990%, 0.

0995%, the average transaction price of 10.

45 yuan / share.

  Incident review launched an intensive internal incentive plan, showing long-term development confidence.

Since 2018, the company has successively launched the “Second Phase Supplementary Stock Incentive Plan”, which has expanded to cover a total of 513 core backbones with 14.47 million shares, accounting for 0 of the total share capital on the date of announcement.

54%; At the same time, the “Phase I Employee Shareholding Plan” was released. Participants included 5 directors, executives, and 93 middle managers and core backbones, with 8.32 million shares held.

At the same time, actively promote the leadership of direct shareholding incentives.

In November 2018, controlling shareholder Qiu Guanghe transferred to Xu Bo and Shao Feichun about 5.37 million shares and 2.69 million shares respectively, each accounting for 0 of the total share capital.

20%, 0.

10%; In September 2019, the controlling shareholder Qiu Jianqiang transferred to Chen Xinsheng and Zhang Wei respectively the 300,000 shares held by them, each accounting for 0 of the total share capital.


After the completion of the transaction, Xu Bo and Shao Feichun each held 0 shares of the company.

4031%, 0.


Continue to promote the leadership’s direct shareholding incentives, demonstrating the confidence of professional manager models to change.

  A rich matrix of children’s clothing brands and categories, trying to upgrade the “new basic” products for casual wear.

In order to further expand the advantages of the children’s clothing business, the company has tried in many ways: (1) The Barabara brand has gradually expanded its product lines for young children (1-6 years old) and infants (0-1 years old) based on the original Chinese children’s product line.Expanding the coverage of the preschool toddler and newborn baby market; (2) Promoting the entrepreneurial partnership project Makale baby brand with the Group’s resources efficiently, achieving effective synergy in information upgrading and supplier resource sharing; (3) Trying TCP And Kidiliz are brand extensions.

At the same time, in the casual wear brand remodeling products, the company set up a Semir brand positioning task force in the second half of 2018. Based on user changes and unmet needs, it proposed a “quality in everyday” brand value proposition, and launched it in the winter of 20北京夜网19.The “new basic” product line broadens the target customer age group and improves product texture.

  The three core logics of the acceleration of children’s clothing are highly accelerated, the conversion and reset of casual clothing and the optimization of the governance structure are continuously strengthened. We are optimistic about the revaluation of the value brought by the company’s switch from casual to children’s clothing.

In the first half of 2019, the children’s wear business achieved a rapid growth of 30%, and the casual wear business maintained a growth of 12%. The Kidiliz business channel adjustments and internal new store openings have dragged down profit performance in the short term.

At present, the shareholding ratio of Luguantong accounts for about 12% of the free float market capitalization, and excess expansion is expected to bring incremental funds.

It is expected to achieve 19 in 19-20.

0 billion, 22.

800 million, corresponding to PE of 16.

9 times, 14.

Double the risk of maintaining the “Buy” rating: 1. Risk of deterioration of the terminal retail environment; 2. Risks of less-than-expected development of emerging channels; 3. Risks of less-than-expected merger and acquisition integration.

Shanghai Xiba (603200): Industrial water treatment is booming and civilian business grows steadily

Shanghai Xiba (603200): Industrial water treatment is booming and civilian business grows steadily

Event description The company released its 2018 annual report, and the company achieved operating income in 20184.

14 ppm, an increase of 16 in ten years.

27%, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is 0.

80 ppm, a 39-year increase of 39.

25%, reduce non-recurring profit and loss net profit 0.

62 ppm, an increase of 26 in ten years.


  Incident Review Industrial water treatment business has grown rapidly, while civilian business has grown steadily.

Benefiting from the prosperity of the steel and petrochemical industries, the company’s industrial water treatment business achieved operating income in 20182.

66 ppm, an increase of 28 in ten years.

44%, an increase of 30 from 2017.

34pct; industrial water treatment business revenue accounted for 64 of previous revenue.

32%, down 4 from 2017.

51 points.

Among them, the income from the petrochemical industry was zero.

850,000 yuan, an increase of 13 in ten years.

75%; Realize zero income for the automobile manufacturing industry.

84 ppm, an increase of 11 years.

16%; zero income for the steel and metallurgy industry.

82 ppm, an increase of 113 in ten years.

54%; realized zero income for the pulp and paper industry.

1.6 billion, down 17 a year.


In 2018, the company’s civilian 青岛夜网 business realized operating income1.

20,000 yuan, an increase of 8 in ten years.

52%, a decrease of 2% compared to 2017.


  The gross profit margin at the industrial end declined and the civilian end increased.

In 2018, the company’s gross profit margin was 38.

20%, down 4 each year.

12pct; 2018Q4 gross profit margin was 32.

62%, a decline of 9 per year.

68pct, down 6 from the previous month.

26 points.

In terms of different industries, the company’s industrial water treatment business gross margins have declined to varying degrees.

The gross profit margin for the petrochemical industry was 41.

84%, a decline of 4 per year.

55pct, with a gross profit margin of 42 for the automotive manufacturing industry.75%, a decline of 5 per year.

27pct, the gross profit margin for the steel metallurgy 苏州夜网论坛 industry is 21.

72%, a decline of 10 per year.

45pct; gross profit margin for the pulp and paper industry is 3.

95%, a decrease of 26 per year.

34 points.

However, the company’s civil business gross margin exceeded 8%.

27pct, reaching 49.


  Accounts receivable increased and operating cash flow turned negative.

In 2018, affected by the settlement of bills by customers in industries such as automobile manufacturing, iron and steel metallurgy, the amount of bills receivables and accounts receivable of the company increased to a total of 2 at the end of the period.

82 ppm, an increase of 40 in ten years.

30%, accounting for 30% of total assets at the end of the period.

52%, up 5 per year.

17 points.

At the same time, due to the commencement of the Hegang Leting EPC project, the advance payment increased by zero.

4.2 billion.

Under the comprehensive influence, the company’s operating net cash flow turned negative in 2018, which was -0.

1.6 billion.

  Investment suggestion We believe that the company has been ploughing industrial water treatment business for many years, and its customers are more sticky, and the contracted business volume has improved.

On this basis, the company has gradually expanded the mass-bonded EPC and BOT projects and has achieved certain results.

We expect the company’s EPS to be 1 in 19-21.

59\1.99\2.29 yuan, corresponding to the company’s closing price of 37 on March 28.

85 yuan, PE for 19-21 is 25.

2\19.0\16.5. Covered for the first time, giving “overweight” rating.

  Risks indicate that the progress of the project is less than expected; the risk of customer churn;

5 weight loss foods to relieve nerve stress and help sleep

5 weight loss foods to relieve nerve stress and help sleep


Calcium and other ingredients in warm milk dairy products, such as whey protein, can help burn excess candy. When the total conversion of the intake is unchanged, if you increase the absorption of dairy products in daily intake, the excess will be greatly reduced.Aunt, it can also help you manage your weight healthily.

  It is well known that drinking a cup of warm milk before bed helps sleep, because milk contains a type of tryptophan, which can exert a calming function like amino acids.

  However, milk itself has a certain content, so be sure to choose low-fat plain milk.


Red wine The vitamin C, E, and carotene contained in red wine have anti-oxidant power, which can increase the accumulated age, reduce metabolism, and make the skin better.

The wine is rich in iron, and alcohol itself has the effect of activating blood and warming, so it can improve sleep, warm the waist and kidney, and effectively reduce the accumulation of water in the body.

  But pay attention to the wine you choose from the manufacturer.

Good wines are made entirely from the fermentation of grapes, with a sweet and sour taste, slightly sweet, without any additives.

The sweet red wine tastes a lot of sugar, so a 250ml glass of red wine is about the same as a bowl of rice, about 240 calories.

  Drinking red wine before bed should not be too greedy, a small glass (about 50 ml) is just fine.

If you drink too much, the conversion of red wine itself will replace the effect of weight loss.


Honey Honey has excellent bactericidal and detoxifying effects, and it helps to expel waste accumulated in the body.

As a result, the metabolic function of the whole body is improved, and the excess that is accumulated in the body because it cannot be consumed well can become energy and be burned.

If the sugar of honey can be transported from the stomach to the blood, it will become energy, which will quickly eliminate fatigue.

As the blood sugar level rises, the feeling of fasting also disappears.

  Wash a cup of honey with warm water before going to bed at night (proportion of honey 1 boiled water 10), help to sleep and beauty, supplement various trace elements, moisturize the intestines and detox, smooth defecation, and naturally reduce the small belly.

  The sugars in honey can promote your brain to stagnate and produce a dietary hormone, which is a recently invented neurotransmitter related to persistence and wakefulness.

A large amount of sugar has excitatory effects, but a small amount of glucose can prompt the brain to secret orexin (phenyldihydroquinazoline), which is a newly invented and related eosin transmitter.

So drink some honey water before bed is also helpful to relax before bed.

  If you feel that drinking honey is a bit tedious, you can use half a cucumber to make juice, add honey and warm water, and turn it into cucumber honey water for better results.


Banana Banana is actually a “sleeping pill” with a peel. In addition to stabilizing serotonin and melatonin, it also contains magnesium that can relax muscles.

In addition, bananas are low in calories and rich in fiber, which can promote bowel movements.

  Note, however, that bananas are not slow, and each banana contains a transition of 80 to 100 kcal (1 bowl of white rice contains about 200 kcal of conversion).

Eat bananas before going to bed on the basis of a light diet for dinner.

If you eat too much starch and meat for dinner, it is better to eat less bananas.

Just eat one banana before bedtime.


If oatmeal is too hungry before bedtime, you may wish to use oats for supper.

The satiety index of oats is almost twice that of corn, rice, noodles, and whole wheat bread. Oats are rich in soluble fiber and protein, so they can give you a feeling of satiety, which of course can help you suppress appetite.

  In addition to being a great weight loss supper, Yan Huan Mai is a very good bedtime product, which contains abundant N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine.

Boil a small bowl of cereal and add some honey instead.

Try chewing hard and spitting it out to your cavities.

Helps sleep and lose weight!

At the same time, oatmeal can induce melatonin to occur. A small bowl can improve the consequences of sleep. If you chew oatmeal in large quantities, the effect will be better.

How to crack the eight coquetts of online women

How to crack the eight coquetts of online women

First, the soft fingers are entangled: when a woman’s phone or other contact tools seem to want to see you, how you can’t live without you, you must pay attention.

This is one of the tricks that women are best at, and it’s the “weaving of the fingers” that weeps the ghosts and gods.

Because the gentleness of women believes that few men can resist.

In particular, when women will drop bit by bit on QQ, will you come tonight, I believe that about 90% of men will collapse.

But ten percent of men always stand up.

How did they do it?

The answer is simple: doubt.

  When a woman “skewed fingers” to you, think about the circumstances under which she replaced you.

According to incomplete statistics, most women demanded men when they were “soft and entangled”.

Congratulations if nothing is required!

Because maybe the woman’s mother’s love has come, and you need to be a pet.

  Second, as if strangling in the throat: Women like to talk half-heartedly to the man they like, but she also wants to say complete.

But the woman’s stubbornness makes what she wants to say stubborn. At this time, the woman probably thinks of you, or hopes that you go to his side to give her a sense of security.

But she was inconvenient to say what she needed because she was a woman after all.

  At this time men should think more, and then tentatively ask women, communication is now developed.


  Third, to seduce: Women generally don’t tell you directly what she needs.

She will ask you if you have a meal?

Did you watch that movie?

Actually it was she who wanted to see that she hadn’t eaten!

  In such a situation, if you have seen it, you will be honest, but if you have eaten it, you will eat it honestly.

If you have any plans, you can say that you have n’t eaten, and you have n’t seen it.

Anyway, meals can be eaten at any time. It ‘s okay to watch the movie. You can be a narrator, as long as you are not afraid to be blinded in the cinema.

  Fourth, knowingly ask: Women usually ask who you are on QQ!

Don’t say that I am me!

You have to be sweet and think that I am the one who loves you.

Because women want you to remember her!

Even if she doesn’t remember you!

You must remember her!

  Fifth, find nothing: Women usually avoid when talking about sensitive topics.

But the nature of a woman is to spread the net, she will give all men the chance to chase her.

But it’s her business if you can’t catch it!

Women will say we change the subject!

Today’s weather is a topic that women like.

  Pay attention at this time, she is coquettish with you.

If it’s cold, you have to worry about asking her to add extra clothes. If it’s hot, you don’t want to suggest to go swimming.

  6. Detour: There are many ways for a woman to coquettish with you. She will not talk to you about this topic for a long time. After detouring for a long time, the topic naturally comes to the topic that she wants to say. This is a woman’s intelligence.

  But if a woman is smart, she still has to say something.If you do n’t catch a cold on that topic, you do n’t prevent the topic from being brought up again. If you are interested, then you do n’t want to talk about it. Do n’t talk deeply. Women can easily treat you as a confidant!

If you are willing to be a confidant then it is another matter.

  7. Questioning: Women like to ask questions to men, and the questions are strange.

But most of the time you ask is whether you love me or not, what are you doing?

Men want women to care about themselves, but if you ask too many questions, you will naturally be annoyed!

  When encountering such a situation, a man should never worry about it.

If you really ca n’t stand it, find an excuse to slip away and find an excuse to worship you. Do n’t be intimidated by the problem, and do n’t get entangled with a problem repeatedly. Pay attention to the Internet charges!

  Eight, synthesis: When a woman bombards you with the above seven coquettish ways, are you finished?


You can smile life, intuitive MM!

Don’t be afraid in the face of tenderness!

Shut down and just walk!

There is no MM in the future. No one in the world knows you. If you are as good as me!