for a long time,Kang Jialing said:“Mayor Guan,Since you came personally for this,Then I also talk about my opinion。During the renovation, the fire department was not supervised enough,You said they have to renovate after finishing the renovation,This is really not satisfactory。also,Why do you have to decide that there must be a fire??It costs a lot of money to rectify from the inside out?If our inland companies are all easy to say,You said this……Mr. Ai is back to Hong Kong these days,She is not here either,Or just wait for the new year,Why is it inappropriate for people to suspend business for rectification during the Spring Festival。Looking back, we are discussing with Secretary Yue。”

Guan Hao held back his anger,No statement,Jiao Qiang beside him can’t help it,He said:“I didn’t report it to the fire department when I was renovating,We rushed to the scene and asked them to stop the renovation after we knew it,Because the renovation plan does not have a safety review by the fire department。We won’t let in in the future。If it’s not a unified action,I don’t know that there are such major security risks here。Several rectification notices have been perfunctory。”
He can’t go on。
The fact is that I can’t say too thoroughly。
Guan Hao said:“Director Kang,You coordinate,Since we have discovered a hidden danger, we can’t ignore it,No one can afford something wrong。Captain Jiao,You come up with a deadline for final rectification,If it doesn’t work, stop the business and rectify the notice,Patching up like this is not a problem。”Talking stand up:“You master must fulfill your duties,Can’t just move,We have to find a way to make investors stay reasonably。This is the best solution。All right,You still have guests,I won’t bother you。”
Guan Hao said,Stand up and go。
Seeing the mayor got up to leave,Kangjialing also stood up and said:“mayor,I asked someone to arrange the meal,this late,Go after dinner。”
Guan Hao said:“No more,I eat something special,You are not here。”
“As long as you say it,Flying in the sky,Underground,Swim in the water,Drilled in the ground,I don’t have anything here。”The majesty of a rich native in Kangjialing。
“Millet porridge,do you have?Haha。”Guan Hao made a cool turn,Took out the key from the pocket,Throw in the air,Then catch,He looked at Kang Jialing with a smile,Repeat again,Say:“no?”
Kang Jialing heard that the mayor has a bad stomach,So pay attention to diet。He shook his head,Embarrassed smiled and said:“You are going to be short。”Then send them out。
Guan Hao said when he got in the car:“Director Kang,Don’t talk about flying in the sky anymore,Underground,Swim in the water,These words are in the ground,That’s our self-showing and bragging right after we settled for food and clothing,In fact there are some things you can’t eat,When you meet someone from an animal protection organization, it’s troublesome to say that。Don’t always have a dental stick in your mouth,Not good for oral hygiene。I know you are a government official,I don’t know, I thought you were the production team leader.,Especially the beauties will be upset when they see it。”
Kang Jialing blushed,He laughed awkwardly,Just want to explain,I saw the mayor’s car turned sharply,Shake head,Fast to the door。
He spit out a toothpick,Wiped the corner of the mouth again,Said in my heart:“Is the production team leader,what happened?Don’t think that you are from a big organization and look down on people,Humph!”
Really let Guan Hao talk,Kang Jialing is indeed a production team leader,Later transferred to the commune to become an official official of the country。Relying on innate sensitivity to politics and ingenuity,Climbing,To this position today,It can also be said to have seen the world through wind and rain。
So it was okay when I was in the office,Since becoming the director of the Revolutionary Committee of Mingzhu Lake Development Zone and participating in Hong Kong investment promotion activities,It exposed the farmer’s character of the production team leader,The posture of who I am is fully demonstrated。
At the gate,Guan Hao saw several cars coming outside,The two security guards were busy for a while,Release after checking documents。Wait for the cars outside to come in,They just went out。
Out the door,Jiao Qiang waved at his car outside the door,The car followed them。Guan Hao said:“Where is your combat readiness fire truck??”

The reward has been hanging for four months,Although some experts in the medical field came to observe and try,But don’t talk about patching,Even the source of this stitching method is not right.,But at the moment,But he saw through,This is really an expert!

As for the young clerk。
I didn’t look at Ye Tianzong from the bottom of my heart,But now I hear his description,I was also shocked。
This is hard……
There are two brushes。
but,No matter how high the theoretical knowledge is,Can you actually solve the problem??
Isn’t it for the two million?……
perhaps,I’ve been watching this reward for a long time,Secretly checked a lot of information。
“Mr. Na,You just said,This stitch should not be patched,But remove the needle,So-called?”
“Forget it。”
Ye Tian took a deep breath,Tao:“Save people to the end,Send Buddha to West。”
“I personally show you。I just heard a cough from the inner hall,Should be the owner of this map。”
“Heart disease is not cured for a long time,Extending to other viscera,Especially the lungs,Should now be bleeding and inflamed,I will let you in,Give a simple treatment first,Make sure the other party won’t have problems。During treatment,You will know,What I call needle removal,What exactly does that mean?”

“of course,If I became a monk,Let Liu Xiaoyun become an apprentice。Wash and cook for me every day,then……”

Qin Liang almost came out“And sleep with me at night”!Fortunately, he responded in time,He swallowed the rest of the words back into his stomach abruptly。
But the smart Liu Xiaoyun,I immediately guessed what Qin Liang didn’t finish talking about,Her face blushed,Turned his head and looked out the car window……
“Are you an apprentice??Are you looking for the babysitter??”
The pure Shen Ruoxue didn’t expect what Qin Liang wanted to say in the second half。
“Or else,I accept you as an apprentice,Then Xiaoyun is a babysitter,what do you think?”
Qin Liang deliberately teased Liu Xiaoyun。
“cut……Eccentric eyes!”
really,Liu Xiaoyun spoke immediately。
“I don’t,I don’t want Xiaoyun to be a babysitter。”
Shen Ruoxue immediately came out to protect her sister。
“You two girls, don’t fool him,He is playing with you,Have you seen any monk accepting female apprentices?I have seen a monk with a babysitter?”
Murong Shan can’t see it anymore,Speak righteously。
“I’m a monk flower?”
Qin Liang gave Murong Shan a white look。

“It would be nice if I knew about it,If I knew it,I’ve already figured out a way to catch them,That way, at least these three stunners can ruin a lot of girls!”

Yang Shiyun said annoyed。
“I can’t blame Liu Xiaoyun for this!This kind of thing,No girl would like to mention it again,If it wasn’t because Liu Xiaoyun had accidentally exposed,I’m afraid she will never tell this to anyone in her life!Including Shen Ruoxue。”
Qin Liang thought Yang Shiyun was blaming Liu Xiaoyun,So I kindly defended Liu Xiaoyun.。“I didn’t blame her!How could i blame her?That girl is pitiful enough,How can I bear to blame her?And of course I understand what you said,Xiaoyun is a girl no matter what,And so strong,What embarrassed her,How could she
speak out?I won’t say it if it’s me。”
Yang Shiyun understands。
“I have a hasty,It seems I think too much,I thought you were angry with Xiaoyun,Ha ha……”
Qin Liang said awkwardly。
“You think you only care about,Do you love Xiaoyun the most??”
Yang Shiyun asked with disdain。
“That can’t!You are the most concerned,The one who loves Xiaoyun the most,I can’t compare to you。”
Qin Liang was very wise to choose。Pretending not to be ashamed in front of women,Especially beautiful women,Especially beautiful women who belong to me!Qin Liang understands this truth better than any man。
“Are you telling the truth?”
Yang Shiyun looked at Qin Liang suspiciously,It’s rare for Qin Liang to speak so low-key,modest,On the contrary, Yang Shiyun couldn’t believe it。“Of course it’s true!Really can’t be real,Is this still doubtful??”
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Chapter Two Thirty Two Bully me and cry
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Qin Liang answered vowedly。

“Pretty fun。”

Xiao Yuer thought for a while,Answer with a shy smile。
“That’s good,anything,As long as it makes you interested,You can do it well,Don’t worry,Come slowly,Ask us if you encounter any problems,We will help you overcome,solved。”
Liu Xiaoyun teaches Xiao Yuer like a teacher teaches students。
“Yep,Thanks Aunt Yun。”
Xiao Yu’er nodded repeatedly,A very obedient look。
“Ding Dong……”
I didn’t wait for Liu Xiaoyun to speak again,The doorbell rang suddenly。
“strange,Why are there still guests coming to the door at this time??”
Shen Ruoxue muttered to herself in wonder,Then walked over and opened the door,Standing outside the door,Meizi in a police uniform。
Two people,Meizi screamed happily first。
“Oh my goodness!Where does this little beauty come from?!so pretty!Come here and let me hug。”
Shen Ruoxue also said happily,Then two girls“enthusiasm”Hug together,Then the two of them hugged each other and walked into the living room。
“plum,You’re here。”
Yang Shuyun smiled and greeted Meizi first。

Zhang Rui lowered his head,“Ms. Ou Zhaozhao’s annual bouquet,All her time,Favorite flower.”This woman,Never bring flowers that others like,Self-dominant。

Baby Ou can’t look directly。
Yuze wants to talk,Why did you ask such a question!!!
“What kind of old man,I really don’t know,I don’t know if mother is or not。Besides,Sun Hao afraid of Su He,How did you know?”Both Ou Baobao and Yuze think,This Su He,Should be the key person they want to find。
Zhang Rui answered,“After Yu Zimo’s death,Sun Hao has been to the imperial capital,the last time,She originally said she wanted to stay in the imperial capital,After seeing Su He,Changed my mind and left。Went to live in another city in the south。I thought,She is afraid of Su He。Maybe,Yu Zimo is also with Su He,Put something.”
Chapter Four Hundred and Eleven Abnormal
Zhang Rui finished,Thought again,“Is something you might really need.”
He doesn’t understand。In his opinion, Yu Zimo left him,I need something he gave Yuze,Are very important and serious,Can completely destroy Sun Hao。But why the little empress and Yuze think it’s like waste paper.At least the benihilation document,It should be useful?
“You don’t have to worry about Sun Hao and Xiaofei competing for the family property。Although Xiaofei was fooled by Sun Hao’s nonsense,But she is indeed a very kind child,She will never fight with you。Find me to see you,Because he thinks you give up your inheritance rights,Is forced。She is worried about you.”
Zhang Rui still hopes Yuze can and Sun Xiaofei,Sister and brother recognize each other,“Yu Zimo left early,No time to tell you this。Ms. Ou doesn’t rub the sand in her eyes,Yu Zimo is scared。But i think,Since he didn’t let Sun Hao send Sun Xiaofei away,That means,He still hopes that one day,You can be sisters and brothers,Love each other.”
“.”A tendon,Idiot,Still has a heart of Virgin,I take it for granted.
Yuze black face,“What you said,I’m going to throw up.I have a home,Brother and sister,I don’t need any sister.”Speaking of,Turn around and talk to Bao Bao,“Let Sun Xiaofei in。Speak clearly。There is no need to see someone like Sun Hao tomorrow.”Simply disgusting。Yu Zimo is not picky.
Sun Xiaofei never came back,Only Zhang Rui thought she really cleaned up for so long。
Actually, there is no permission from Ou Baobao,The outside waiter didn’t let Sun Xiaofei in。Unlawful imprisonment is definitely impossible,I should be taking Sun Xiaofei to the clubhouse.Take guests to get lost in the clubhouse,It’s also a required course for waiters。

Wu Youfu took a sip of wine,Solemn expression,He said:“Li Yong is threatening,Full of energy,You have seen this too,There are two reasons for him,One is that he was dissatisfied with the handling of him in the last mine disaster,It’s shameful to come back this time,The second is that he also wants new officials to take office,Prove one’s strength,also,Since this person became the director of the Mining Bureau,Obviously have proud capital,There are old heads far away,Recently, Peng Changyi is backing him,He thinks he has found two backers,So now this person is a little cocky。But this person currently,Not a threat to you,The real threat comes from Peng Changyi。Peng Changyi now uses his Li Yong as a gunman,It’s extremely easy to scrap this gun,It’s not easy to use Peng Changyi’s brain,He is currently working with Kang Bin,So you can’t take it lightly。”

Ge Zhaoguo nodded。
Erhei:“I know what to do,I will ask him out soon,See me then。”
“Whom to date?”Wu Youfu said。
Wu Youfu said:“Don’t talk about anything you do this time,Let Ye Mei take care of everything,You should avoid the wind,Show up as little as possible。”
Erhei“Lost too much this year,There are some things I can’t do。”
Wu Youfu glanced at Erhei boredly,Said:“You will be free in three or four months,During this period of time, let’s make less trouble。”
Ge Zhaoguo said:“Two black,Did you hear that,Big brother means the same as mine,You accept your temper,Long-term,Let Xiaomei do something。”
Erhei complained:“Ye Mei has always been upset recently,I just ignore it,As if I owed her something in my last life。”
Wu Youfu stared at Erhei and said:“of course,You made the mess up,Don’t talk about her,I don’t like to take care of you,Can we do something??Why is it so useless,Really stupid!”
Ge Zhaoguo listened to Wu Youfu this time scolding Erhei stupid,Not only is he not angry,Also laughed,Said:“Big brother is right,Just stupid。correct,This time i go to beijing,Meet Mingxiu,Big brother,I can tell,She didn’t forget you at all,Keep asking me,Can this affect you……”
Wu Youfu raised his hand,Interrupted him,Seriously:“It’s in the past,Attention later,Don’t mention it on any occasion。”
Erhei sees Wu Youfu’s face not happy,Just said:“correct,Big brother,Why didn’t Xiaoyun come?”
“She went to Jinan for a meeting,Come home and see your parents。”
“Oh?”Erhei glanced at Ge Zhaoguo。
At this moment,A girl of eighteen or nineteen,Come in in a low-cut cheongsam dress,Gave them a fruit plate on the table,Just about to leave,Stopped by Erhei Up:“Xiaocui,come。”

Peng Changyi didn’t even realize,This sentence,It’s actually the minister’s last order to Peng Changyi……

Peng Changyi’s mood is a little inexplicably low,He watched Wang Jiadong get out of the car,Watching him take out the key to open the door,Then go in,close the door。Until there is no sound,Peng Changyi just recovered,Drove home。
Shen Fang has got up,After Peng Changyi knocked on the door,After Shen Fang opened the door for him,Didn’t even look at him,Turn your head and walk back,Talk while walking:“I put all your things in the study,after,Don’t come。”
Peng Changyi said angrily:“What words?Of course i want to come,Nana is still my daughter,In addition,You want to give me a key,rest assured,I want the key and I won’t be scheming against you,I want the key to not give her the impression that I can’t enter the house,Because I can’t let her know that we are divorced。”
Shen Fang said:“do not worry,I told her about this problem last night,and so,You don’t have to think about that much。”
“Shen Fang,Are you crazy?”Peng Changyi whispered。
Shen Fang stop,Look at him coldly,Said:“I’m not crazy,Sooner or later she will know the truth,It’s better to say earlier than later,She gets older day by day,Waiting until she is in the fifth and sixth grades and telling her will affect the entrance to junior high school。and so,You go home later,Only come back when the daughter is at home,The premise is that your daughter opens the door for you。”Shen Fang said plausibly。
Peng Changyi said:“Shen Fang,Tiger poison does not eat seeds,Tell her this if she is so young,Have you thought about her?”
Shen Fang said:“Have you thought about her?”
What did Peng Changyi just want to say,I saw Nana standing at the door wearing pink pajamas and pajamas,Look at them coldly。
Peng Changyi left Shen Fang,Walk towards daughter,Said:“Nana,Got up。”
Nana looked at them in silence,Said for a long time:“I hate you!”Finished, Just ran back,Then he closed the door with a bang。
Peng Changyi didn’t go to the living room,But advanced to the study,Put your bag on the desk in the study,This opened the door to my daughter’s room。
Nana sitting on the bed,Pouting and being angry,See dad coming in,Lie on the bed,Covered his face with horns。
Peng Changyi sitting on her bed,Said“what happened,Did you ignore dad??Didn’t you call dad two days ago,Say miss dad,Let dad go home early??”
Hear this,Nana lifted the quilt and said“I said that,But who divorced you?”Finished,I covered my face with a quilt。
Peng Changyi reached out and lifted the quilt covering her face,Said:“Nana,Even though you are young,But I feel you have always been very sensible,Like a big kid,and so,You should know about adults,Should understand。Maybe you don’t know,Father and mother divorced,Maybe it’s good for you,because,If mom and dad quarrel every day,Will affect your study,Also affect your mood,and so,From this point on,Mom and dad divorce is a good thing,Nana can have a quiet learning environment,In addition,Whether we are divorced or not,Love for you won’t change,You will always be mom’s baby,Is daddy’s baby,We don’t fight anymore,Will free up more time to love you,do you think so?”

Wen Qingxuan said:“Xiaoding,Really used our cosmetics?”

Ding nodded,Said:“Yes,I am useless in the morning,I just used the usual baby cream,That box of foundation is the first time I used it today,It’s like this after washing your face after the show。”
“Oh,Then tell each other,Don’t use it。”Wen Qingxuan said。
Li Li’s face is ugly,Yajuan says:“Since there is a problem,I’m sure other things can’t reassure us。I refuse to use,I’ll hand in these cosmetics when I go back in the afternoon。”
Li Li glanced at her and said nothing。
At this moment,Song Jiayu sitting next to Wen Qingxuan said:“Actually, I found it allergic a long time ago,I thought it was individual differences,It’s useless to tell you,It’s just no longer used。”
Yajuan said:“Director Song,How can you do this?you do not say,It will cause us to lose the picture。”
Song Jiayu took a peek at Wen Qingxuan,Say:“Not so,Feng Ran also used this,She’s fine。In addition,I found this brand of mascara also has problems。”
“what?”Ding Yi said:“Fortunately I didn’t use mascara today。”
Wen Qingxuan glanced at Song Jiayu,Said:“Why didn’t you say it earlier?”
Song Jiayu glanced at Li Li again,Said:“I told Li Ju。”
Li Li said gloomily:“Since there is a problem,Don’t use it,Change to another brand。”
Wen Qingxuan said:“Ugh,Another sum of money。”
Li Li glanced at Wen Qingxuan,Did not speak。
The food and wine are here,Yajuan picked up the glass,Said:“Everyone knows the reason,I have a lot of family affairs recently,So I missed a lot of work,Leaders and colleagues are more tolerant to me,I, Xing Yajuan, have nothing to repay everyone,I will prepare a little wine today,Thank you for your support and help,I did,Everyone is free。”Talking,About to drink,The door was pushed open at this moment,Zhong Mingyi and Jiang Fan came in with wine glasses。
Wen Qingxuan and others hurriedly stood up,Wen Qingxuan said:“Secretary Zhong,Mayor Jiang,Why are you here?”

Qin Liang does all this,Turned and left the room。

“Do not worry,I will never throw it away again,Because from now on,It is my happiness,Is everything to me,Throw it away,Just lost my happiness。”
Seeing Qin Liang’s back,Shen Ruoxi said silently in her heart。
Qin Liang is out of the house,Get into your own BMW car,See if it’s early,He was not in a hurry to start the car。
A young girl walked by the car,This is a very pretty girl,Qin Liang couldn’t help staring at it for a long time,But he won’t get out of the car to find a way to meet that girl,Because he knows the truth that rabbits don’t eat grass,Picking up girls at the door of Shen Ruoxi’s house,Isn’t that uncomfortable to find yourself??
“strange,She looks like a person,Who is it like?”
Qin Liang suddenly felt that the girl’s beautiful face looked familiar,He thought for a while,Finally remembered,This girl looks like Sun Feifei!
“Yeah,I’ve patronized He Ruoxi these two days,Forgot my underwear baby,She should have gone to work in our company now,I don’t know which department she was assigned to by Chen Hao。”
Qin Liang took out his phone,Called Feifei Sun。
A moment later,Feifei Sun’s crisp and sweet voice rang in Qin Liang’s ears。
“Qin……President,I’m Feifei Sun。”
When I heard Feifei Sun’s voice,Feifei Sun’s perfect body appeared in Qin Liang’s mind。
“Mayfair,Not seen in a few days,How’s it going,Has the work been arranged for you??Are you adapting??Tell me what is unsatisfactory。”
now,Qin Liang plays the role of a cold and warm greeting to his subordinates,A good boss who cares about times,Good leader。
Feifei Sun got up late today,See if time is tight,She went out in a panic,I took a taxi and went to the company,I didn’t even care about breakfast,I was depressed,Unexpectedly, I received a call from the Prince Charming in my heart,The unhappiness of the full stomach disappeared instantly。
“arranged,I am now working in the company’s design department,I am very satisfied with this position,I have to thank you,If not for you,I can’t work for such a good company。”
Feifei Sun’s heart is indeed full of gratitude to Qin Liang,of course,Not just grateful,There is another kind of mood。
“That’s good,I have a new underwear idea,I’ll look for you,Let’s discuss it together。correct,Are you waiting for the bus?Do you want me to pick you up?”