Delicious recipe glutinous rice with taro buckwheat

Delicious recipe glutinous rice with taro buckwheat

Taro, also known as taro, has a soft and soft texture, and is sweet and glutinous. It is a good alkaline food.

It can be used both as a staple food and as a substitute for snacks and snacks. It is very popular in Guangdong and other regions.

Among vegetables, taro has the highest potassium content, which has certain benefits for controlling high blood pressure.

Eating taro in autumn has both a good antidiarrheal effect and enhanced immunity. It is a treasure tonic in autumn.

There are greedy MMs who worry that taro contains high starch content, and eating more will make you fat.

This is actually a misunderstanding.

A Kit said that taro mixed with rice cooked together has a good weight loss effect.

Because the tartness of each serving of taro is equivalent to a quarter of a bowl of white rice, but it feels full, which is very suitable for people who want to lose weight.

  Ingredients for cooking (three servings): taro (large), glutinous rice (one bowl), pork belly (three or two) Seasoning: bean curd (three pieces) Method: 1.

Wash and peel the taro, cut into 1cm wide pieces, and set aside.


Soften the glutinous rice, add it to a steamer, steam it, and knead it with a spoon to make a paste.


Wash the pork belly, chop it into pieces, and stir into a paste.


Put 3 pieces of bean curd into glutinous rice, stir well, then add pork belly and stir together.


Put the taro slices into the glutinous rice millet piece by piece, make the glutinous rice millet stick to the taro slices, and put them on the plate.


Boil half a pot of water, steam the taro sticky rice for 15 minutes, and serve on the table.

Osteoporosis cannot depend on bone mass alone

Osteoporosis cannot depend on bone mass alone

It is generally believed that the diagnosis of osteoporosis can be judged only by measuring the bone mass, and its treatment purpose is also to improve bone mass.

However, in order to reasonably evaluate the treatment effect, multiple factors such as bone density, bone density, bone structure, bone mineralization, and bone damage should be considered.

  Osteoporosis has become one of the most harmful epidemics. For patients with osteoporotic waist fractures, the mortality rate is as high as 30% and the permanent disability rate is more than 50% within six months of the fracture.

In addition, organ transplantation and tumor treatment use a large number of immunosuppressive agents or glucocorticoids, causing secondary osteoporosis to become more and more serious, and the onset of osteoporosis is becoming increasingly serious.

  Professor Lin Hua, chairman of the osteoporosis committee of the Nanjing Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, said that a large number of past studies have suggested that osteoporosis is caused by the continuous loss of bone minerals, leading to increased bone fragility and eventually fractures. This kind of osteoporosis occursMainly in trabeculae, the diagnosis of osteoporosis can be judged only by measuring bone mass, and the purpose of its treatment is to increase bone mass.

  However, according to the current clinical data and their experimental research, the occurrence, development, and clinical diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis must be reassessed in terms of the quality and quantity of bones, and different causes, locations, and differences must be proposed through targeted research.Obvious specific measures for diagnosis and treatment, formulate early diagnosis of osteoporosis, in order to achieve the purpose of active prevention, early diagnosis and treatment.

  Cortical bone disease should be considered: For a long time, the complications of osteoporosis have been considered as the problem of cancellous bone, and a lot of research and diagnosis and treatment have also been carried out for cancellous bone disease.

Indeed, the main complications of primary osteoporosis are cancellous bone involvement, but the lesions of cortical bone are gradually ignored in the diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis, especially in the treatment of osteoporosis, because leather bone is the ultimate fracture.Decided whether to occur, especially in parts other than the vertebral body.

Better osteoporosis treatment drugs also have a certain effect on the cortical bone of the bone, which is mainly by reducing the ossification of the cortical bone endometrial surface, increasing the thickness of the cortical bone, and effectively reducing the incidence of fractures in different parts.

  Different parts have different sizes: Due to the different built-in materials of the bone itself, such as cancellous bone and leather bone, the bone density of different parts is also different.

Studies have shown that in different populations, bone mineral density in different parts has different values for osteoporosis assessment.

In elderly people over 65 years of age, the bone mineral density of the femoral neck has a higher accuracy in predicting the risk of fractures in men and women; in early menopausal women, especially before the age of 60, the ability of hip bone density to indicate osteoporotic fracturesIt is not as sensitive as lumbar bone density; in elderly women, lumbar bone density should be used as the first test site for osteoporotic fracture evaluation.

  Treatment evaluation should also be refined: Professor Lin specifically pointed out that osteoporosis should be aware of the evaluation of bone quality, especially after treatment.

Because the change in bone mass alone does not fully reflect the effect of treatment, and although the decrease in bone mass can lead to fractures, the increase in bone mass in turn does not necessarily reduce the incidence of fractures.

However, sometimes the bone mass of osteoporosis increases only slightly after treatment, but the incidence of fractures can be significantly reduced.

This shows that the occurrence of osteoporosis has both changes in bone mineral content and bone mass.

Bone mass specifically includes five aspects, in addition to the bone mass that is often said, there are bone density, bone structure, bone mineralization and bone damage.

  There are two internal and external factors for the occurrence of a final fracture. External factors refer to external forces, while internal factors include bone mass.

For those patients with diabetes, bone mass has a better guiding significance for osteoporosis treatment. However, when evaluating the treatment effect after treatment, more attention should be paid to the comprehensive evaluation of bone quality.

  Professor Lin Hua said that the clinical non-invasive evaluation of osteoporosis bone can only be performed by ultrasound. Ultrasound bone measurement (QUS) has no incision and no radiation, and can simultaneously perform bone mass, bone structure and bone properties.Fully reflected.

It can accurately reflect the changes in bone mass and bone mass of skeletal tissue, and can provide a good reminder of the changes in bone mechanical properties and the risk of osteoporotic fractures in patients with osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

Although the lumbar spine dual-energy X-ray bone density measurement is widely used in clinical practice, the accuracy of the results has been troubled by placement due to the influence of pedicle bone cortical hyperplasia and tissue calcification.

Therefore, for the deterioration of chronic bone quality such as degenerative osteoarthritis, clinical evaluation of the clinical diagnosis and curative effect evaluation in China is recommended to use dual energy X-ray bone density measurement and ultrasound bone measurement in combination.

Ten principles of comfort

Ten principles of comfort

For many people, witnessing the pain and anxiety of others is a very painful thing, and we often want to resolve it quickly, take certain actions, or provide immediate relief.

  Some people choose to say nothing to avoid saying the wrong thing, and miss the opportunity to express their concern.

When others need support or they ask for help themselves, they are often indifferent or out of bounds.

How to start a deep conversation “from the heart”, instead of just a superficial conversation that “brains the brain”?

How to integrate the body, mind, and spirit to make the most effective conversation in a natural posture?

  Nancy, author of Therapy Dialogue?

Geer Martin provides ten principles of “dialogue of curative effect” on how to heal the gap in interpersonal communication and express his concern in a timely and appropriate manner.

The so-called “effect dialogue” refers to a conversation that compares the heart to the heart and puts people in the place, so that the helper can get a moderate relief, and the robe naturally achieves the “treatment effect”.

These ten principles are: Listening Listening is not keeping silent, but listening carefully to what the other person said, did not say, and the true meaning.

The so-called listening should use our eyes, ears, and heart to listen to each other’s voice, and at the same time do not rush to know the cause and effect of the matter immediately.

We must be willing to set aside our “inner dialogue”.

The so-called “internal dialogue” refers to a dialogue that is not consciously carried out in the mind while listening, including thinking about what to say, how to respond to the other party’s words, or thinking about the next topic.

  Pausing between conversations, sometimes speaking, sometimes listening; we must also remind ourselves to slow down the unconscious mechanical reaction. For example, if we want to quickly resolve the other party ‘s anxiety, we jump directly to the stage of action-say or doSome things we think are good for each other.

If there is no pause, we may say something that we will regret later.

The art of comfort lies in “speaking the right words at the right time” and “speaking the wrong things without being impulsive.”

  When friends are improper heroes to help others through difficult times, it is not the same as “saving” them from their painful situation.

We should agree with their pain, let them feel the pain, and do not try to dispel the pain quickly.

We only try to provide the axis that allows them to cross the “river of fear”.

When friends, family members are in emotional or physical pain, the most basic way to support them is to allow the other person to cry.

Crying is a way for the body to try to excrete emotional toxins, and tearing is a process for healing.

So please don’t rush to give the other person a facial tissue, just let him know that you support him.

  Giving Comfort is not telling others: “You should feel .” or “You should not feel .” People have the right to keep their true feelings.

Consolation means: don’t judge them, don’t think that they are suffering and need help; consolation means: give them space to be themselves and agree with their feelings.

We do not need to express concern by “agreeing or disagreeing” with their choices or dealing with breakthroughs.

  Empathy When we’re busy trying to help others, we may forget that people will perceive a change in our hearts-thoughts and feelings that are not spoken.

Although people cannot know exactly what we think, we can usually detect whether we are panicked, judge them, or feel sorry for them.

Comforting others face to face has a lot to do with our true state of mind.

Because we feel the same for their experience, we share the pain of each other, but also endure our own suffering.

There is no doubt what the situation is, the appearance of goodwill and comfort is a gift to the other party.

  Long-term waiting for change will bring a lot of chaos, and no one can quickly rectify that chaos.

People need time to adapt, adjust, change and ask, “What if .

“The problem.

In the “Effective Dialogue”, we learned to accept the fact that our family members, colleagues or neighbors sometimes only need us to be their “resonance box” and they can use it repeatedly.

  It’s okay to stand up bravely without any situation and feel embarrassed about not knowing what to say; it’s okay to let the people we want to know how we feel.

You can even honestly say: “I don’t know how you feel or what I should say, but I really care about you.

“Even if you think this expression is ridiculous, you can still let the other person know that you are not in a hurry to talk to him now.

You may choose to express your feelings and thoughts in writing.
In addition to verbal expressions, there are many different forms of “earnings dialogue”.
  Providing practical resources does not require others to find answers to all questions, but you can try to provide available resources-other friends, experts, friends of friends, to help them find answers.

You can make a few calls for the other party to connect with them; you can also find relevant books for them to read; or simply provide a space for evasion so that they can continue to find their own answers in peace.

  Set yourself up and help out when we ask, “Is there a place I can help?

“Sometimes there are answers, sometimes they don’t know they need some kind of help.

However, sometimes people may not be able to speak for themselves.

Thinking about the assistance people might need is the first step to helping others effectively.

  Making good use of empathy Even though we have encountered similar experiences, we cannot fully understand the feelings of others, but we can make good use of empathy to care for each other.

Remember to listen patiently to other people’s stories first, and then consider whether it is necessary to share your own stories and whether the results shared are beneficial to the other party.

Eight strategies to get your baby to sleep well

Eight strategies to get your baby to sleep well

Feeling right to sleep well Example analysis: When two weeks old, Chen Chen woke up to face the monotonous ceiling, and began to “hum” and “ah” impatiently until the adult picked him up.

When he was ten weeks old, as long as the adult teased, Chen Chen immediately laughed, and occasionally made a short “ahh” sound.

It ‘s been 3 months. Mom and Dad took Chen Chen to grandma ‘s house to play. Grandma and aunt took turns to assign him and make him play. For two days, Chen Chen cheerfully “learned” to communicate with people. His voice was much louder. During the dayHardly slept.

The mother who stole half a day away has to feel that the baby is in contact with the surroundings to develop hearing, touch and so on. However, she is worried that the baby sleeping too little will affect the development of the body and the brain . Professional review: The study found that adults every daySleeping less than 6 hours increases the risk of developing diabetes by about two times. Sleeping more than 8 hours increases the risk of developing diabetes by more than three times.

Overall, people who sleep on average less than 4 hours or more than 10 hours a day have a fairly high mortality rate, regardless of gender.

Regarding infants and young children, professional studies have shown that whether infants cannot establish a sleep pattern may have various physical health problems, such as: developmental delay, ADHD, mental retardation, sudden infant death, etc.

◆ Insufficient sleep will affect the baby’s brain and body development.

◆ Excessive sleep time is not conducive to the development of vision, hearing, muscle tone, etc., and even the baby’s intelligence will be affected.

◆ Baby with insufficient sleep at night and lethargy during the day may have lack of coordination of movement, concerns about defects, hyperactivity, behavioral disorders, emotional disorders, memory difficulties, etc., may also have decreased immunity (easy to catch a cold), endocrine disorders (insufficient height), Underweight or overweight), metabolic disorders, stunting and other problems.

People generally think that children’s growth is continuous. In fact, growth hormone is only secreted in small amounts during the day, and its secretion is the strongest when it sleeps at night from 11 to 4 in the morning.

Therefore, there is a proverb in Taiwan: “Baby sleeps (baby sleeps well), one inch and one inch (one night and one inch)”. Existing sleep is indeed the key to growing tall.

Keeping the skin tender and timely, it’s not too late.

Keeping the skin tender and timely, it’s not too late.

The time is to kill the pig knife!
Look at the skin of young girls, and then look at the skin of middle-aged women, are you not so lamentable?
If not maintained in time, women will be old faster!
It is necessary to take care of this early to make the skin more delicate and watery!
銆€銆€Aging signal: increased rough skin and fine lines Some women have to work overtime for a long time because of work needs, but often the cheeks become rough and inadvertently, the fine lines gradually climb up the face.
This not only indicates that your body function is gradually declining, but also indicates that your skin is aging!
When the skin just becomes rough, many MMs don’t care. In fact, it is easy for aging to come ahead of time. If you want to keep your youth forever, you should always keep your skin supple and prevent rough conditions.
銆€銆€It’s true that you have to say something early in your maintenance!
When the skin just has problems, it is necessary to raise it, and eat more fruits and vegetables to get nutrition, so that the skin becomes more supple and fair.
銆€銆€琛拌€佷俊鍙凤細鑲岃偆缂轰箯寮规€с€€銆€濂充汉杩囦簡25宀佸悗锛岃倢鑲ょ殑钀ュ吇瀹规槗閫愭笎娴佸け锛岃€岃倢鑲ゅ師鏈夌殑寮规€т笌寮犲姏灏变細鍑忓急锛岃繖鏍峰鏄撳舰鎴愮粏绾癸紝濡傛灉蹇借杩欎竴鐜拌薄锛岄偅鑲岃偆鐨勮“鑰佷細鍙楳ore obvious.
At this time, it is especially important to replenish the skin to make skin elasticity.
How to add nutrients to the skin and avoid losing elasticity?
>>>灏忕紪鎺ㄨ崘锛氶偅鑻变笉鑰佷粰濡?瓒婃椿瓒婂勾杞荤殑绉樺瘑鎬ф劅濂崇寮犻Θ浜?鎬ф劅閫忚鍙屽嘲鎸虹珛绉﹀矚涓烘媿鎴忔毚鐦?杞绘澗鍑忚偉涓嶅弽寮圭帇鑿茶鐩涜禐閫嗙敓闀?Self-explosive maintenance cheats銆€銆€鑲岃偆缂轰箯寮规€ф槸鍥犱负缂哄皯鑳跺師Protein, and the best way to add collagen is to eat more foods rich in this element, such as pig’s feet, chicken feet, pigskin, etc., this kind of therapeutic effect is slow, then MM can try to use someProfessional skin care products provide deep maintenance to the skin.
鐜板湪寰堝鐧介閮藉枩娆㈢敤涓€娆炬潵鑷硶鍥界殑涓撲笟鎶楄“淇濆吇鍝侊紝瀹冨氨鏄崱缇庣惓锛屽畠瀵屽惈灏忓垎瀛愯兌鍘熻泲 鐧斤紝杩欎笌鏅€氱殑鑳跺師铔嬬櫧鐩告瘮鑳芥洿濂界殑娴搁€忚倢鑲ゆ繁灞傦紝浠庢牴婧愪笂To solve the problem of lack of elasticity of the skin, just apply it gently to make the skin more delicate.
Rough skin is a prelude to aging, how can it be saved quickly?
>>> Aging signal: wrinkles highlight Whether the skin is getting thinner, harder, and getting dryer?
Even the wrinkles are slowly protruding on the cheeks?
This is the skin’s alarm, telling you that it is aging, you should not ignore it, or you will look older than your peers!
According to relevant surveys, many women are faced with the wrinkles and worries, and how to quickly and effectively wrinkle has become a concern of everyone.
Since its launch two years ago, the French Sumarin Revitalizing Lotion has been among the top hyaluronic skin care cosmetics in the domestic cosmetics market due to its excellent quality and effect.
How to identify a truly safe and effective wrinkle skin care product?
>>>灏忕紪鎺ㄨ崘锛氶偅鑻变笉鑰佷粰濡?瓒婃椿瓒婂勾杞荤殑绉樺瘑鎬ф劅濂崇寮犻Θ浜?鎬ф劅閫忚鍙屽嘲鎸虹珛绉﹀矚涓烘媿鎴忔毚鐦?杞绘澗鍑忚偉涓嶅弽寮圭帇鑿茶鐩涜禐閫嗙敓闀?鑷垎淇濆吇鐨勭绫嶃€€銆€鑻忕帥绱犲惈鏈夊井鍒嗗瓙鐜诲翱閰窽he scientific name is hyaluronic acid. The average molecular weight is between 100,000 and 10 million Dalton. It is in the form of gelatinous substance in the dermis of human skin. It is responsible for storing water, increasing skin volume, and making the skin look full, full and elastic.Also known as the skin’s natural “moisturizing anti-aging factor”.
However, hyaluronic acid gradually disappears with age, causing the skin to lose its ability to store water, gradually becoming dull, aging, and forming fine wrinkles.
With the advancement of biotechnology, hyaluronic acid has been widely used in the beauty field to solve skin problems such as wrinkles, bags under the eyes, and dark yellow skin.

110-year-old longevity secret, do you know?


110-year-old longevity secret, do you know?

On the afternoon of March 28th, bursts of laughter and laughter came from a unit in Jinji Dongli, Tianta Street, Hexi District. Tianjin resident Miao Qingrong spent his 110-year-old life with his friends and relatives.

It is understood that Miao Qingrong is the oldest man in Tianjin since his record.

Although she is 110 years old, the old man is still physically tough and spirited.

銆€銆€The secret of longevity: the weight and the diet have regular eating snacks, one or two drinks a day, Sun Xiaoshun family special and can eat and sleep, very good, the reporter came to Miao Qingrong’s old family, the old birthday star is lying in bed, sleeping, the room is fullThe relatives and neighbors who came to the birthday.

Zhou Guoshan, the son-in-law of the old man, told the reporter that the old man’s physical condition is very good, eating and urinating are normal, but the sleep and sleep time is different from that of the average person. Every four or five days, she will stay for two consecutive nights, one day without sleeping, then one sleep.It’s all day.

“The old man has not been sleeping since the night before. One person talks to himself and occasionally giggles.

At three o’clock in the morning, she slept after eating the eggs. She ate on time in the morning and at noon, but she ate with her eyes closed and slept after eating.

It was originally fixed at 5:30 in the afternoon for the whole family to go to dinner, to celebrate the birthday of the elderly, it seems that the elderly should not wake up before eating.

Zhou Guoshan said.

銆€銆€The diet standard combined with Miao Qingrong was born in February 1900, the lunar calendar of February 16, the oldest old lady in Tianjin did not listen, the eyes did not spend, the most common high blood pressure, high blood pressure.

According to Zhou Guoshan, the elderly have always maintained good eating habits, pay attention to the combination of sputum, thick and thin, and very regular, regular quantitative.

After getting up at 6 o’clock every morning, the old man drinks a glass of honey water on an empty stomach. The breakfast is usually milk, small steamed buns and eggs; lunch is egg tarts, rice and vegetables; dinner is sesame paste, small steamed buns; at 3 o’clock in the afternoon and at nightTwo meals, usually eat powder and soft cake.

銆€銆€Drink one or two small drinks every day. Zhou Guoshan said that the elderly usually love snacks, especially the puffed small steamed buns, hawthorn slices and lollipops.

And the old man has an unexpected hobby, that is, love to drink some liquor.

“After the age of 90, the appetite of the old man fell once and did not like to eat, which could ruin the family.

In a hurry, they tried to let the elderly drink some white wine while eating. Unexpectedly, they really leveraged the miraculous effect, and the appetite of the old man slowly increased.

Since then, the old man has to drink a small amount of white wine every day before lunch and dinner, even before breakfast.

For the health of the elderly, the family began to give her control, so now drinking one or two drinks a day becomes the habit of the elderly.

Zhou Guoshan said.
銆€銆€It is understood that the daughter-in-law’s daughter-in-law is careful that the only daughter of Miao Qingrong’s old man, Feng Yanguo, is not an old man.

When Feng Yanguo was 3 years old, her mother died. After introduction, Miao Qingrong’s old man came to her house and became the stepmother of Feng Yanguo.

Miao Qingrong did not breed in his life, but he was carefully taken care of by his daughter and son-in-law.

The elderly are inconvenient after the old age, waiting for the elderly in bed to go to the toilet, and dressing becomes a homework that daughters and son-in-law must do every day.

Due to the fear of the collapse of the old man, the ground in the home has always been bare cement, dare not tile, the toilet squat has replaced the toilet, the sleeping alignment has been changed into a low and comfortable sofa bed, and the steps in the backyard have been flattened.It is.

Under the careful care of her daughter-in-law, the elderly have almost never been sick.

In 2004, the son-in-law Zhou Guoshan was included in the 鈥淣ational filial piety and respect for the elderly鈥? and their family has been replaced by 鈥渃ivilized families鈥?and 鈥渕odel families鈥?for many times.

Cold dew health is mainly to raise lung and yin


Cold dew health is mainly to raise lung and yin

“Su Wen 路 Six Yuan Zheng Ji Da Shi” has “five qi, horrible orders have been made, cold dew, the frost is falling early.


After the cold dew, the rain gradually decreases, the weather is drier, the temperature difference between day and night increases, the dew is colder, and frost is about to form.

Chinese medicine has the saying that “spring and summer Yangyang, autumn and winter nourish Yin”, some people should follow the four-hour temper, according to the weather changes to regulate health.

銆€銆€Experts say that autumn and winter nourish Yin, autumn to raise lung and yin.

However, the lungs and yin should be divided into lung and phlegm type, yin deficiency and fire type, qi and yin deficiency type, yin and yang deficiency type and other symptoms, health methods and key points are also different.

銆€銆€Symptoms of yin deficiency and fire-type: bone steaming hot flashes, night sweats, cold hands and feet, insomnia and more dreams, irritable irritability, cough and sputum, men’s nocturnal emission, red tongue, etc., need to nourish yin and reduce fire.

銆€銆€Method of rejuvenation: 200 ml of simmered Qinqin A with water, taken in 2 divided doses.

銆€銆€Symptoms of lung yin deficiency: dry cough or sputum or blood in the sputum, chest pain, hot flashes, red tongue, pulse breakdown, you need to raise yin and lungs.

銆€銆€Method of health: use Lily Gujin Decoction, decoction 200 ml, take 2 times.

銆€銆€Symptoms of qi and yin deficiency: hemoptysis, spontaneous sweating, white face, low voice, shortness of breath, fatigue, poor appetite, red tongue, weak pulse, need to benefit Qi and nourish Yin.

銆€銆€Health method: Shuijian Yuehua Pills 200 ml, taken in 2 divided doses.

銆€銆€Symptoms of yin and yang deficiency: hoarseness, weakness, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, swelling of the face, less diet, thin stools, thin red tongue, etc., need to warm the spleen and stomach, wrapped in blood.

銆€銆€Method of rejuvenation: 200 ml of water-fried fidelity soup, taken in 2 divided doses.

銆€銆€In addition, for the average person, the consumption of Chuanbei sugar pear in the autumn can play a very good role in nourishing yin and nourishing the lungs.

銆€銆€Health method: choose 5 grams of Fritillaria, 10 grams of rock sugar, and a pear.

Cut the pears into the nucleus, fill the shellfish with the rock sugar, fill the pears with empty space, and put the pears together, steamed or boiled.