Game 3 of the 2015 NBA Western Conference Finals-The Rockets trailed by 25 points at halftime to break the record

Game 3 of the 2015 NBA Western Conference Finals-Rockets trailed by 25 points at halftime and broke record again
On May 24th, Beijing time, the third game of the Western Conference finals started. The Houston Rockets played at home against the Golden State Warriors.In the halftime, the Rockets trailed 37-62, shooting less than 30%, Dwight Howard 12 points and 10 rebounds, James Harden was only 1 of 8 shots.For the Warriors, Stephen Curry scored 18 points and hit his 59th three-pointer in the playoffs, surpassing Reggie Miller in 2000, setting an NBA player’s single-game playoff three-pointer record.Andrew Bogut had 12 points and 7 rebounds.Curry set a new record and Terry changed to block Thompson, the Warcraft singles succeeded in the basket, 10 minutes and 21 seconds Green seemed to pass, Bogut opened the basket.9 minutes and 53 seconds, the Rockets combined inside and outside, Ariza succeeded in three points.The Rockets guarded Curry, and Thompson succeeded.9 minutes and 03 seconds Curry vacated three points.7 minutes and 56 seconds high pass Terry World of Warcraft, with a non-stop ball back to the basket, Mid-World of Warcraft followed up with a double hand kick.But Warcraft was too excited. First, it was defensive interference and Bogut made an offensive foul.7 minutes and 20 seconds Green’s pass, Bogut received an open buckle, the Warriors 13-9.  At 5 minutes and 45 seconds, Harden withdrew a jumper but failed, and Warcraft made a wonderful deduction, but Green turned around and hit 3 points.3 minutes and 46 seconds, Green’s second offensive success in the basket, Warcraft feared fouls did not dare to move lightly.3 minutes and 08 seconds, Harden succeeded in a horizontal layup, the game opened at the end, the Rockets 16-22.  Thompson missed a 3-pointer in 2 minutes and 01 seconds. The ball was inserted by Iguodala. He threw it and Thompson succeeded.Thompson also sent a wonderful pass in 56 seconds.In 31 seconds, Jones made a mistake, the Warriors fast break, Priggioni was forced to foul Livingston, he made 2 free throws, the Warriors played a wave of 8-2.  At the end of the first quarter, the Rockets trailed 18-30, and the Rockets shot only 31.8%, the fast break was zero; Andrew Bogut had 10 points and the Warriors had zero turnovers in a single quarter.  At 11 minutes and 15 seconds in the second quarter, Livingston and Aizeli hit the wall to cooperate.The Rockets insisted on the inside offensive, Warcraft 5 consecutive singles, 2 hook shots, 1 foul, 2 penalties missed, and 2 misses.  In 6 minutes and 58 seconds, Harden passed Josh’s three-point success, ending the Rockets to bloom in nearly 3 minutes.But 6 minutes and 35 seconds, the Rockets inside defense defense is unclear, Bogut succeeded in making up the basket.  In 5 minutes and 56 seconds the library killed Josh three in and three out.Thompson missed a three-pointer in 5 minutes and 28 seconds. Curry grabbed a rebound and made a foul before World of Warcraft. He made 2 free throws.Curry broke through Terry in 5 minutes and 15 seconds, making a layup and making 3 Warcraft offenses.The confrontation between Warcraft and Mai Shuai briefly exchanged and remained on the field.5 minutes 05 seconds Bogut Warcraft 3 offenses, save some face.4 minutes and 50 seconds Thompson optimized the sudden points Azeri hit the basket, 4 minutes and 31 seconds Curry hit the 59th three-pointer of this session.4 minutes 05 seconds Curry fouled Terry outside, made 3 free throws, the Warriors played 14-3, leading 52-32.  In 3 minutes and 13 seconds, Curry lifted a false shot, throwing away Terry and receiving a green pass for a layup.At 2 minutes and 41 seconds, Curry easily scored an offensive rebound and helped Thompson hit a three-pointer. At 2 minutes and 04 seconds, Green easily made a layup and led 59-35.1 minute 07 seconds Curry juggling dribble playing Jones, a few put it down.The Rockets caught Curry 11 seconds high, but he quickly passed David Lee easily layup.  At halftime, the Rockets trailed 37-62, the Warriors led 32-19 in the second quarter, and Curry scored 15 points in a single quarter.(Demon)

Two cases confirmed in Serie A, a total of 121 people from Juventus took the initiative to isolate themselves

Two cases confirmed in Serie A, a total of 121 people from Juventus took the initiative to isolate themselves
BYD became the second case of a confirmed infection in Serie A.Figure / Operation According to the new coronary epidemic situation recently announced by the Italian authorities, in the past 24 hours, Italy has added 2,651 newly diagnosed cases and converted 15,113 confirmed cases; newly added 189 death cases, and cumulative death cases reached 1016 cases.Two of these confirmed cases came from Serie A.Earlier, Juventus officially announced that the team’s central defender Rugani was diagnosed with the new crown pneumonia virus and is currently asymptomatic.Yesterday, Sampdoria striker Gabbiadini was also diagnosed with infection and was accompanied by fever.This is the second diagnosis of new coronary pneumonia in Serie A.In order to jointly resist the epidemic, Juventus released the latest announcement that following the test of Lugani’s new crown virus, including a total of 121 players, staff, directors, entourage, and club employees, all are in accordance with the effective regulations of the relevant departmentsActively isolate at home.On the other side, Sampdoria also initiated the isolation process as required.Sauna, Ye Wang Deng Hanyu editor Han Shuangming proofreads Wei Zhuo

[Materials for Curry Rice_Materials for Curry Rice]

[Materials for Curry Rice_Materials for Curry Rice]

People usually eat rice in many flavors, and the materials used for different flavors are also different.

The curry rice made looks delicious, and people look very appetizing.

Curry rice is sticky and has a lot of potatoes on it, which tastes different.

Many people especially like curry rice, so they will find a way to make it at home.

Let me introduce to you what ingredients are needed to make curry rice?

Ingredients: curry rice, meat: beef, pork, chicken, chicken, cut into small pieces: potatoes-cut into pieces (smaller), carrots-diced, onion-cut into small pieces, seasoning: cooking oil, salt, curry pieces.

Practice 1: Practice 1.

Heat some oil in the pan and pour the pork into small pieces and stir fry 2.

Add onion carrot potatoes and continue to fry a little 3.

Add water to cover the material slightly, and some vegetables can be sharpened.

The difference between water and water is that the curry is thick and thin.

No salt.

Cook on low heat for about 20 minutes. The onion becomes transparent and melts at the entrance.

There are other ways to make pork crisp.

I am not good at art, every time the pork tastes so good, I tried even a pressure cooker, but it ‘s not perfect.


Pour in the curry cubes and put a whole box based on the ingredients above.

Stir frequently after adding to prevent the bottom of the pot from sticking.

You should be able to smell a very authentic Japanese curry flavor.


Place the rice on a plate and scoop a few spoonfuls of curry aside.

You’re done!

easy and convenient.

Tips: 1.

If you can taste spicy, a little TABASCO chili sauce will taste a lot (this can also be used in Japanese curry house), just eat curry a little greasy, then at this time, crispy and delicious Japanese pickled radishCome in handy.

It ‘s just that there are a lot of pickled radish additives, so do n’t eat more.


It’s even better with miso sauce with green onions!

Method two: 1. Put oil in the pan, stir-fry the meat 2. Put the vegetables in the pan and fry with the meat. Pay attention to put more oil (of course, don’t put too much), and add an appropriate amount of salt (you can also putAdd, if the salt taste is insufficient after adding the curry, add salt) 3, the dishes are a little cooked, add water over the dishes, cook over low heat 4, the dishes are fully cooked, low heat, mix the curry powder with a small amount of cold water (Curry powder can be used according to your own taste), and then poured into a pan and stir well.

Add the curry while you taste.

5. Continue cooking for 5 minutes.

6. Rice is made separately. It is not difficult to solve the problem of what ingredients are used to make curry rice. As long as we follow it step by step and prepare the corresponding ingredients, we can make delicious curry.In addition to rice, you should pay more attention to the heat when making curry rice. The size of the heat is also one of the factors that affect the taste of curry rice. No matter what, whether you will do it, you can try to make it.Do it the second time if it is unsuccessful the first time and succeed once more.

[How to make scrambled eggs with loofah]_Home-made practice of scrambled eggs with loofah_How to make scrambled eggs with loofah_How to make scrambled eggs with loofah

[How to make scrambled eggs with loofah]_Home-made practice of scrambled eggs with loofah_How to make scrambled eggs with loofah_How to make scrambled eggs with loofah

Are you always homesick when you are away all night long?

Do you miss the delicious food made by your mother?

The home-cooked food that my mother makes is simple, but it tastes really good.

So, in order to understand the suffering of your acacia, why don’t you try to learn to do it yourself?

Let ‘s teach you how to make scrambled eggs with loofah.


Two eggs, two, beaten into egg liquid.


21 Loofah peeled and cut into hob pieces.


Grease the wok and pour in the egg mixture.


Spread quickly after scatter.


Add a small amount of oil and stir in the sliced loofah.


After the loofah is slightly discolored, pour in the fried eggs.


Cover and boil slightly, season with salt.

After carefully reading the methods and steps about scrambled eggs of loofah, you must have your own understanding and mastery.

And to make a dish, you need multiple methods, and you need your patience.

So, from now on, take action.

[Can pregnant women eat green squash]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

[Can pregnant women eat green squash]_Pregnancy_Can I eat

Can pregnant women eat green squash?

Yes, it is very suitable for pregnant women.

Pregnant women eating pumpkin not only has the overall effect of promoting the development of cholesterol brain cells, but also can prevent complications such as pregnancy edema and hypertension during pregnancy, promote blood clotting, and prevent postpartum hemorrhage.

Pumpkin contains some alkaloids.

Trigonelline, cucurbitine and other physiologically active substances can eliminate and catalyze the decomposition of carcinogenic nitrosamines, effectively preventing and treating cancer.

It is originally rich in trace elements and is harmful to nutrition during pregnancy.

① The main value pumpkin is rich in carotene and vitamin C, which can strengthen the spleen, prevent gastritis, night blindness, protect the liver, make the skin tender, and have the role of neutralizing carcinogens.

Yellow fruits and vegetables also contain two vitamins A and D; vitamin A can protect the insulin mucosa and prevent gastritis, gastric ulcers and other diseases; vitamin D can promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, and receive strong bones and strong muscles.Gong has certain preventive effects on common diseases such as rickets in children, myopia in adolescents, and osteoporosis in the elderly.

②Pumpkins Pumpkins have even higher edible value, and they also have a significant therapeutic effect.

According to “Southern Yunnan Materia Medica”: pumpkin is warm, sweet and non-toxic, enters the spleen and stomach, can nourish the lungs and nourish qi, relieve phlegm and purify sputum, detoxify and detoxify, treat cough and asthma, treat pulmonary constipation,Diuretic, cosmetic and other effects.

Medical experts and scholars at home and abroad have researched and shown that eating pumpkin seeds can also relieve the symptoms of prostate hypertrophy (pumpkin seeds can cure prostate hypertrophy), prevent prostate cancer, prevent arteriosclerosis and gastric mucosal ulcers, and calculus.

The bile secreted by pumpkin can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and help food digestion. At the same time, the pectin in it can cause irritation of rough food and protect the mucous membrane of our gastric tract.

In addition, pumpkin can restore the liver and kidney function and ability to regenerate, because pumpkin can eliminate the mutation effect of carcinogen nitrous acid.

There is also a kind of “cobalt” in pumpkin, which has the effect of nourishing blood after eating.

Pumpkin is rich in vitamins A, b, c and minerals, essential 8 amino acids and essential histidine for children, soluble fiber, lutein and phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, silicon and other trace elements.

Early nutrition and medicine have shown that eating more pumpkins can effectively prevent high blood pressure, diabetes and high blood pressure attacks, and improve the human immune system.

Pumpkin is rich in zinc, which is involved in human nucleic acid and protein synthesis. It is an inherent component of adrenal hormones and is an important substance for human growth and development.

Beneficial ingredients in pumpkin: polysaccharides, amino acids, active proteins, carotene and various trace elements;

Fu Lichun-Fed rate cut inside and outside is expected to be placed once in 12 months

Fu Lichun: Inside and outside the Fed rate cut is expected to be placed once in 12 months

Northeast Securities Research Director Fu Lichun voted in July at the Fed’s interest rate meeting to decide: (1) Cut the federal funds rate by 25bp to the 杭州桑拿网 target range 2.

00% -2.

25%; (2) Change the general and excess reserve interest rates from 2.

35% down to 2.

10%; (3) At the same time announced that it will end the contraction in August.

Fed Chairman Powell hinted that the Fed’s rate cut is not necessarily the beginning of the easing cycle.

  The interest rate cut in July was in line with expectations, the rate of interest rate cut was slightly lower than expected, and the direction of interest rate cut exceeded expectations.

The market previously expected the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates in July by nearly 100%, and this rate cut was in line with expectations.

The magnitude of this rate cut and potential future rate cuts is slightly lower than the expectation of 25-50 basis points.

Regarding the direction of future interest rates, the Fed’s statement was ambiguous and exceeded market expectations.

  During this time, major global economies have cut interest rates one after another, and a wave of interest rate cuts seems to be taking shape.

According to the impact of global political and economic conditions on the economic outlook and the speed of growth, and also on the 南京桑拿论坛 basis of independence considerations, the Fed’s interest rate cuts are not smooth. Although a 25bp interest rate cut is expected in December, market expectations may be more important.

A new round of asset bubbles seems to be hitting at the same time.

  Will China follow the rate cut?

The interest rate corridor in the open market has actually been incorporated into the role of the benchmark interest rate.

It may be more important to rationalize the channel mechanism for bank deposit and loan interest rates to regulate the real economy.

After all, currency cannot be depreciated.

Great Wall Motor (601633): 18 years of gross profit margins under pressure for 19 years, waiting for F series and Euler volume

Great Wall Motor (601633): 18 years of gross profit margins under pressure for 19 years, waiting for F series and Euler volume
Investment Highlights The company released its 2018 annual report: total operating income for 2018 was 992.3 billion, a year -1.9%; net profit attributable to mother 52.100 million, previously +3.6%; deduct non-net profit 38.900 million, at least -9.5%; gross profit margin 17.5%, ten-year average 1.4pct; proposed cash dividend of RMB 0.29 yuan (including tax).Of which 18Q4 realized a total operating income of 325.9 billion, 13 from the previous decade.7%; net profit attributable to mother 12.8 billion, 40 from the previous decade.4%; deduct non-net profit 2.6 billion, the previous budget was 86%; gross margin was 14.0%, more than ten years.4pct. Gross profit margin decreased by 1 in the fourth quarter of 2018.1pc, non-recurring profit and loss crystal.Company Q4 gross profit margin 14.0%, bid 1pct month-on-month, add 5 again.4pct.The company’s Q4 old Haval car sales discount increased Qo3 (starting to reduce the price of the old Haval in September 18), while Q4’s new F series is in a climbing phase, the overall sales accounted for a relatively small, the company’s Q4 overall gross profit rate decreased from Q3.The company’s Q4 non-recurring gains and losses are mainly interest income from performance bonds and government subsidies.The company’s sales target for 2019 is 1.2 million units, an increase of more than 130,000 units. The main increase is expected to come from F series, Euler new energy, pickup trucks, while H series and WEY series are expected to be under pressure.With the high profitability of the F series and Euler’s heavy volume in 19 years, the company’s gross profit margin has been rising quarter by quarter in 19 years. In 2018, the company opened the parts system to optimize the geographical layout of production capacity.In 2018, the company will independently bring its own supporting parts system to the market.Among them, the competition in the 7DCT gearbox market is intensifying, and it is expected that the external supply will increase the company.In addition, in 2018, the company completed layouts in Yongchuan, Chongqing, Rizhao, Shandong and Pinghu, Zhejiang to improve 杭州桑拿 overall production capacity and optimize layout. It is expected that the company will return to its mother net profit in 2019-2021.1/56.4/59.700 million, maintaining the level of “prudent overweight”.Considering the improvement brought by the new products, we adjusted the company’s net profit attributable to its mother to 53 in 2019-2020.1/56.4, the first announcement of profit forecast for 2021 59.700 million, maintaining the level of “prudent overweight”. Risk warning: the industry’s growth rate is expanding rapidly; new car sales are lower than expected; cooperation with BMW is less than expected.

In the early spring, tonic is of course the first choice.

In the early spring, tonic is of course the first choice.

In late winter and early spring, the weather is warm and cold, and the body’s blood is passed through the winter’s dormancy. During this period, the hair rises.

At this time, some gelatin is used, which can often have a good effect on the stimulating axis of yang.

  Ejiao is a solid rubber block made by donkey skin removal, commonly known as donkey skin glue.

Because it is native to Dong’e, Shandong, it is called “Ejiao”.

The benefits of edible gum are mainly as follows: 1.

Nourishing qi and nourishing blood: Chinese medicine believes that nourishing blood and nourishing blood is the most important effect of Ejiao. Modern research has also confirmed that Ejiao can promote hematopoietic function and significantly increase the content of red blood cells and hemoglobin.


Enhance immunity: Ejiao nourishes blood and strengthens the body.

Modern research has found that it is rich in collagen and produces multiple amino acids after recombination, and contains 20 elements such as calcium, iron, and magnesium.

It has a good regulatory effect on the physical fitness of the elderly, frail, chronically ill, and vulnerable to colds.


Prevent osteoporosis: While enhancing physical fitness, Ejiao can promote the absorption and storage of calcium, which can improve osteoporosis in the elderly.

  Ejiao is usually taken directly with hot water.

The climate is warm and dry in the late winter and early spring, which is easy to get angry. I recommend a kind of gelatin pear honey soup for everyone: one or two pears, cut into small pieces and add water to boil, then add 12 grams of gelatin small pieces, use chopsticksStir repeatedly to dissolve, add 50 grams of sugar or rock sugar, 50 grams of honey.

Drink soup and eat pears.

It can nourish yin, moisturize the lungs and quench thirst.

In addition, busy friends can ask the pharmacy to crush the gelatin into a fine powder when buying gelatin. You can take 3-5 grams into the milk cup and stir while adding, so that the gelatin powder is fully dissolved in the milk and warmed.After taking.

Not only enjoy the sweetness of milk, but also tonic effect.

Finally, because Ejiao is so tired, it can hinder the digestive function of the spleen and stomach, so there is fullness in the stomach, indigestion, and the diet is not fragrant. Therefore, those with weak spleen and stomach should be used with caution.

A Case Study of College Students’ Mental Health

A Case Study of College Students’ Mental Health

Not long ago, the news that a student at Peking University was suspected of hacking his classmates made the public monitor it.

The “Ma Jiajue Incident”, which is very difficult to settle down, still keeps us fresh. Coupled with the repeated suicides of college students, some people can’t help asking: College students, why are you so vulnerable?

  ■ Extreme Cases of Campus Violence Not long ago, Cui Mou, a junior in the medical department of Peking University, was hacked to death.

After the incident, a student of the deceased was taken away by the police.

It is understood that both the Air Force had pursued the same girl and had fought for some festivals . Experts analyzed that the occurrence of campus violence is related to the social and cultural background.

The pace of work, the pace of life is accelerated, the overall speed of society is accelerated at the same time, and the energy of people is limited. The pace of keeping up with the pace of society is relatively slow.

Relatively speaking, the power of social moral restraint is weak.

The destructive power accumulated by the pressure from all sides is very large. The fuse may be a thing that ordinary people look normal, in his opinion it is a big thing.

So when he feels hurt, he instinctively angers and attacks, but instead of venting in a socially acceptable way, he seeks an extreme behavior to vent, so he may have a violent tendency towards the person who hurt him.

  For teachers and students in school, it is necessary to strengthen psychological supervision and carry out some activities, and people’s energy can be transformed through normal channels.

If teachers and students have the concept of mental health, then they can find out what is wrong with others early, help him alleviate the problem, and possibly avoid extreme behavior.

  ■ Extreme case of decompression without surgery Liang Peng is a graduate student in the director’s department of the Film Academy. He is tall and handsome, but over the years he has a very pessimistic idea: being a director needs to be famous, and truly famousHow many directors are there?

Moreover, his home is from a foreign country. It is too tiring to go all the way from undergraduate to postgraduate. It is necessary to coordinate all aspects of the relationship. This kind of pressure makes him breathless.

In the end, he went through the withdrawal process.

School teachers and classmates all regret him.

  Experts analyze that undergraduates are facing too much pressure, causing a large psychological gap, which is inseparable from the impact of the development of the entire society and the family.

The first is the employment problem of college students. The expansion of college admissions has caused some students to worry about employment problems after graduation.

In addition, the goals set by the ego and the family for the students’ future are too high. Some students have an idea of reading for their parents. They think about how to repay the parents in the future, and some set a goal that is not in line with reality.There is a large psychological gap in the final result.

This requires students to find their own position, to correctly evaluate and understand themselves, no matter what, contentment is always the same law.

In addition, don’t go too far, and take your own steps step by step.

  ■ Extreme cases of sexual confusion Xiaofan and Xiaolu are members of the “husband and wife tribe” in the university. They rented a house near the campus and lived together.

In an interview with the reporter, the two confessed that neither side had a clear idea of the future, and they were living together for “heating each other.”

  A recent survey of college students showed that 13% of the students surveyed admitted that they had sex during college.

  Experts analyze that under the modern education system, young people’s “knowledge, affection, and intention” are unbalanced.

Maybe the higher the IQ and the lower the EQ, then the willpower is weaker and you cannot manage yourself well.

Then if there is no satisfaction in one aspect of the body, there will be missing needs, and satisfaction will be achieved through various channels.

In severe cases, there may be a vulgarism, which produces a child psychology.

This is that under certain pressures, people will avoid retreat and return to the psychological stage of children, then such a behavior will occur.

Absolutely an extreme manifestation. Among the students are mainly sexual desire, sexual worry and so on, which just shows the lack of certain guidance on the issue of sex education.

For most students, they are full of desire for sex, but they don’t really know much, and some couples are upset because they need to have sex. These are deeply invading current college students.

Students may not have a strong consciousness, that is, outside of love and sex, it is a psychological and physical experience and feeling, and there is a serious problem of responsibility behind it.

These are unavoidable, so for students, treating sexual problems healthily and scientifically, understanding sexual problems, and thinking rationally and restraining their behaviors are an important part of the mental health of college students.

Migraine escapes 8 hours of mental rape

Migraine escapes 8 hours of mental rape

The rubber chicken ribs at work will not be uninteresting, and will definitely challenge the limit of human fatigue . 8 hours a day, some people even have more than 8 hours, nervous, tired, helpless, mentally in a “raped” stateBecause reason reminds himself that he needs to survive, he can’t afford the courage to resign, day after day, and almost collapses.

Severe hatred is a kind of mental rape.

  When the hatred comes, they say: I really don’t want to continue my work!

  Wang Yan, 26 years old resident, I’m very dissatisfied with my current job. In the final analysis, I don’t like to be a doctor.

When I filled out a voluntary report for the college entrance examination, it was also imposed on me by my family.

Dad thinks doctor is a respected profession and it is safe for girls.

But I am not so. My ideal is to be a writer, and I can find real fun in the world of literature.

However, after all, I studied hard for medicine for five years, and only persisted.

However, my colleagues are busy promoting and further studying, but I have no interest at all!

However, not studying hard means that I will be an irresponsible doctor, and I am in a dilemma.

  Fearing that I am incompetent at work, sometimes I want to go to the postgraduate degree in literature, but how can it be so easy?

So I only have to suffer from boredom.

  Lucy, a 24-year-old host, honestly said that my tiredness came from the pressures around me.

First of all, my parents, they want me to be as good as Wu Yi, which is a bit difficult for an ordinary girl.

Of course, every parent wants his child to be prosperous, so I can understand the feelings of the parents; Also, in my industry, the competition is very fierce, and my colleagues around have become “Golden Phoenix”I am very anxious. I like the job of a host very much, but the situation is far from what I want. Under tremendous pressure, I even have a very naive idea-running away, not suitable or just marry someone.

But it is this feeling of boredom and it is also a motivation for me. Now that I am studying graduate school, I can develop myself to do better.

  [Further reading]As a new profession, financial actuary jumps into one of the most valuable professions.

However, in developing countries, actuarial science is still in its infancy, and it is predicted that 5,000 actuarial talents will be needed urgently in the next ten years.

As financial designers and managers of insurance companies, financial services institutions, and other departments, in addition to financial expertise, they also need to be able to predict future directions. It is a collection of mathematics, statistics, economics, law, computers, and investment.Senior talents with a background in finance and insurance, with annual salary of 100,000 to 400,000.

  The eight reasons for a job-absent person: One is that ideals are always so far away from reality. Such people generally have ambitious ideals, and the realization of an ideal requires a process. Not everyone can succeed casually.

When you put in a lot of effort and you are still far away from your ideals, you will feel a sense of tiredness: the position is far from what you want; the salary is not satisfactory . When the hard work is too lateWhen you are not satisfied with the harvest, you will transfer all your troubles to your own work.

  Reason two: Complex interpersonal relationships make me feel tired. Those who enter the job position are the most likely to have such ideas.

Because compared to the complex interpersonal relationships at work, schools can be regarded as a pure soil, and people are relatively simple.

But once you step into the school of Social University, you have to quickly learn and lead within a few days, and get along with your colleagues. Everyone’s personality is different . If you can’t handle these problems well, yourWork is inevitably affected by emotions.

Over time, you become exhausted when you are exhausted physically and mentally.

  Reason 3: There is no reason, because women who do not want to work often have emotional boredom because of their menstrual period-in fact, your work performance is already very good, and there is no excessive pressure, but it is strange that you will feel that you are weak.

For example, affected by menstruation will produce gradual boredom. Menopausal women’s feelings of weariness are more obvious.

In addition, due to social factors, women are more “emotional” and do not want to do it for no reason.

  Reason 4: I have a gentle back woman. When working, she often encounters various pressures, and from time to time, she has the idea of not wanting to continue.

If you have a boyfriend or husband who loves you very much, when you complain to them, if they often say, “Do nothing, I can support you, and resign without you!”

“The actual situation is not the kind he can do well on his own, so you have to work, but you have fantasies about him, there is a psychological retreat, so you have reason to be tired.