My Golden Mountain and Silver Mountain Geng Zhi Fan Ming Creates a New Idol in Contemporary Rural Areas

“My Golden Mountain and Silver Mountain” “Geng Zhi” Fan Ming Creates a New Idol in Contemporary Rural Areas
On May 7th, directed by Shen Yan, Ben Fang, Xu Jundong, Ren Yan, screenwriter, Fan Ming, Dai Lele, “My Golden Mountain and Silver Mountain” starring An, Li Hongtao and other officials formally finalized, landing on May 8Satellite TV.The play focuses on reform and opening up, new rural construction, and targeted poverty alleviation. It is called the first secretary Tang Liang (an An Shi) and entrepreneur Tang Xiaojun (Dai Lele) returned to his hometown, and the village director Fan Xinghuo (Fan Ming)(Decoration) The story of joining hands to get rid of poverty and prosperity.The creation of the “My Gold Mountain and Silver Mountain” script took four years. The main team visited five provinces, seven cities, more than 20 poor counties, and more than 50 poor villages to conduct field research. Taking many first-line typical poverty alleviation cases as the prototype of the story, the final creationcarry out.The whole theater covered all kinds of characters and events, including more than 30 main characters, stubborn humorous village directors, passionate village secretaries, and strong female entrepreneurs, showing the village director re-election and selecting poor households.Land expropriation, migration tombs, new village construction and other hot and contradictory events in contemporary rural areas.The drama was directed by Shen Yan, and his masterpiece “Chinese Divorce” and “My First Half of Life” set off a climax of ratings.Screenwriter Xu Jundong has created excellent works such as “The Story of the Cooking Class” and “The Story of the Police Station”. This time, he used the comedy expression to present the audience with touching and tearful stories in rural poverty alleviation.Fan Ming, who gained popularity with excellent works such as “The Story of the Cooking Class” and “Wulin Gaiden”, played Fan Xinghuo, a village director who was straightforward and interesting and had a cause of poverty alleviation.Li Hongtao, who has starred in many popular dramas such as “White Deer Plains”, “Half-Father and Son” and “Ma Xiangyang’s Going to the Countryside”, plays the stubborn village’s “richest man” Tang Daqiang.In addition, Dai Lele played Tang Xiaojun, a smart and capable female entrepreneur, and Tang Liang, who played humor and positive energy, jointly presented the audience with the image of a “new rural youth” moving forward “reversely”.Sauna, night net editor Liu Wei Tong Na proofreading Lu Qian

Cristiano Ronaldo and Platini are back? Two people whispered at the Universal Football Awards (photo)_1

Cristiano Ronaldo and Platini are back? Two people whispered at the Universal Football Awards (photo) December 31st: The 2014 Global Football Awards was held in Dubai antiques yesterday. The Real Madrid Club won a great victory and won the title of the club of the year. Almost, Ronaldo won the grand prize, the 2014 Global Football Player of the Year Award.With the fans’ favorite players, J Ronaldo, Ancelotti and Florentino all scored the best.Cristiano Ronaldo and Platini (right) exchanged Cristiano Ronaldo’s whisper in the ear with the UEFA President Platini at the awards ceremony, which is the biggest highlight of Cristiano Ronaldo at the World Club Cup final award ceremonyNigeria is very different.At the end of last month, Platini expressed his statement that the Golden Globe should be awarded to Neuer because this year is the World Cup.During the awards ceremony of the World Player of the Year award yesterday, Ronaldo had the opportunity to blow his ears with Platini who ignored him, which was immediately interpreted by the major media as the relationship between Ronaldo and Platini returned to good.symbols of.

BMW enters League of Legends and five clubs including FPX reach global cooperation

BMW enters League of Legends and five clubs including FPX reach global cooperation
On April 16, BMW Motors announced that it has reached a cooperation agreement with five well-known e-sports clubs worldwide.Obviously, the FPX club that won the League of Legends World Championship in 2019 became the only partner from the LPL division.The reporter learned that this is not the first time BMW has set foot in the e-sports market.As early as 2017, BMW reached a cooperation with the King Glory League.The BMW cooperation area is mainly based on the League of Legends project.The five clubs are the FPX club in China’s LPL region, the Cloud 9 club in the US LCS region, the Fnatic club in the European LEC region, the G2 e-sports club in the European LEC region, and the T1 club in the LCK region in South Korea.The cooperation content includes providing BMW cars painted by the corresponding teams for the teams to traverse, creating momentum for the teams on social media, adding BMW LOGO and other aspects of the club uniforms.On April 17, many senior people told reporters that more and more international brands are now choosing to enter the field of e-sports, and Mercedes-Benz, Nike and other brands are all official partners of LPL.The entry of BMW this time may also be a part of fancy e-sports in the youth market.”5 clubs are head players in all regions and around the world, and have a large number of fans.”An e-sports practitioner said,” “E-sports is gradually replacing traditional sports events among young people. BMW’s cooperation is bound to bring the brand to further development and establish long-term connections in the young market.Talking about the original intention of this cooperation, Jens Timmer, senior vice president of BMW customers and brands, said, “E-sports shows how sports and entertainment projects continue to flourish and play a key role.BMW’s original intention in the field of e-sports is to become a trusted partner for global sports e-sports projects and create tangible value for the e-sports industry.”We are very happy that the world’s top brands have chosen to join hands with FPX to enter the global e-sports industry.”Li Chun, CEO of FPX Club, told reporters, “BMW is a company with a century of history, a prestigious technology and a globally recognized company.I believe this partnership will continue to promote innovation in the new era.”Sauna, Ye Wang Qin Che editor Li Weijia proofread Chen Diyan

Actor Li Jingjing issued a lawyer’s statement on suspected fraud fan: do not rule out improper employment

Actor Li Jingjing issued a lawyer’s statement on suspected fraud fan: do not rule out improper employment
On April 20, actor Li Jingjing (formerly known as Li Jingjing) issued a lawyer’s statement on the alleged fraud involving the product “Jing Jing’s Tea”.The statement stated that Li Jingjing (hereinafter referred to as the principal) will no longer serve as the legal representative, executive director, and manager of Ruijin Shangpin Company from September 23, 2019, so the principal does not rule out his own improper employment, weak supervision and Ruijin ShangThe possibility of a product company being insufficiently regulated in its operation and management.The client will actively deal with this issue and deal with it in a timely manner.As for the problems that arise during the operation and management of Ruijin Shangpin Company and the implementation of the “Agent Cooperation Agreement”, the client has initiated internal investigation procedures in accordance with the law.While conducting an internal investigation, the client hopes that all parties to the dispute, including the agent, will contact the client or the lawyer to provide clues and feedback in accordance with the law, assist the client in clarifying the facts, and resolve the issue in accordance with the law.”If confirmed by investigation, Ruijin Shangpin Company and related personnel in violation of laws and regulations and the company’s articles of association in the course of operation and management, the client will be rectified, regulated, accountable in accordance with the law, and willing to assume responsibility as the company’s shareholders and former managementLegal responsibilities that personnel should bear in accordance with law.”Actor Li Jingjing’s appearance in the hit drama” Golden Wedding “.In April 2020, some netizens published an article exposing Li Jingjing and her husband Liu Zhen cheating together.It is reported that after Li Jingjing withdrew from the entertainment industry, the husband and wife turned to the live broadcast platform, partnered with others to open a factory and created a certain brand, and called for joining during the live broadcast, charging a guarantee deposit ranging from 50,000 to 200,000.After the fee was paid, the money was not delivered to the factory founded by the partnership, resulting in the factory without start-up funds and no products could be obtained, so it could not be shipped to the following franchisees. Since the franchisees could not get the goods, they asked Li JingjingReturn the deposit.In the early hours of April 17, Li Jingjing responded to the rumor that he did not take the money and did not return the money in his live broadcast room.She said she had never deceived anyone, and the money could not be refunded because she had not checked the accounts.In addition, she also responded to the fact that her 90s husband was exposed and derailed. She said that she trusts her husband Liu Zhen very much. The girls outside are admiring vanity and making up.Li Jingjing is 50 years old. In 2006, he was recognized by the audience for playing Gao Shuzhen in the TV series “Golden Wedding”.Since then, she has appeared in TV works such as “Women as Officials” and “Time of New Son-in-law”. In the recent hit drama “An Jia”, Li Jingjing also appeared in guest appearances.Previously, on November 12, 2019, Li Jingjing posted on Weibo that she would withdraw from acting life. She wrote, “From today, I will withdraw from the acting life that accompanies me for thirty-four years, concentrate on bringing children, and be my lifeThe second profession, I have no complaints about the profession of actor!”>>> Li Jingjing announced his withdrawal from performing arts life. He was well known for sauna and night net for appearing in“ The Golden Wedding ”Zhang He editor Wu Dongni Proofreader Fu Chunxin

Layout of children’s food field, Baicao launched Tong’an Children

Layout of children’s food field, Baicao launched “Tong’an Children”
On May 25, Baicao Wei launched the children’s food “Tong’an Children” series.This is one of the important layouts of the “diversified” strategy for the crowd and the segmentation of the landing scene for Baicaowei’s new series of products in 2020 after the “new meat era”.It is understood that the “Tong’an Children” series of products are aimed at children’s foods for children aged 3-12.Series 0, through “addition” of beneficial nutrients and “subtraction” of oil, salt, sugar and additives, is more suitable for children.According to related product planning, Baicao will then launch this series 2.Version 0, in addition to doing more “additions” for children’s nutritional additions, packaging and replacement innovation more parent-child interaction content, such as adding riddles, classic stories and other puzzle content, packaging toys, etc., adding “childlike” features.Statistics show that in China, the population of children aged 0-14 in 2018 was nearly 2.500 million, which will continue to increase in the future. The corresponding snacks for children is a huge market.According to the “2018 Global Children’s Snack Market Research Report” by market research agency QYResearch, from 2018 to 2023, the children’s snack market is expected to grow steadily at a compound annual growth rate of 10% to 15%.Relatively speaking, Baicao Flavor focuses on the “multiple” brand strategy, from the “Year Taste” series of gift boxes for the Spring Festival scene, to the “Baiwei Qianxun” that launches different combinations of eating methods corresponding to the seasonal season, to the daily souvenir scene”One gift”, the “energy of today” of the fitness crowd, and this year’s “artificial meat” series, which is positioned as a “gastronomic light”, through deep digging into the various segmentation needs of the crowd and scenes, the herbal taste extends the brand’s tentacleTo more fields.Sauna, Ye Wang Wang Ziyang Photo source Image courtesy editor Li Yan proofreading Liu Jun

2015CBA Finals Ⅱ-Liaoning wins Beijing with a total score of 1:1 Hudson scored 41 points

2015CBA Finals Ⅱ-Liaoning wins Beijing with a total score of 1:1 Hudson scored 41 points
Beijing time on March 12, the second game of the CBA finals between Beijing and Liaoning continued at home in Liaoning.Although the Beijing team scored a 26-14 single quarter score in the third quarter and led into the fourth quarter, but with the continuous breakthrough counterattack of Liaoning team Liu Zhixuan, Han Dejun and Guo Ailun in the fourth quarter, Hudson’s consecutive unreasonable hits,Scored 17 points in a single quarter.The Liaoning team defeated Beijing 108-94 and changed the score to 1:1.Hudson fast break layup Hudson is a highlight of the Liaoning team this game, he got 20 points and 8 rebounds at the end of the half.He scored 41 points and 13 rebounds.In the second quarter, he hit four 3-pointers in a single quarter. At the end of the first quarter and the beginning of the second quarter, in addition to his continuous shooting, he also successively assisted Han Dejun to succeed, helping the team to open the score difference several times.In the crucial fourth quarter he scored 17 points by himself.He Tianju felt very hot at the beginning. In addition to scoring 8 points in the opening, he also had a magical performance of 6 points in the second quarter.His miraculous play once disrupted the defensive layout of the Beijing team.  In the third quarter when the team defensive breakthrough he also steals Marbury to add a magical performance of chasing 3 points.He scored 18 points and 3 rebounds in the game.Guo Ailun’s data is not very gorgeous today, only 15 points.But his attitude on the court was very positive and tough. In the second quarter, when he was facing Marbury’s fast fall, he was very tough and fell to the ground to catch a technical foul.In a deadly process, he also fell heavily on the ground, his expression very painful.But performance like that reflects his absolute desire for victory.  Han Dejun also performed well today, scoring 12 points. He made a lot of mistakes against the opponent’s tough defense.Although Thompson got 12 points and 16 rebounds.But he made consecutive mistakes throughout the game, giving the Beijing team a chance to fight back several times.Liaoning team led the Beijing team in rebounding data, especially offensive rebounds, winning 19:7.Marbury showed his strong strength today and won in the whole game.In the second quarter of the team’s highest difficulty, he played very cleverly and had different ways of playing against different defenders of the Liaoning team.Both Guo Ailun and Han Dejun caused fouls.He scored 24 points in the game.  Sun Yue continued the fiery feel of the last game, he scored 15 points in the game.In the third quarter of the overtaking score, he first put in three points, then broke through, and finally caused Hudson’s three-point foul to score 8 consecutive points.Morris was not very efficient in the offense at the beginning, but then he faced defender Han Dejun with frequent jumpers and played his own rhythm. With his favorite CIC, he helped the team overtake in the third quarter.He got the highest score of 27 points and 10 rebounds for the Beijing team today.The finals adopt a 2-3-2 system, and the next two parties will move to Beijing for the third game.Starting from both sides: Liaoning: Han Dejun, Li Xiaoxu, He Tianju, Hudson, Guo Ailun Beijing: Ji Zhe, Zhang Songtao, Sun Yue, Marbury, Zhai Xiaochuan

Game 3 of the 2015 NBA Western Conference Finals-The Rockets trailed by 25 points at halftime to break the record

Game 3 of the 2015 NBA Western Conference Finals-Rockets trailed by 25 points at halftime and broke record again
On May 24th, Beijing time, the third game of the Western Conference finals started. The Houston Rockets played at home against the Golden State Warriors.In the halftime, the Rockets trailed 37-62, shooting less than 30%, Dwight Howard 12 points and 10 rebounds, James Harden was only 1 of 8 shots.For the Warriors, Stephen Curry scored 18 points and hit his 59th three-pointer in the playoffs, surpassing Reggie Miller in 2000, setting an NBA player’s single-game playoff three-pointer record.Andrew Bogut had 12 points and 7 rebounds.Curry set a new record and Terry changed to block Thompson, the Warcraft singles succeeded in the basket, 10 minutes and 21 seconds Green seemed to pass, Bogut opened the basket.9 minutes and 53 seconds, the Rockets combined inside and outside, Ariza succeeded in three points.The Rockets guarded Curry, and Thompson succeeded.9 minutes and 03 seconds Curry vacated three points.7 minutes and 56 seconds high pass Terry World of Warcraft, with a non-stop ball back to the basket, Mid-World of Warcraft followed up with a double hand kick.But Warcraft was too excited. First, it was defensive interference and Bogut made an offensive foul.7 minutes and 20 seconds Green’s pass, Bogut received an open buckle, the Warriors 13-9.  At 5 minutes and 45 seconds, Harden withdrew a jumper but failed, and Warcraft made a wonderful deduction, but Green turned around and hit 3 points.3 minutes and 46 seconds, Green’s second offensive success in the basket, Warcraft feared fouls did not dare to move lightly.3 minutes and 08 seconds, Harden succeeded in a horizontal layup, the game opened at the end, the Rockets 16-22.  Thompson missed a 3-pointer in 2 minutes and 01 seconds. The ball was inserted by Iguodala. He threw it and Thompson succeeded.Thompson also sent a wonderful pass in 56 seconds.In 31 seconds, Jones made a mistake, the Warriors fast break, Priggioni was forced to foul Livingston, he made 2 free throws, the Warriors played a wave of 8-2.  At the end of the first quarter, the Rockets trailed 18-30, and the Rockets shot only 31.8%, the fast break was zero; Andrew Bogut had 10 points and the Warriors had zero turnovers in a single quarter.  At 11 minutes and 15 seconds in the second quarter, Livingston and Aizeli hit the wall to cooperate.The Rockets insisted on the inside offensive, Warcraft 5 consecutive singles, 2 hook shots, 1 foul, 2 penalties missed, and 2 misses.  In 6 minutes and 58 seconds, Harden passed Josh’s three-point success, ending the Rockets to bloom in nearly 3 minutes.But 6 minutes and 35 seconds, the Rockets inside defense defense is unclear, Bogut succeeded in making up the basket.  In 5 minutes and 56 seconds the library killed Josh three in and three out.Thompson missed a three-pointer in 5 minutes and 28 seconds. Curry grabbed a rebound and made a foul before World of Warcraft. He made 2 free throws.Curry broke through Terry in 5 minutes and 15 seconds, making a layup and making 3 Warcraft offenses.The confrontation between Warcraft and Mai Shuai briefly exchanged and remained on the field.5 minutes 05 seconds Bogut Warcraft 3 offenses, save some face.4 minutes and 50 seconds Thompson optimized the sudden points Azeri hit the basket, 4 minutes and 31 seconds Curry hit the 59th three-pointer of this session.4 minutes 05 seconds Curry fouled Terry outside, made 3 free throws, the Warriors played 14-3, leading 52-32.  In 3 minutes and 13 seconds, Curry lifted a false shot, throwing away Terry and receiving a green pass for a layup.At 2 minutes and 41 seconds, Curry easily scored an offensive rebound and helped Thompson hit a three-pointer. At 2 minutes and 04 seconds, Green easily made a layup and led 59-35.1 minute 07 seconds Curry juggling dribble playing Jones, a few put it down.The Rockets caught Curry 11 seconds high, but he quickly passed David Lee easily layup.  At halftime, the Rockets trailed 37-62, the Warriors led 32-19 in the second quarter, and Curry scored 15 points in a single quarter.(Demon)

A bowl of Chinese instant noodles completely conquered the rocket tower-great!Coming next year_1

A bowl of Chinese instant noodles completely conquered the rocket tower: great!Coming next year
The Rockets are currently playing in the preseason games in China. The players have an additional experience of China’s great rivers and mountains, places of historical interest, and also have a long history of culture. They have experienced the great enthusiasm of Chinese fans for basketball and the NBA.Of course, what made them praise is Chinese food, even if it’s just instant noodles.  New assistance for the Rockets, Brazilian veteran Nene showed a picture of his big mouth eating Master Kang’s bowl of braised beef noodles, and also issued a text sigh: Great!!!This Master Kang instant noodle is so delicious!I can’t wait to visit China next time!!!!  From the photo, Nene is dressed up casually, wearing headphones and holding a small fork to raise the instant noodles. His expression is very serious, and there is a cute feeling brought by contrast.  There is no doubt that China is a great food country and a great country for instant noodles. Although instant noodles are just a convenience food, the main function is to fill, but Chinese instant noodles still have various innovations in taste and nutritional value.Most food tastes, such as Master Kong Instant Noodles, are one of the most famous brands.Now, even the NBA stars with Brazilian and American backgrounds have been conquered. It can be seen that the taste of this instant noodles is indeed awesome.  However, Nene has such a huge behemoth, and such a small bowl of instant noodles does not seem to be enough to satisfy the appetite.I don’t know how many Master Kang instant noodles he has eliminated this time.  Interestingly, the Pelican players who came to participate in the Chinese game recently also expressed their admiration for Chinese cuisine. The taste of Pelican rookie Hilder is different from Nene. He is in love with Chinese shrimp fried rice.

CP3-After the negotiations, I feel relieved and retired players say thank you to me

CP3: After the negotiations, I feel relieved and retired players say thank you to me
The player union and the league reached a new labor agreement in time to avoid the possibility of a lockout in Mingxia. Union president Chris Paul also said in an interview that he felt relieved.  I also don’t know if it is a proper adjective to explain the burden.He said, but it feels really good to get the job done.  This new labor-management agreement lasts for 7 years, extending to ensure the stability of the alliance.In the future, the salary of players will increase, and the interests of NBDL players will be more taken care of. At the same time, the cancellation of some preseason games and the start of the regular season will also reduce the back-to-back and five-day four-game injury.In addition, the number of medical insurance for retired players has also increased, which is what Paul valued most.  He said: Now, many retired players who are doing commentary see me and thank me.I feel very grateful.This is not for me, or for everyone.This agreement not only focused on active players and players who will enter the league in the future, but also those who opened the way for us.  Paul’s own evaluation of this new agreement is still very high.I think the medical insurance policy is priceless, and the 19-year-old will not consider this when he enters the league.I am the father of two children and have experienced many impermanences in life, so I think this is the most suitable clause in the new agreement.  Although Drummond Green expressed dissatisfaction with the labor-management agreement, objectively speaking, the new agreement still makes many rules more reasonable.Paul and LeBron hoped that they would still enjoy a big contract after the age of 36, before changing the 36-year-old rule to 38-year-old, but after all the superstars after them can also enjoy this clause, including Green himself.  Paul said that he was able to become the chairman of the union and the players convinced him.In 2013, the union met in Las Vegas, and it was Jerry Stackhouse and other players who found him, hoping that he could take up this position.Paul later talked to his wife long and agreed.At first, I felt that I had too many things to take care of. I also had my own life, family, and business issues.He says.Further reading: NBA’s new labor-management agreement library becomes a big winner with an annual salary of up to 47 million

2017 Snooker World Championship semi-final Ding Junhui VS Selby live address

2017 Snooker World Championship semi-final Ding Junhui VS Selby live address
Ding Junhui will play against Selby at 20 o’clock on April 27th, Beijing time. The 2017 Snooker World Championship semi-finals will start. Chinese famous Ding Junhui will play against defending champion Selby.In the past two seasons, Ding Junhui and Selby surpassed in major competitions. Although Ding Junhui once won the Shanghai Masters finals this season, the World Championship finals lost last season and the National Championship finals were swept by Selby this season.So this field can be called Ding Junhui’s battle of revenge.Snooker World Championship semi-final Ding Junhui VS Selby Live Address: Click to enter the gaming company optimistic Selby semi-finals before the famous European gaming company “bet365” the game opened the odds, this game against Ding JunhuiIn the game, Selby wins and pays 1.53, and Ding Junhui won the compensation income 2.50.Selby, who is the first to reach 3, 4, and 5 innings, is ahead of Ding Junhui. Among the odds of the whole game, Selby’s 17-13 winning odds are the most favored.For the odds of whether the game reaches the tiebreaker, it is 6 to enter the tiebreaker.00, pay 1 without going into the tiebreaker.11. Gaming companies are optimistic about winning early.In the current odds of winning the championship, after O’Sullivan out of the game, Selby to 2.30 topped the list, followed by 3.75 Higgins, Ding Junhui odds to win the championship 4.33 ranks third.Before the four-year summit match in this year, Ding Junhui and Selby played a total of 25 games, including Selby 13 wins, 1 draw and 11 losses.Before the 2016 World Championship finals, although it was the representative of the top 80s players, there were not many mobile phone meetings in the major events of the players. The 2016 World Championship finals Ding Junhui first hit the top of the world, a game with confidence.Despite a 6-0 score by Selby at the start, Ding Junhui even shed tears after winning the final first game, and Selby’s play angered Ding Junhui, and the two formed Liangzi.  After the World Championship finals, the two met twice in the finals of the ranking match this season. In the Shanghai Masters, Ding Junhui withstood the pressure and defeated Selby’s revenge 10-6, breaking the ranking championship shortage.But since then, in the final of the National Championships, Ding Junhui was swept by Selby 1-10 in disgrace.In the semi-finals, the two played against each other in the fourth major event in a year. Ding Junhui wanted to achieve a breakthrough in the results, and Selby became an inescapable opponent.Status comparison: Ding Junhui recovers Selby invincible mode. Let’s first take a look at Ding Junhui’s status. After reaching the World Championship finals as a qualifier last season, the status of the season began to improve comprehensively. The Shanghai game broke through the championship shortage, but then encountered a family.Incidents affect the state ups and downs.At the current World Championships, Ding Junhui once again ushered in an outbreak. After the first two rounds of winning derby, the third round of the whole game suppressed the biggest favorite to win the championship, and is also the hardship of his career. O’Sullivan, advanced to the semifinals.  Compared with the ups and downs of Ding Junhui, Selby placed the world’s first throne in five consecutive moments in his stable state. In the case of 75 shortcomings and the short circuit after the age of 80, the Selby seems to have only one unifiedThe strength of Knock.After winning the World Championship for the second time last season, he won the British Championship, the National Championship and the China Open consecutively this season. Although the style of the game is questioned, Selby is expected to be the strongest snooker today.On-the-spot analysis: Patience competition is the key. Selby can be regarded as the most difficult opponent of Snooker today. Both its excellent defense and attack power, it has a big heart that is not defeated, and is good at disrupting opponents through tactical adjustments.Layout.In the final of the World Championships last season, Ding Junhui, who had a sluggish start, was always suppressed by his opponents. Even in the case of a lot of overscores, Selby still interfered with his opponent through a tenacious snooker, causing Ding Junhui to be nervous and irritable. Eventually, mistakes began to increase.  In the long game, Selby’s combat power is very strong. Ding Junhui must be fully prepared to complete his revenge. At least he must have enough expectations in his patience. Once he enters the side of the defensive fight snooker, Ding JunhuiThe ability to withstand will be the key to the game. In addition, the slow start is still a point that Ding Junhui needs to overcome. The author wrote in the previous preview of Ding Junhui and O’Sullivan that once the opponent Ding Junhui is bitten in the opening stage, there is a chance.This game is the same as Selby. Last season’s World Championship finals and this season’s National Championship finals, Ding Junhui crashed in the opening stage and eventually led to a big score defeat. Quickly adjusting himself into the game state will also determine the game’s victory or defeatA key factor.