Delicious recipe glutinous rice with taro buckwheat

Delicious recipe glutinous rice with taro buckwheat

Taro, also known as taro, has a soft and soft texture, and is sweet and glutinous. It is a good alkaline food.

It can be used both as a staple food and as a substitute for snacks and snacks. It is very popular in Guangdong and other regions.

Among vegetables, taro has the highest potassium content, which has certain benefits for controlling high blood pressure.

Eating taro in autumn has both a good antidiarrheal effect and enhanced immunity. It is a treasure tonic in autumn.

There are greedy MMs who worry that taro contains high starch content, and eating more will make you fat.

This is actually a misunderstanding.

A Kit said that taro mixed with rice cooked together has a good weight loss effect.

Because the tartness of each serving of taro is equivalent to a quarter of a bowl of white rice, but it feels full, which is very suitable for people who want to lose weight.

  Ingredients for cooking (three servings): taro (large), glutinous rice (one bowl), pork belly (three or two) Seasoning: bean curd (three pieces) Method: 1.

Wash and peel the taro, cut into 1cm wide pieces, and set aside.


Soften the glutinous rice, add it to a steamer, steam it, and knead it with a spoon to make a paste.


Wash the pork belly, chop it into pieces, and stir into a paste.


Put 3 pieces of bean curd into glutinous rice, stir well, then add pork belly and stir together.


Put the taro slices into the glutinous rice millet piece by piece, make the glutinous rice millet stick to the taro slices, and put them on the plate.


Boil half a pot of water, steam the taro sticky rice for 15 minutes, and serve on the table.

Daily Meditation Homework

Daily “Meditation” Homework

Meditation usually includes: conscious meditation, voice meditation, candlelight meditation, meditation meditation, and so on.
Practitioners can choose according to their own preferences. When you choose one to practice, it doesn’t feel good. You can discard and choose another one. In many years of practice, I chose to think about meditation according to my physical conditionPractice methods that can make people pure, young and healthy.
When I turn yoga practice into a lifestyle, I practice yoga meditation at a fixed time and place every day.
Since I have suffered from periarthritis of the shoulder, let me talk about how I healed it through meditation.
  Many people who practice yoga think that yoga meditation is very mysterious, but the yoga teacher said that meditation is like sleeping, he is spontaneous, and you are your own teacher.
I think the process of yoga meditation is the process of completely relaxing your body and mind. It can make your consciousness return to the tranquility of the present, and abandon all the thoughts of the past and the future.
Its ultimate purpose is to make people pure, no longer want to be overgrown, and subject to various sensory slavery.
  Meditation usually includes: conscious meditation, voice meditation, candlelight meditation, meditation meditation, and so on.
Practitioners can choose according to their own preferences. When you choose one to practice, it doesn’t feel good. You can discard and choose another one. In many years of practice, I chose to think about meditation based on my physical condition.Practice methods that can make people pure, young and healthy.
When I turn yoga practice into a lifestyle, I practice yoga meditation at a fixed time and place every day.
Since I have suffered from periarthritis of the shoulder, let me talk about how I healed it through meditation.
  Practice methods: 1. Choose a comfortable sitting position, put your hands into yoga fingerprints and place them on your knees naturally, relax your whole body: relax your facial muscles, eyes, nose, lips, tongue, close your eyes, and focus on breathingTo breathe through your nose, you just need to observe your breathing state quietly and gradually calm down your heart.
  2. Keep your breathing natural and quiet, feel your shoulders sinking, and relax as much as possible.
After a few minutes, it becomes quieter and quieter. You can tell yourself by heart that I am slowly exhaling, releasing the pressure and pain on my shoulders, and imagining that the cosmic energy in nature enters my physical strength when inhalingLightened my whole body, the blood of the whole body was transparent, the internal organs of the whole body were transparent, only the muscles of the scapula were gray and black.
  3. Gradually focus your consciousness on the painful area on the shoulder blades and pay attention to the feeling of pain.
  4. Imagine that the muscles in the painful area are gray.
  5. Focus on the gray muscles and breathe.
  6. The energy of the universe enters the body when inhaling. This energy becomes a beam of white light. This beam of light shines in the gaps in the black scapula. The muscles of the scapula gradually soften from stiffness, as if melting iceStones, the soft tissues in the muscles are rearranged, breeding new pink-white muscles, and carefully realizing that the new white muscles are a painkiller.
  7. Exhale the gas from the original gray muscles when exhaling.
  8. Repeat several times until you feel that the scapula muscle pain is relieved.
  9、通过呼吸调息后,慢慢睁开双眼   通过长期的练习终于消除了肩周炎,在我的内心里有着说不出来的快乐,冥想的过程是自我认知的一个过程,是放松的The process is a process of purifying the mind. Your body and your mind must always be close to each other. You must understand them by allowing them to have a deep conversation.
  Now more and more medical professionals are beginning to pay attention to the non-negligible role of meditation in treating various diseases.
Many human diseases are often caused by work stress and mental tension. My shoulder periarthritis is caused by the pressure of years of desk work without any sports.
The ultimate goal of our yoga practice is to make our bodies healthier, which is to combine with the source in nature.
  What I like about yoga is that it has changed me to a great extent. On the surface, it just looks like stretching, squeezing and breathing, but it does change your mind.
Meditation is the purification process of the mind. Toxins in the human body need to be expelled every day. Toxins in the mind also need to be purified.
In a complex and complex world, if you want to maintain an ordinary heart, you must expel the toxins from your heart every day.
There are some people in the society who are rich, famous and famous, but their hearts are very unhealthy and their souls are empty.
Some people, in search of spiritual stimulation, drunk, smoked, and even used drugs all day long in order to get rid of the emptiness in their hearts.
If you meditate daily in yoga, you will reflect on our mistakes in life, review what is causing interference, and think about what the mind is thinking. This kind of practice reduces our mental stress and gives usThe body brings health and happiness.
With the process of meditation, you will find that your own thinking is undergoing a fundamental change. Your spiritual world is full of love and your thinking has become three-dimensional. This is the benefit of meditation to us.
  Many people ignore meditation in the practice of yoga, blindly pursue asana, this is very one-sided.
We attach great importance to appearance. We have to wash our face, brush our teeth and wash clothes every morning. If we attend a party with friends, we have to dress ourselves up, but we have largely ignored the maintenance of our soul.Practicing yoga is more than just posture. Meditation is a very important step.
  Many people are busy with work and study all day, it is difficult to have time to sit down and truly be alone with themselves, without really enjoying the happiness of being alone.
If you are interested in what I am talking about, please try to close your eyes, explore the world of yourself with your mind, and observe the nature of things, just as your eyes have never been closed. This is a brand newworld.
Yoga meditation is a process of introspection.

After going to bed in the morning, his heart and lungs were injured

After going to bed in the morning, his heart and lungs were “injured”

As the saying goes, the plan of the day lies in the morning, and retired elderly people have become the main force of morning exercises.
However, many elderly people, because they get up early in the morning and exercise early, feel tired after exercising, so they have adopted the method of “sleeping back to bed” to relieve fatigue.
  Xie Yuxiao, deputy director of the Department of Physical Rehabilitation, China-Japan Friendship Hospital believes that if morning exercise is a more vigorous exercise, such as running, the body’s endorphins will increase, and the brain will be in an excited state. Sleeping immediately will not only ensure sleep quality, but also bones after morning exerciseIncreased muscle blood volume and decreased return blood volume will cause cerebral ischemia and increase the burden on the circulatory system, which is not conducive to the recovery of cardiopulmonary function.
  Elderly people should try to avoid formal “back to bed” sleep after intense morning exercise activities-lying down for a long time, just like sleeping at night.
Instead, take a gradual and peaceful way to rest and gradually transition from a state of exercise to a state of quietness.
  If the morning exercise is a gentler exercise, such as playing Tai Chi, and you still feel tired or sleepy after the morning exercise, you can wait for a moment to calm down and take a nap according to your specific physical needs.
  If the elderly have always had the habit of falling back to sleep after morning exercise, do not forcibly disrupt the rhythm of the biological clock.

Sex dinner plan keeps love fresh

Sex dinner plan keeps love fresh

Madam, what shall we eat tonight?

“This is a sentence that you often hear in your daily life. Western or Chinese?

Buffet or a la carte?

Eat out or eat at home?

Xiangdong and Xiangxi are couples who have been married for 12 years, her husband Xiangdong is a newspaper reporter, and his wife is a makeup artist on TV. They are like men and women in love every day. It is enviable. When I invited this stylish couple to have coffee and chat, They have revealed a lot of individualistic emotional preservation methods, one of which is about the treatment of “sex”, Xiang Dong said: dinner can discuss with his wife on the phone how to eat, why not have sex as dinnerHave a plan?

  Therefore, Xiangdong believes that every time sex is fresh or not, unless the husband is creative and predicts in advance, their experience is: “sex” as a “story” to operate, there are plots, roles, time and place and other elements,Changes in any one of the “elements” will lead to slightly different feelings.

  Where: Where do sex work?

  Where does the “story” unfold?

It’s a matter of location.

Under normal circumstances, of course on the bed, but every day spread out plots on the bed, seeing the limitations and no new ideas.

Xiang Dong said that the newlywed honeymoon will be inexplicably excited when seeing the bed. At that time, “sex” is full of vitality, easy to be impulsive, and does not pay attention to the location.”Flammable” newcomers, just thinking about the joy of two-in-one, never thinking that cherries in a saucer are beautiful or hung on a tree. Those are some happy days. As long as there is a bed, the whole city is theirs.At night, passion and orgasm are performed, and the bed is all to them.

  After each month, the bed in the bedroom lay on some rigid, and said to the east, “We should push the battlefield from the bedroom to the sofa in the living room.

“In his opinion, the lingering on the sofa was” a bit unfair “, but very twisted.

Obviously, what happened on the sofa couldn’t be smooth and stable, and it felt a bit like walking on a wooden bridge. Moreover, the body must be adjusted a lot. Lying half or reclining will produce many wonderful associations.

At this time, the body is the “protagonist” and the sofa is like a sexy prop.

Everything was suddenly not complete, but the feeling of eating a fruit salad was not to fill the stomach, but to eat out of mood.

  As a result, the foreplay extends from the pillow to the living room.

Later, Xiangdong developed a new location, which is the study’s wooden floor, very environmentally friendly, naked in the book, letting go of all the baggage, the floor is the stage, free and unrestrained, tumble freely.

There is a change of indulgence, which can instead relax the nerves, muscles and bones, so that the body language is fully mobilized, permeated with a sensual madness, reaching the highest point.

  Everyone has a “hydrophilic desire”, so there is a pleasant “water-based” in the lust. The hot water with fragrance and petals in the bathtub should be the most volatile.

Put water to the east and sprinkle rose petals to the west. The two looked at the water flowers in front of the standing mirror. The shadow in the mirror gradually became richer and the eyes gradually blurred. Such a romance, created with water, diffused with fog, and more closely with twoXinhuiying . It seems as if back to the ancient times, in the sea where humans live, water is the best comfort. The freed up hands are also idle, used for play, the kind of ecstasy, very ecstasy!

  All the places in the room have been used, and Xiangdong began to consider going to the balcony “Chulu”. He is a man who likes to challenge. At midnight, he uses the night to cover. It is very ambiguous. “It feels a little stealing.”Quick decision, but refreshing, very exciting, legal couples, watching dew on the balcony to form flowers on the balcony, there is an indescribable stimulus that makes their husband and wife abnormal, some windows in the tall buildings in the distance are lit, they lie on the balconyThe upper snickers, as if unpopular, someone peeping, but in the thrill, they succeeded to the top, the scenery was infinite, and the heart was refreshed.

  Later, there were children, and there were several people in the family, sometimes old people and some nanny.

So they bought a car, and naturally became a fashionable “lathe family”.

It is said that 80% of the first sexual intercourse between young people in Europe and the United States occurred in a car. It was a romantic place, and wherever you parked, you felt like an island.

The night breeze, the sea of lights in the distance, the sound of insects, the stars or the moonlight, provided a lot of unexpected stage backgrounds for their sex stories.

  This white-collar couple is a workaholic and a night owl. Sometimes, driving east to the west, the huge TV station building is very mysterious and quiet.It feels like the chairs and tables are their “sex” props.

  The most luxurious trip was to go west to Xiamen for a business trip.

At midnight, Xiangdong suddenly appeared in the hotel. The surprise made Xiangxi scream and shiver.

The white sheets were very pure, but they used the “most degraded and the most indecent way” to do the things that husbands and wives should do. It was the most memorable experience. It was full of lover’s gunpowder flavor, as if after “one night stand”,You have to go your separate ways, one on Mercury and one on Saturn.

  Love can be as simple as having a heart.

Sex is more complex and interesting. The choice and change of location is the easiest connection and the easiest connection.

  Characters: Two people’s “character library” erotic “characters” are always two, but “characters” can be many.

Xiang Xi said that to be able to see each other after marriage, this requires strong love to support, and can also attract each other through the continuous development and change of the roles of the husband and wife.

  Xiangxi, who likes the literary tune, likes the couple to play the protagonists of love and heroines in the movie, just like “The Cowherd and the Weaver”, “The Positioning Bridge’s Dream”, and even the “Titanic” . Xiangdong found some classic lines, two peopleRecite them one day in advance, and then enter the role play with a “seal”.

Her husband Xiangdong also made a lot of masks. When two “unknown” lovers had only one mask “shame” in the whole body, the picture was very postmodern, substantive, funny, and a little weird.More importantly, they virtually prolonged the “foreplay”.

Things to be done tomorrow night are being prepared a few days in advance. This “preparing for war” feeling often makes him unable to bear a smile. The sweetness and expectation cannot be experienced by outsiders.

“Home theater” has also become another scene in their home. This kind of DIY sex role processing is full of fun.  The actor Xiangdong also likes to play some other more specific role conversions, and some body treatments.

In odd days, he plays the “protagonist” and takes the initiative to attack. The position arrangement is male and female. On the contrary, in even days, the Phoenix is supreme and subverts Qiankun.

In normal posture, the skin of the two can be tightly attached, and the man can give full play to his subjective initiative.

The advantage of the “female superior” is that the man can see the woman’s style show. Various expressions different from the normal can greatly stimulate the man’s emotions, very provocative, shaking and hot body, charged, shining!!
Xiangdong sometimes plays some other tricks. Some “back postures” are very conquering, and they “spread a crime of anger.”

The change of body position can lead to many different character experiences. Of course, it depends on the mood of the day. For example, on “Women’s Day”, the wife takes the idea to the west. Everything is up to her. On Father’s Day,Dong raised his eyebrows and exhaled.
Feng Shui takes turns, each doing his best and getting what he needs.

Of course, the arrangement of roles must be considered in conjunction with the background of time and space. Sometimes in the small cars in the suburbs, the wildness of the woman is often more able to disperse the inner energy of the two sides: while the passion on the balcony is best controlled by the man because the “”The crisis is perilous,” and the husband must take responsibility . Mr. Xiangdong, a Pisces man, is full of “suits and ghosts.”

His proposal to his wife started like this: On the highway, he was driving westward on a motorcycle and was suddenly stopped by a police officer saying that he violated the rules . Finally, the police officer who was about to tear the ticket asked strangely, “But,You have the right to make a choice, one is fine, and the other is to propose to this girl!

“Xiang Xi was stupid at the time. There was such a law enforcement policeman in the world. Just when she was inexplicable, Xiang Dong replied cheerfully:” I am proposing!

“Then he knelt down on one leg solemnly and took out an engagement ring from his pocket magically . fainting westward, so he accepted it unclearly but willingly.

Afterwards, Xiangxi learned that the so-called “policeman” was played by a friend of Xiangdong.

Xiangdong likes to be unique. He believes that this will be memorable and memorable for life.

  Similarly, Xiangdong also brought this comedic factor into their marriage life, especially the “sex story”.

The so-called “plot” is to make the process tortuous. Generally men only pay attention to the results, and even if they are satisfied, they have sex. Xiangdong likes the “process” and likes to make the process tortuous to enhance the amplitude and suddennessIt’s hard to commend the other party for some surprises.

  One weekend, east and west, staying at home “drunk and dreaming”, brewing espresso, making love, drinking coffee, going to bed, waking up again-of course . Of course, this is not a lot, but they like to useCoffee fills the bedroom with a warm and romantic atmosphere.

Once, Xiangdong was making coffee and asked to go west to change the leopard-print underwear. When he pulled out a long-lost underwear from the closet, he found a small bag with a pin on it and opened it.It actually cost $ 1,000. Who was this scared to the west?

Why is it like this?

  When Xixiang was surprised and happy to hold US dollars and asked Xiangdong, Xiangdong Manhu looked suspiciously: “You ask me, I want to ask you, one of them is a foreigner?”

Be honest!

It ‘s hard to argue to the west. It ‘s so hard to jump into the Minjiang River!

Just when she was about to call the police to find out what was happening in the water and fight for an innocent reputation for herself, Xiangdong suddenly laughed and hugged her, “Just a joke for you!

It’s my tip.

While facing west, beating her husband coquettishly, he ordered him to confess where so many dollars came from . Noisy, ups and downs, unexpected surprises and gains were the best aphrodisiac for women, and they were in full swing all night.Lead the two burning bodies to the top.

On another occasion, Xiangdong quietly “knit” the cling film in advance from the study to the living room like a spider’s web, then turned off the light and lit the ambiguous fragrance candle.

Xiangxi was surfing the Internet in his study, and Xiangdong suddenly called in his bedroom: “Wife, I’m not comfortable on my chest. Come and help me .” When Xixiang rushed out of the study, he suddenly fell into the “gentleness” set by Xiangdong.In the “Internet” . When Xiangxi knew that he was on the road, he was angry and annoyed that he had a “chest pain” riding underneath him, and the prologue of a pink war was opened . Many times, a prank can make oneFeelings are fully mobilized. This kind of flirting is very unique and a little bit tricky. It is easy to let people “play” forever. Regardless of the sex buttons of men and women, they need some intentional management. This kind of “”Excitation,” the critical heating of couples’ sex.

Baked Broccoli in Tomato Sauce

Baked Broccoli in Tomato Sauce

Fresh shrimp is red when cooked, and it has a homonym with “laughing”. Most people choose fresh shrimp when eating seafood during the Spring Festival.

The “seafood baked with broccoli in tomato sauce” is not a Chinese new year starter, but it is cooked with a combination of tomato sauce and chilli sauce.

The hot and sour taste, combined with nutrients such as protein and vitamins, is an ideal side dish.

  Ingredients: 150 grams of fresh shrimp, 100 grams of crab willow, 300 grams of broccoli, 15 grams of ginger, 15 grams of garlic (striped), salt, garlic chili sauce, tomato juice (branch), lemon juice, peanut oilEach amount.

  Method: Cook fresh shrimps and shell them for later use; wash the broccoli and cut into sections for use; add oil to the pan, sauté the garlic and ginger slices, stir fry the broccoli over high heat, then add the right amount of water and tomato sauce, garlic chili sauce, Simmer until the broccoli is fully cooked, then add shrimp and crab fillet, add some lemon juice after the juice is collected, season with salt to serve.

Relieve bloating, so simple

Relieve bloating, so simple

Taking eosinophilic dyspepsia can be improved with eosinophils, as the lack of these benign bacteria is the most common indigestion factor.

Take 10 capsules, or use a tablespoon of powdered formula.

Those who are allergic to milk crystals can use formulations that do not contain milk.

Acidophilus is also a very safe enema. At first you may feel slight discomfort, but it will be around in about 1 hour.

  Unsuitable foods Poor food pairing will cause digestion problems. For example, protein and starch are not good partners. Vegetables and fruits are not a good combination. Milk should not be used with three meals at the same time.

  To drink vinegar, use a tablespoon of pure apple cider vinegar and a glass of water, and sip it during dinner to help digestion.

You can also drink a glass of lemonade when you wake up in the morning, it also has the effect of healing and clearing blood.

  Chewing rice tom soup and barley porridge are effective for problems such as bloating, venting and heartburn.

Add 5 portions of rice (millet or barley) and boil for 10 minutes.

Cover the pot and simmer for another 50 minutes.

Filter and cool several times a day after cooling.

  In general, for flatulence, you need to find foods that you cannot digest, and avoid prescribing them.

Migraine escapes 8 hours of mental rape

Migraine escapes 8 hours of mental rape

The rubber chicken ribs at work will not be uninteresting, and will definitely challenge the limit of human fatigue . 8 hours a day, some people even have more than 8 hours, nervous, tired, helpless, mentally in a “raped” stateBecause reason reminds himself that he needs to survive, he can’t afford the courage to resign, day after day, and almost collapses.

Severe hatred is a kind of mental rape.

  When the hatred comes, they say: I really don’t want to continue my work!

  Wang Yan, 26 years old resident, I’m very dissatisfied with my current job. In the final analysis, I don’t like to be a doctor.

When I filled out a voluntary report for the college entrance examination, it was also imposed on me by my family.

Dad thinks doctor is a respected profession and it is safe for girls.

But I am not so. My ideal is to be a writer, and I can find real fun in the world of literature.

However, after all, I studied hard for medicine for five years, and only persisted.

However, my colleagues are busy promoting and further studying, but I have no interest at all!

However, not studying hard means that I will be an irresponsible doctor, and I am in a dilemma.

  Fearing that I am incompetent at work, sometimes I want to go to the postgraduate degree in literature, but how can it be so easy?

So I only have to suffer from boredom.

  Lucy, a 24-year-old host, honestly said that my tiredness came from the pressures around me.

First of all, my parents, they want me to be as good as Wu Yi, which is a bit difficult for an ordinary girl.

Of course, every parent wants his child to be prosperous, so I can understand the feelings of the parents; Also, in my industry, the competition is very fierce, and my colleagues around have become “Golden Phoenix”I am very anxious. I like the job of a host very much, but the situation is far from what I want. Under tremendous pressure, I even have a very naive idea-running away, not suitable or just marry someone.

But it is this feeling of boredom and it is also a motivation for me. Now that I am studying graduate school, I can develop myself to do better.

  [Further reading]As a new profession, financial actuary jumps into one of the most valuable professions.

However, in developing countries, actuarial science is still in its infancy, and it is predicted that 5,000 actuarial talents will be needed urgently in the next ten years.

As financial designers and managers of insurance companies, financial services institutions, and other departments, in addition to financial expertise, they also need to be able to predict future directions. It is a collection of mathematics, statistics, economics, law, computers, and investment.Senior talents with a background in finance and insurance, with annual salary of 100,000 to 400,000.

  The eight reasons for a job-absent person: One is that ideals are always so far away from reality. Such people generally have ambitious ideals, and the realization of an ideal requires a process. Not everyone can succeed casually.

When you put in a lot of effort and you are still far away from your ideals, you will feel a sense of tiredness: the position is far from what you want; the salary is not satisfactory . When the hard work is too lateWhen you are not satisfied with the harvest, you will transfer all your troubles to your own work.

  Reason two: Complex interpersonal relationships make me feel tired. Those who enter the job position are the most likely to have such ideas.

Because compared to the complex interpersonal relationships at work, schools can be regarded as a pure soil, and people are relatively simple.

But once you step into the school of Social University, you have to quickly learn and lead within a few days, and get along with your colleagues. Everyone’s personality is different . If you can’t handle these problems well, yourWork is inevitably affected by emotions.

Over time, you become exhausted when you are exhausted physically and mentally.

  Reason 3: There is no reason, because women who do not want to work often have emotional boredom because of their menstrual period-in fact, your work performance is already very good, and there is no excessive pressure, but it is strange that you will feel that you are weak.

For example, affected by menstruation will produce gradual boredom. Menopausal women’s feelings of weariness are more obvious.

In addition, due to social factors, women are more “emotional” and do not want to do it for no reason.

  Reason 4: I have a gentle back woman. When working, she often encounters various pressures, and from time to time, she has the idea of not wanting to continue.

If you have a boyfriend or husband who loves you very much, when you complain to them, if they often say, “Do nothing, I can support you, and resign without you!”

“The actual situation is not the kind he can do well on his own, so you have to work, but you have fantasies about him, there is a psychological retreat, so you have reason to be tired.

5 antibiotics contraindicated in newborns

5 antibiotics contraindicated in newborns

At present, breast milk replacement is generally admired, but some antibacterial drugs can harm the health of babies through breast milk.

The most commonly used antibacterials for infants are the following five: Chloramphenicol: Chloramphenicol can inhibit the function of bone marrow hematopoietic cells, causing the baby’s red blood cells, white blood cells, thrombocytopenia and anemia.

In addition, chloramphenicol absorbed from milk cannot be metabolized by the liver due to incomplete development of liver and kidney functions in infants. Poisoning caused by renal excretion can cause infants to refuse food, vomit, irregular breathing, and bruise (grey skin).Infant syndrome) and so on.

  Sulfa: Sulfa drugs that enter the baby’s body through milk can cause hyperbilirubinemia. Bilirubin can affect brain tissue and cause brain nuclear jaundice.

In addition, thiamine drugs may cause allergic reactions in infants.

  Furantoin: Furantoin is commonly used to treat urinary tract infections. Milk containing furantoin can cause hemolytic anemia in infants lacking G6PD.

  Isonicotine: The concentration of milk and plasma in the concentration of isonicotine.

Isoniatine in milk enters the body of breast milk and is associated with vitamin B.

Combined and excreted from the urine can cause vitamin B deficiency in infants.

  Metronidazole: Metronidazole has a milk concentration similar to the plasma concentration.

Metronidazole produces a metallic taste in milk and reduces infant food intake and rejects milk.

In addition, metronidazole can cause leukopenia and produce adverse reactions in the central nervous system.

  In order to ensure the health of the baby, breast milk replacement should be stopped during the period when the mother must use the above antibacterial drugs due to illness.

Summer health ingredients steamed eggplant with chrysanthemum

Summer health ingredients steamed eggplant with chrysanthemum

Click on the picture to buy the eyes are the windows of the soul, who doesn’t want to have a pair of bright eyes!

But now many people are facing mobile phones and computers, and they are really hurting their eyes.

Today, Xiaobian recommends a diet recipe that is good for the eyes: steamed eggplant with chrysanthemums.

  Chrysanthemum steamed eggplant production method: 10 grams of chrysanthemum, 1 purple eggplant, refined salt, vinegar, sesame oil each amount.

After washing the chrysanthemum, put it in a pot, add an appropriate amount of water, cook until boiling, remove the chrysanthemum and leave it for soup; cut the washed purple eggplant (with skin) into strips, and put it in the bowl with the chrysanthemum soupMedium, steam over water, about 15?
20 minutes; add an appropriate amount of sesame oil, refined salt, vinegar, mix well and serve, nourishing yin and liver, clearing heat and brightening eyesight.

  Chrysanthemum can relieve wind and clear heat, calm the liver and clear eyes, detoxify and reduce swelling, and is mainly used to treat complications such as red eyes, dizziness, headache, and upset fever.

In particular, it has a good conditioning effect on eye diseases. It can treat erythema and swelling caused by empirical fires (wind-heat or liver-fire attack), as well as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as hypertension (kidney yin deficiency or liver yang).) Hyperactivity, etc.) caused the eyes to be unclear, eyes faint.

  Modern pharmacological research shows that chrysanthemum contains volatile oil, pyrethroid, adenine, amino acids, choline, stachyline, berberine, flavonoids, chrysanthemum pigments, vitamins, trace elements and other substances, which can resist pathogens and enhance capillary resistance.Lili has various pharmacological activities such as treating coronary heart disease, reducing blood pressure, preventing hyperlipidemia, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and so on.

  Eggplant has high nutritional value and contains protein, trace amounts, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and multivitamins, which can help maintain acid-base balance and have anti-cancer health effects.

Especially purple eggplant, vitamin p, can increase the resistance of microvessels and prevent bleeding.

In addition, eggplant contains a variety of alkaloids and soap grass powder.

Soapweed has the effect of lowering cholesterol in the blood, so it is very useful for preventing cardiovascular diseases.

  It should be noted that chrysanthemums and eggplants are homogenous, so people who have indigestion, prone to diarrhea, spleen and stomach deficiency, and pregnant women who have loose stools should not eat more.

In addition, the above recipes avoid crab meat.

Eggplant and crab meat are cold foods, and gastrointestinal discomfort often occurs together. Serious diarrhea may occur, and people with spleen and stomach deficiency should pay more attention to it.

  Eating eggplant with skin can promote the absorption of vitamin c.

It is best not to peel the eggplant, because the eggplant skin is suitable for B vitamins.

Vitamin C’s metabolism needs the support of B vitamins. Eating eggplant with skin helps to promote vitamin C absorption.

In addition, it is recommended to choose fresh eggplants. Old eggplants after autumn contain solanine, which is harmful to the human body and should not be eaten more.

  If you have a pair of bright eyes, you must eat more steamed eggplant with chrysanthemums, which is really good for your eyes.

Of course, in daily life, you must learn to protect your eyes and pay attention to rest.

How to crack the eight coquetts of online women

How to crack the eight coquetts of online women

First, the soft fingers are entangled: when a woman’s phone or other contact tools seem to want to see you, how you can’t live without you, you must pay attention.

This is one of the tricks that women are best at, and it’s the “weaving of the fingers” that weeps the ghosts and gods.

Because the gentleness of women believes that few men can resist.

In particular, when women will drop bit by bit on QQ, will you come tonight, I believe that about 90% of men will collapse.

But ten percent of men always stand up.

How did they do it?

The answer is simple: doubt.

  When a woman “skewed fingers” to you, think about the circumstances under which she replaced you.

According to incomplete statistics, most women demanded men when they were “soft and entangled”.

Congratulations if nothing is required!

Because maybe the woman’s mother’s love has come, and you need to be a pet.

  Second, as if strangling in the throat: Women like to talk half-heartedly to the man they like, but she also wants to say complete.

But the woman’s stubbornness makes what she wants to say stubborn. At this time, the woman probably thinks of you, or hopes that you go to his side to give her a sense of security.

But she was inconvenient to say what she needed because she was a woman after all.

  At this time men should think more, and then tentatively ask women, communication is now developed.


  Third, to seduce: Women generally don’t tell you directly what she needs.

She will ask you if you have a meal?

Did you watch that movie?

Actually it was she who wanted to see that she hadn’t eaten!

  In such a situation, if you have seen it, you will be honest, but if you have eaten it, you will eat it honestly.

If you have any plans, you can say that you have n’t eaten, and you have n’t seen it.

Anyway, meals can be eaten at any time. It ‘s okay to watch the movie. You can be a narrator, as long as you are not afraid to be blinded in the cinema.

  Fourth, knowingly ask: Women usually ask who you are on QQ!

Don’t say that I am me!

You have to be sweet and think that I am the one who loves you.

Because women want you to remember her!

Even if she doesn’t remember you!

You must remember her!

  Fifth, find nothing: Women usually avoid when talking about sensitive topics.

But the nature of a woman is to spread the net, she will give all men the chance to chase her.

But it’s her business if you can’t catch it!

Women will say we change the subject!

Today’s weather is a topic that women like.

  Pay attention at this time, she is coquettish with you.

If it’s cold, you have to worry about asking her to add extra clothes. If it’s hot, you don’t want to suggest to go swimming.

  6. Detour: There are many ways for a woman to coquettish with you. She will not talk to you about this topic for a long time. After detouring for a long time, the topic naturally comes to the topic that she wants to say. This is a woman’s intelligence.

  But if a woman is smart, she still has to say something.If you do n’t catch a cold on that topic, you do n’t prevent the topic from being brought up again. If you are interested, then you do n’t want to talk about it. Do n’t talk deeply. Women can easily treat you as a confidant!

If you are willing to be a confidant then it is another matter.

  7. Questioning: Women like to ask questions to men, and the questions are strange.

But most of the time you ask is whether you love me or not, what are you doing?

Men want women to care about themselves, but if you ask too many questions, you will naturally be annoyed!

  When encountering such a situation, a man should never worry about it.

If you really ca n’t stand it, find an excuse to slip away and find an excuse to worship you. Do n’t be intimidated by the problem, and do n’t get entangled with a problem repeatedly. Pay attention to the Internet charges!

  Eight, synthesis: When a woman bombards you with the above seven coquettish ways, are you finished?


You can smile life, intuitive MM!

Don’t be afraid in the face of tenderness!

Shut down and just walk!

There is no MM in the future. No one in the world knows you. If you are as good as me!