Shen Ruoxi asked tangledly。

“Xiaoxue will fake cry,You will really cry,Haha……”
Qin Liang teased Shen Ruoxi。
“Screw you!I cry a wool。”
Shen Ruoxi replied contemptuously,By the way, I gave Qin Liang a big white eye。
“master,Are you full of blood and resurrected??Xiaoxue took care of it just now,Now alive again?”
Yanzi teased and asked Qin Liang。
“Isn’t that the little demon is not there?,While she is not here, I quickly seize the opportunity to breathe a little free and relaxed air。”
Qin Liang answered with a wry smile。
“How are you being tortured by Xiaoxue?Ha ha。”
Murong Shan gloated。
“What’s ridiculous about you?Don’t you know what Xiaoxue used to torture people,Just ask Yanzi to know how terrible Xiaoxue is。”
Qin Liang said with a bitter smile。
“My master is right,Koyuki……Really scary,Haha。”
Swallow said mischievously。

The town has a different crowding,There are roadside stalls on both sides of the small street,The shuttle crowd comes and goes,The small car driving into the town barely moved forward among the bustling crowd。

Fang Yourong, who sat next to him, issued a certificate,Villages and towns retain the custom of going to the market,Today is the big episode,He forgot。It won’t be possible to return it,Get,I must not be able to escape today。
“……mom、dad。”Stop in front of the store full of paint buckets,Fang Yourong, who greeted cheeky, went up and down。(False Eunuch Harem)
The mother who sorted the brushes on the aluminum alloy counter, the father who put her back on her back and sorted the shelves, turned his head and stared at the source of the sound outside the door.,Sheng Zegang and Fang Yourong got out of the car with their golden partner and melatonin.。
The presence of the eldest son of the Sheng family stunned the stunned Fang family,“you……”Opening his mouth and staring at Sheng Zegang in the windbreaker,The couple’s first reaction was to close the door quickly。
The quick response of Xiaofang’s parents who quickly pulled down the rolling gate made Sheng Zegang, who was smiling, startled.,How is this going?
Look at the sneaky attitude of the parents quickly pulling down the rolling gate,Fang Yourong is very dissatisfied,It’s his parents who told him to bring people back and walk around,But they were treated like this when they came back,Excessive。
“Are you brainless!”The scared mother scolded the younger son,You have to be sneaky if you want to go home.。What’s the matter with the white car at the door?What are the big and small gift boxes?So show off,If the neighborhood sees some clues,Then their family still wants to stay in town?
Squinting at the parents who told him to sneak home,Humph,Is this his father and mother??Actually want to shut out those who came here to talk about filial piety,“Don’t want me to go home,Then I will never be home again。(Important task)”
Yaozi has the arrogance of Yaozi,Especially when he comes home only once a year, he is even more arrogant,The show-off Yaozi hates that his parents lift their slaps and chase them。
The rolling shutter lifted,Brother and sister-in-law came in。
Why is the eldest brother and sister-in-law who went sailing after the treatment is at home??Avoid mother’s frustrated slap,Fang Yourong and his eldest brother and sister-in-law greet。
The door is closed,The influx of neighbors and acquaintances surrounded Sheng Zegang and greeted enthusiastically,Surrounded by the center, Sheng Zegang learned the reasons for fatigue every time his mother came.,Enthusiasm,A bit too much for him。Busy,Take the gift boxes for the elderly that I still carry,The elder brother greeted Sheng Zegang, who was brought back by the younger brother, to go upstairs,Look at this little brother,Big brother is not without embarrassment,So awkward,I really don’t have any eyesight,Still Na Sheng San is kind。
Still socializing here,The noisy horn over there resounded through the streets of the town,The furniture car arrived。
Looking at the furniture on the huge truck,Fang’s parents were taken aback and changed their faces immediately。
“spendthrift!”Fang Yourong was really wronged,Sheng Zegang, who was still ridiculing his stingy just now, sympathized with his Xiaofang,In the face of this essential generation gap,He doesn’t talk much。
These good furniture bought from the city really made Fang Yourong praised among the neighbors.,Who doesn’t know that Fang’s daughter is out,I drove home this time,Incredible。
Looking at Xiaofang avoiding the slap his mother slapped again,Sheng Zegang touched his chin,He can prove,His Xiaofang didn’t mean to show off。
No way,Things have reached the door,Let’s mobilize everyone,Friends and relatives who ran over after hearing the news helped unload the cargo,Encountered a series of obstructions in the process of transporting home,The narrow and unreasonable corridor became the biggest obstacle,In brainstorming,I had to dismantle the good aluminum windows,Hang the furniture upstairs with a rope before placing it down in front of it,Look at the interaction between neighbors that is only available in film and television,Standing in the crowd filled with uncle Sheng Zegang keeps handing over cigarettes,Understand the different atmosphere in life。
The busy Fang family takes care of,While greeting friends and relatives who helped,The pair of street corner sellers also made a small profit,Everyone present has a share,Big meat chaos continues,Too late,The small town rushing to the big market adds to the excitement。

Peng Changyi said sternly:“I tell you Wu Guanqi,after,Don’t pretend to be a big tail grass chicken in front of me。after,Forbid you to talk about this topic。Just say when you see me,Fart,It’s useless to talk to me less!”Peng Changyi’s sullenness finally vented a little。

“Yoha,Looks like it stabbed your lung tube,Was it just waiting for the nurse’s call?,As soon as I saw it was me, I immediately stopped beating?You said I was really in trouble today,Why did you hit the gun?,All right,I don’t take your line anymore,Bye。”
Don’t wait for him to hang,Peng Changyi said harshly into the phone:“Just keep talking nonsense at you,I will also treat you well tonight!”
“Haha。”Wu Guanqi laughed,Said:“It’s up to you,Just this pile of pieces,It’s up to you。”
Teased with Wu Guanqi,Peng Changyi has a bit of spirit。He glanced at the phone on the table,Annoyed mood is better。
noon,Peng Changyi didn’t go anywhere,But went back to the canteen of Haihou Base with Old Gu,One person ordered a bowl of fried noodles,Waiting for noodles,Peng Changyi looked at Old Gu,He wanted to ask about the situation of Old Gu the last time he went to Deshan,But when he found that Old Gu was deliberately avoiding his gaze,He couldn’t help but smile in his heart,In the end, I didn’t ask anything.,Even if you ask something,It’s just a lot of trouble,Doesn’t make any sense anymore。
noon,He is lying on the bed in the dormitory,Noisy in my head,Tossed and couldn’t sleep,But still sleepy,He opened the door,Yelled at the opposite room:“Old Gu。”
Old Gu just stared in the room opposite him,I was awakened by Peng Changyi’s loud voice,he“bass”Sit up,Open the door quickly,Said:“what happened?”
Peng Changyi touched his head and said:“Get me two sleeping pills,Terrible headache,I must sleep at noon。”
Gu said worriedly:“Have you caught a cold??Can you take sleeping pills??When I came out, Xiaohou said that the Standing Committee was still open at 4pm?”
“Whether it works,Can make me sleep quickly,Otherwise I won’t be able to meet in the afternoon。。”Peng Changyi said painfully。
Old Gu goes back to the room,Take out a small paper bag from the bag I carry,He poured out a sleeping pill,Use small scissors to cut off one-third of the amount,Hand him the pills left in his hand,Said:“This may be a bit large。”
Peng Changyi frowned,Squinting,Can see,He needs a rest,Just said:“You want to wake me up。”Talking,Put the little pill in his mouth,Turned around and took a sip of water,About to lie down。
What did he suddenly think of,Called Old Gu again。Old gu came in,Peng Changyi handed him his mobile phone,Said:“Pulled the phone in my room,Wu Guanqi is coming,If he calls you, answer it,Let him live in the room next to you,If i don’t wake up,Don’t wake me up,I’ve never had this pain before。Terrible。”
Old Gu said:“Then take painkillers?”
“No more,Just sleep。”Talking,Just lay on the bed。
Old Gu saw him lying down,Just close the door for him,Lying in bed again,Can’t sleep。He knew in his heart that the secretary of the municipal party committee couldn’t sleep because of why,But I can’t say anything comforting,He knows everything,Whatever I say is nonsense。I want to,I am very optimistic about Chen Jing,I feel that Chen Jing worships Peng Changyi,Logically,A girl who admires men,I’ll have no two minds in my life,But there are exceptions to the facts,It seems,He really can’t see through the girls today……

Shu Qing sat next to him,Looking at him intently,Said:“How confident are you?”

Peng Changyi looked at the wall ahead,Hanging Fan Wenliang’s calligraphy works“The right time and place”,This silk-mounted horizontal scroll work,Fan Wenliang’s writing when he was in Kangzhou,Was snatched by Peng Changyi,Three source office hanging“The road we have taken”,Later, Peng Changyi pestered Fan Wenliang to write for him,But Fan Wenliang has a principle,Just never sign、stamp,“The road we have taken”Hanging with Peng Changyi in his office,To warn him to act impartially,And this work,Always follow Peng Changyi,Hanging in his bedroom,To help him think before going to bed。
at this time,Peng Changyi looked at these words,Said:“Look what is written on this?”
Shu Qing took a look,Said:“Any idea?”
“No statement,Enlightenment。”Peng Changyi said:“You may not know,When Zhu Guoqing started working on this industrial and trade park,honestly,My resistance is quite big,I don’t agree at all,For this,We also quarreled Jinan,because,I have seen the risk,I just didn’t expect this risk to come from ordinary people,I was afraid that this project would incur huge debts to Kangzhou,Hard work,in fact,At that time, he had vaguely known that he used the name of development,In fact, I want to engage in real estate,I have also spotted him at the meeting many times。I just want,If I don’t go to the party school later,If he is not in charge of the work,This project can’t be done,Even if made,It won’t be what it is now。and so,Want to come now,I am ashamed。”
“What are you ashamed of?”
Peng Changyi said:“There is no reason to stop him,Of course it’s not just me,It’s that he has never disclosed his true purpose,But I subconsciously felt it。After going to the party school,Why do I always turn off my phone,One is not listening,Second, I want to show my attitude,Since it is full-time study,so good,I don’t care about work anymore,This is also in harmony with the minds of up and down,I want to be quiet and irresponsible,He can do whatever he wants,Unregulated,Unconstrained,We both fit,good for everyone,The results of it?”
Shu Qing said:“If you insisted on interfering in Zhu Guoqing,He is not necessarily convinced,I don’t even have to put down this project,also,Probably,You don’t go to party school,Will go elsewhere,Leave the stage of Kangzhou。”
Peng Changyi said:“Yes,You are very right,When we were walking back last night,I think so。No matter if I go to the party school,If hard interference prevents him from doing this project,Maybe,I was transferred long ago,I transferred,He still has to do,and so,These words on the wall are the truth。right now,I can’t overdo it,Because he messed things up before,No matter how good he wishes,He also failed。sometimes,What can’t be forced,Hard thing,Resistance is great,Like sailing against the current,As I said in his later years,Full of teeth,Tongue still。The truth is the same,His lesson,Should be my lesson in the future。”
Shu Qing said:“Talk about your next plan?”
Peng Changyi sat cross-legged on it,Reaching over Shu Qing,Said:“I think so,first step,Freeze all construction contracts in the park first,All shutdown,Reinvestigate,Review the rationality of the project and the legality of the contract one by one,Can continue to build through these two,I’m sorry if it fails,Void,Return the land to the people,Restore the landform。”
Shu Qing said:“How much do you think this situation can account for?”
Peng Changyi said:“Over 95%,If you really check it strictly,May be more demolition50Acre legal,There are other illegal phenomena of transfer of interests or expropriation by rent。”
“You read the contract?”Shu Qing asked worriedly。
Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“baby,I don’t need to watch,The land development index given to Kangzhou every year is limited,Although Kangzhou is an expansion city,But the permissions are also50mu,Anything exceeding this number is illegal。”
First277chapter Declare war on developers
Shu Qing nodded,Say:“I have to show the reason,So that the bullish developers with background、Let your individual superiors who are not too cold、And those local departments in Kangzhou are convinced。”
Peng Changyi patted her shoulder and said:“rest assured,My old Peng never fights unprepared battles,Nor fight injustice,No matter what i do now,All meet the above six words,The right time and place,of course,I won’t do it blindly。”

It’s her!Ding Yi’s heart beats。

Do not know why,Ding Yi wondered if it was the doctor Zhang from Inner Mongolia.,In order to confirm my guess,She asked to see the doctor’s information,Because she is an old journalist,Know that reporters interview such experts and scholars,To avoid layman’s words,Most of them will ask for some text information for reference。
Yue Sufen also took the information and looked at it。Officer Liu sees that they are interested in Doctor Zhang,Just said:“This doctor is really not easy,It is said that he always sees the senior leaders,Some time ago,Mayor Jiang came to the hospital to see her。”
Yue Sufen listen,Looked up,Looking at Officer Liu,:“What’s wrong with Mayor Jiang??”
The female colleague,Hurriedly winked at Officer Liu,Beckon him not to say。
Officer Liu is just an ordinary worker in the medical department,Of course he doesn’t know Ding Yi’s relationship with the mayor,Just said:“We don’t know what Mayor Jiang is sick with,But Dr. Zhang is also studying nutrition,Not all the people she receives are patients。It is said that Dr. Zhang can come to work in our hospital,It’s also a high-level relationship,But she is indeed a talent,Just over a month,There will be a group of own patients,at this point,The hospital leaders particularly appreciate……”
Female colleagues heard him talk about Mayor Jiang,Just about to stop him,Ding Yi pulled her arm,Then smiled and shook his head at her,Beckoning her not to break this relationship。
The female colleague quickly changed the subject,Said:“Director Liu, don’t you see Dr. Zhang, Dr. Zhang,We are all hungry,Why not serve?”
Listen to Liu Gu,Hurriedly got up and said:“I’ll remind……”
Although the female colleague interrupted Mr. Liu,,But these are enough for Ding Yi,This doctor Zhang,Jiang Fan must be transferred back,She thought carefully about the time Dr. Zhang transferred to Lang Zhu,In other words,Doctor Zhang came after they were awkward。But based on this, it’s impossible for Jiang Fan and Doctor Zhang to rekindle their old relationship.,Ding Yi still doesn’t think about this question this way,Director Liu also said,Dr. Zhang’s visit to Langzhu is also a temporary expedient,She will return to Beijing to work after all,Jiang Fan’s help is understandable,The problem is such a sensitive issue,Jiang Fan didn’t tell him,It can be seen that Jiang Fan’s heart is indeed far away from her。
This meal made me a little gloomy,I was eating with my colleagues,I feel a little upset,Especially when I heard about Dr. Zhang,She has no appetite for the delicious food on the table。Think of the current relationship with Jiang Fan,She has to think carefully about some questions,Although she knows she can’t doubt her husband,There is no reason to doubt him,But it’s impossible to say that I don’t care at all。
at night,Ding Yi saw that Jiang Fan ate very little,Just said:“You have eaten very little recently,Is it difficult to digest?,Why don’t you go see a Chinese doctor another day??”
Jiang Fan said:“I’m fine,It’s just that there have been a lot of things recently。”
Ding Yi saw that Jiang Fan still didn’t plan to tell himself about Doctor Zhang,I know he deliberately wanted to hide himself。
Go to work on monday,Ding Yi has no live broadcast mission,She invited Yue Sufen,Sitting in the unit’s car,Came to the Performing Arts and Costume Center near Beijing Guangyuan,The host’s clothes here are too luxurious,Are the standards of the international arena,Ding Yi feels that wearing such clothes to host a local station party is too public。They went to a cheongsam store,it’s here,Ding Yi chose a cheongsam that suits his temperament and Spring Festival atmosphere,When they come back,it’s getting dark。
Buy your favorite host costume,Ding Yi is very happy,And it’s time for dinner,Ding Yi invited Yue Sufen and the driver to the Langzhu Hotel for dinner,They just walked into the hotel,Ding Yi saw Jiang Fan’s driver Gaoshan coming out of a private room。
Ding Yiwen:“Hill,You are here too?”
Ding Yi said“you guys”,Of course it includes Jiang Fan。
Alpine theory:“Yes,I just brought them the wine。”

Qin Liang did not move,The same reason,at this time,Who stands up,Will immediately become a target to be shot,and so,Next,Just patience。

And the most indispensable for special forces,Just patience。
really,A guy got up from the ground,Bent over and ran to the car not far away,But he only ran two steps,A bullet blasted his head。
Time passed by,Half an hour,One hour……
at last,Those who are chasing can’t wait any longer,Probably their leader gave the order,suddenly,They got up from the ground one after another,Rushed towards Xue Yang。
The special forces immediately opened fire,A person was knocked to the ground,In a blink of an eye I lay down again。
“Ha ha,Amateur is amateur,Isn’t this looking for death?。”
Xue Yang lying underground,Watching the scene not far away,Can’t help but smile。
“Boss,The situation is wrong,Are they out of bullets??Why are so many brothers killed by them now??”
far away,A kid said to the big brother who was lying next to him。
“Oh shit,Could someone save them?,Why the hell I didn’t see anyone alone?”
The eldest brother said angrily,He actually discovered that something was wrong,But the stolen files must be recovered at all costs,Otherwise, you will die if you go back。
Not to mention chasing for five days and five nights,I’m going to catch the people who stole the files,It’s a shame to give up now。
This is a peculiar pursuit,Neither party knows who the other party is,Neither side dared to reveal their identities,And now,The two sides also don’t know how many people ambush the other side.。
In Shen Ruoxue’s sight,I’ve been locked in a person,But she hesitated for a long time and dared not pull the trigger……Because she knows that as long as her hand moves,That person died。
The mission of the guard team is meaningless,Because in this vast wilderness,No one can outflank it,As soon as he stands up,Will be discovered immediately……
“Sister,I want to save the injured person……”

Qin Liang rolls up his sleeves,Said viciously!

“Hahahaha……No more!To laugh at me!”
Yang Shiyun is going to roll under the table again……no way,These buddies are so funny,I can’t even laugh!
“You smile!He scolded you just now!We are all together,He alone,We all follow him to heaven,So chickens and dogs also include you!You silly girl,Can still laugh?No one else you!”
Qin Liang provokes divorce。
“what!Isn’t it!He scolded me too?”
Yang Shiyun’s smile instantly condensed on her face,Foolishly asked。
“Don’t listen to him talking nonsense!Nothing,What I just said was him,It’s not you,So not including you,You don’t have to wait for decades to rise,You are already a fairy now,Fairy daughter。”
Lingmo wind mouth is so good,The skill of flattering is naturally not bad……
“really?So shy!”
Yang Shiyun was happy immediately,A bright and shy smile bloomed on her face again。
“I have a hasty!I don’t think your kid is actually a friend,Ignorant things!Feel like making a fake friend!”
Qin Liang said angrily。
“Each other,Haha……”
Ling Mofeng finally laughed happily!

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Chapter two hundred and six Let’s talk about all handcuffs
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“Count your acquaintances!Don’t force me!I’m saving everything now,Dare you come over,I lit myself!”
One of the four women spoke up,Raised one hand at the same time,Leaned against his chest。
Qin Liang and others fixed their eyes,Her hand,Sure enough, holding a lighter!
“You calm down!If you want to solve the problem,Then please keep calm,Restrain your emotions,what’s the matter,We can all sit down and talk。”
Bai Qingsong slowed down and said in a calm tone。
“Is it useful for me to talk to you?You are not him!”
The woman yelled hysterically。
“You haven’t talked to us,How come you know it’s useless?Moreover,You are not even afraid of death,Are you afraid to talk to me??”

“Director,Can we take someone away?”

Seeing that Liu Xiaoyun is still arguing with those guys,The police station chief is too embarrassed to take people away,He waited for a while,Until Liu Xiaoyun is over,He asked Yang Shiyun in a low voice。
“Xiaoyun,Forget it,Do not be mad,I’ll just hit them the next time I see them。”
Shen Ruoxue stepped forward and pulled Liu Xiaoyun away。
“All right,You take someone away,These guys,Must be strict。”
Yang Shiyun saw Liu Xiaoyun was pulled away,Hurriedly took the opportunity to say,The key is that Liu Xiaoyun was molested,If you don’t let Liu Xiaoyun say this,,She also felt sorry for Liu Xiaoyun。
“take away!”
The head of the police station gave the order loudly,The police stepped forward again,Two people catch one,Get rid of all those boys。
“Director,Do you have any instructions?”
The police chief still didn’t dare to leave,Still asking Yang Shiyun for the next order,no way,Yang Shiyun is his immediate boss,Of course he has to behave better。
“It’s okay,Thank you。”
Yang Shiyun answered with a faint smile。
“Oh,I’ll take someone back。”
The head of the police station respectfully bid farewell to Yang Shiyun and Qin Liang,Turned and left。
“Few of you,Hurry up and serve the special forces’ food,In addition, make a few more dishes for home,The rice is all reheated,Hurry up。”
The restaurant owner yells to the waiters……
“boss,I’m sorry,All the girls under me are petty tempers,I can’t bear anything,I personally did something with you just now,I’m so sorry。”
Qin Liang pretended to apologize to the restaurant owner。“Oh look what you said!We are all one family,You people don’t have to be polite with me,Whatever you want,I have absolutely no opinion!Moreover,Those guys just now,Make trouble in my restaurant,Miss Xiaoyun, this is helping me,I thank her for coming
Too late。”
The restaurant manager was outraged at first,I am grateful,It can be considered to give enough face to the special team girls,Especially for Liu Xiaoyun’s face,Indirect is equivalent to giving enough face to Qin Liang。

Yang Shiyun joked in a deliberately relaxed manner。

“Old sister,Now there are only you and me,You don’t have to pretend to me,I know you feel bad,I think i’m by your side with you,At least you won’t feel lonely。”
Liu Xiaoyun’s whispered answer。
Yang Shiyun was speechless for a moment,She’s so embarrassed;This Liu Xiaoyun is simply a monster!I can’t hide anything from her。
“Don’t worry, sister,I won’t ask you anything,I’m sitting here with you。”
Liu Xiaoyun added another sentence。
“You girl!Why did you wake up suddenly in the night?,Actually still know that I ran here to see the moon。”
Yang Shiyun is still hiding。
“I didn’t sleep at all,Because I guess you will not sleep tonight,I really don’t worry about you,So I kept my eyes closed and lay on the bed listening to your movements,I’ll get up as soon as you get out of the bedroom,Hehe。”
Liu Xiaoyun said if nothing happened。
“You have been following me!”
Yang Shiyun was taken aback!Is Liu Xiaoyun so good??Did she see that she had something on her mind?!
“of course!Not only me,And plums,The two of us have been secretly observing your every move since we were in the city bureau,Haha。”
Liu Xiaoyun smiled proudly,She deliberately talked to Yang Shiyun in this joking way,Because only in this way will Yang Shiyun feel embarrassed。
“You two have been monitoring me!What do you want??”
Yang Shiyun asked angry and funny。
“Ugh……A heart full of things but very strong,Sister Shiyun who tried to hide her,Seeing makes us both feel distressed。”