These contents basically express optimism。

Now the overall atmosphere of society is relatively depressed,If you continue to promote this feeling,It’s not good for social stability。
The more so,The more you need an optimistic attitude。
There are some people just because they are browsing the Internet every day for those video news that are obviously painful under the epidemic,Makes me feel very sad,Some even cause depression。
In such an atmosphere,Send some sand sculpture videos,Funny video,Positive video,Are all positive behaviors。
Haoran Culture Company is still doing quite well in this regard。
What can and cannot be done,Fang Hao still has a little bit in his heart。
Some things are uncertain,You can also ask Gu Mu for advice。
Although Gu Mu is just a local tyrant,But his wife is very good,Those aspects are very accurate。
Even if it’s Liu Qingnong’s history-discovery program,Although it’s all a curious way,Also, from time to time, a few positive sentences come out,Cheer up the audience。
Currently in production《The Mystery of the Medical Sage Zhang Zhongjing》Made for this theme。
This episode has been recorded,Next topic,The choice is for vaccination。
There are also records of cowpox in history。
Although this seems to have nothing to do with the epidemic,but,Smallpox was also a disease that threatened human survival,Vaccination,Also related to the fight against the epidemic,Must be pulled up,Still ok。
This time the epidemic,Chinese medicine has also played a more important role。
Of course there are also sayings on the Internet that they do not trust Chinese medicine,Think that’s a witch doctor,Is psychological comfort,Has no practical effect。
The two themes chosen by Liu Qing have a certain relationship with Chinese medicine.,Of course it is also to keep up with the theme of fighting the epidemic,Proclaim how awesome the medicine of the motherland is,How brilliant。
Jiang Li is still cooking at noon,And didn’t let Liu Qing guide。
Liu Qing also saved some time searching for information,Outline the important points that need to be discussed in the recording of the show。
He doesn’t need to have a manuscript in,Just jot down some important data on a piece of paper,Then you can play freely。

After the shock,Everyone has a new understanding of my strength,Start to be in awe of him,A lot of politeness。

Liang Xiaotian pushed me,Asked softly:“What a year,You become taller and handsome,The family has money too,The energy is so strong。Are you possessed by some monster?。”
I smiled and scolded,Half-truth:“Go to your horse,You curse me as a monster,After reading so many novels, don’t you doubt that I was born again?”
Liang Xiaotian looked at me seriously,Serious nonsense:“If you are born again,Then I will follow you and get rich, isn’t it easy and happy??But I still think you are more likely to be possessed by a monster,Otherwise, I can’t explain why you Zhang Gao so much。”
I grimaced and smiled:“I changed from a monster,Eat you first,I’ll even use money to open a studio for you?You dream!”
Liang Xiaotian:“do not care,It’s only good for me if you are strong anyway,Hope you get stronger and stronger in the future!”
A few people ate and drank enough to return to the rented room,Liang Xiaotian arranged a task:“Hurun’s plug-in is not ready yet,Then Hu Run quickly moved,Strive to make the plug-in as soon as possible。Just now, I described to you how big the prospect of doing a good plug-in is,So this plug-in must be better than other plug-ins on the market。”
“Before the plug-in did not come out,we6Individually try to level up。I have two points here to ask your opinions,Are we continuing to practice this5Area code,Or go to the 48th district just opened to practice a new number and start again。”Liang Xiaotian solicits everyone’s opinions,The old area number is already faster per person30Level up,It is not easy to give up,But if you practice the new area code, it is easy to stand out among a bunch of newcomers by using a plug-in。
Xie Yi suggested:“Or else,We will practice the new area code as the main number,During the day, we automatically open the external plug to practice,At night, you can automatically hang up and level up to brush gold coins all night,In this way, the level increases quickly, we have a great advantage in the new area。Since we no longer mainly play in the old district,We can wait to go to Woma Temple or Zuma Pavilion to kill people and sell goods in the dead of night,We will be developed after reaching the top。”
“You are so brutal,Actually figured out such a damaging trick,But we like,Hehe!”Everyone applauded his clever plan。
The next week,Everyone will upgrade their numbers in the new area during the day and night,Newly configured computer plus dedicated network,The phenomenon of game lag is much less,The gaming experience is much more refreshing than those who surf the Internet in Internet cafes,The advantage of rising level is very big,So that they all arrive26Level can go deep into the pig hole,There are very few people in these places。
In the dead of night,6People in the old area teamed up to find the lonely people near the room of the leader of Voma.,This time is when people are more tired and have poor concentration,Be besieged inexplicably,Maybe he was killed in seconds without responding,Not to mention,A lot of good things have indeed exploded these days,It’s a pity that there is no special value such as a ruling、Bone jade and other equipment。
A week later,Hurun’s plug-in finally came out,Basically refer to the plug-in functions on the market,Such as wax free、Go load、Item display、Open more accounts、Automatic monster hunting、Automatic picking、Automatically return to the city to sell equipment and buy medicine、Hero endangered protection、PKAutomatically cast skills, etc.。Anyway, other plug-ins have functions,All up,Just try to be no worse than others。


First0597Zhang kills a person
He was very excited,I can’t help but start thinking about his life after winning 2 billion prizes.。
“Thanks dear!”
The pink girl smiled sweetly,Immediately put it up and kissed Zhang Yitang’s face severely。
“Oh shit,What’s Mo Xiaosheng?、Mo Jinqi in front of Lao Tzu,What a fart!”
Zhang Yitang pinched his waist,He glanced contemptuously at Mo Xiaosheng and Mo Jinqi, who were talking and laughing.,I look forward to it for a while if my family’s people win an unprecedented challenge,What look on their faces。
At this time, the two figures swiftly walked towards the side where they were sitting,Walking to Zhang Yiting and the two people stopped suddenly,First, a white-faced man with a rich face respectfully called Zhang Yiting,“Zhang Dashao,The person you are looking for,I found it for you!”
Zhang Yiting nodded,Turned around and glanced at a tall, thin man in black behind the white-faced man,Seeing this man in black looks thin,Deep sunken eye socket,Dark complexion,As if I haven’t eaten for several days,Suddenly frowned,Displeased:“Are you sure this is the person I asked you to find?”
“Yuerenwang,Home replacement,I promise you with my head!”
Rich man bowed,A very respectful guarantee。
“You are the King of Yueren?”
Zhang Yiting asked the black man in doubt,Surprised,This one is as thin as a bamboo pole,It is the third king of Yueren on the prestigious world killer list?It’s incredible!
The black man said without any emotion。
His face was cold when he spoke,Without the slightest expression,And a scary scar from the corner of the mouth to behind the ear,Makes him look a little scary。
“Look at the fighters on the backstage are as strong as cows,Can you fight?”
Zhang Yiting frowned and asked。
Bairentu did not rush to agree,I swept the same two strong boxers talking in the backstage,Low channel:“Eleven seconds,Eighteen seconds!”

But it’s not enough,After kicking down the food delivery staff, Aaron went underground,Feng Yu stepped forward,Raise your foot and step on Aaron’s body,Raised his hand and kept hitting Along’s face。

“stop fighting,I beg you,Don’t fight, okay,How much do you want to compensate,I will compensate,Don’t hit me。”
Aaron protects his head with both hands,But my face cannot be protected,Time to blink,Along’s face was so red and swollen。
“Count you,For the sake of being driven by me,One hundred thousand compensation is enough。”
Words fall,Seeing Aaron retract his face-protecting hand,Take advantage of it,Kick up again。
Bang,Aaron who was kicked back a few steps,A raised red bump on the head,But the swollen bumps only red for a few seconds,It becomes very dark。
One hundred thousand?
Even a new car,Don’t need 100,000。”
Aaron who got kicked in a row,It didn’t have time to stand up,I was shocked by this one again。
After all, the car I ran into,It’s just a Buick with seventy to eighty thousand。
“I said 100,000 would be 100,000,Are you dissatisfied?
I don’t mind if I don’t accept it。”
Feng Yu saw Aaron dare to bargain with himself,Raise your fist again and get angry。
Chapter 37 Aaron
“You can buy this car for only seven to eighty thousand?

In contrast,Ma Liangyuan is nothing。

After all, everyone has eyes,Can see,In today’s gambling game,Mu Ruru actually beat Ma Liangyuan。
Mu Ruru only spent it20About minutes,I chose three pieces of jade that have all been cut up。
There is also an emerald,Although the size is still not visible,You can make at least ring noodles、Make jade、It is enough to make a pendant。
And you Ma Liangyuan watched it all40minute,Although all three yuan have risen,But compared to Mu Ruru’s,Not dominant。
Mu Ru Rucai17year old,They have never studied systematically,Pure talent。
Ma Liangyuan8Started to keep learning at the age of,this year21Years old,But Mu Ruru is still behind,This shows that it is indeed inferior to others!
If Mu Ruru is willing now,So basically all the kids,Are willing to immediately change his slogan to Mu Guishu as father。
Unfortunately,Mu Ruru’s eyes,Not on them at all。
Of course not on Shen Huan。
The little girl is attentively looking at the three jadeites she has chosen。
The final jade is being carefully cut off now.,She held her breath。
20Number is important,but1Number and15This time, she was really selected by her own strength,So Mu Ruru is really happy and nervous。


This is not the student who rescued Tang Ya from the Holy Spirit teaching as the Dean said before?
Ma Xiaotao’s eyes are very serious“Sister Le Xuan,I’m not joking,Qianyu for various reasons,So stay in the outer courtyard,But in terms of strength,I’m afraid you are not his opponent either!”
Zhang Lexuan,Staring at Qianyu above……
Secretly“Yes……Not an opponent,How could someone who can fight against a terrifying powerhouse like Old Xuan be inseparable is a character he can contend?!”
Qianyu looked at the terrifying sound waves in front of him,My brows frowned……
I felt that the female angel behind me was affected,The singing was interrupted instantly……
As for the mental attack attached above,For Qianyu, it is completely incomparable!
Qianyu looked at Xuanzi and squinted his eyes,Subsequently,The seventh spirit ring under my feet lit up……
Seventh Spirit Ability,Angel body!
The Xuanzi on the other side saw Qianyu and even used the Martial Spirit body,Hurried out“Ok,Qianyu,You have passed the assessment of Poseidon Pavilion!”
If you use Wuhun real body to fight,The entire Shrek Academy is not enough for the two of them!
Qianyu was stunned after hearing this,Look at Xuanzi with a puzzled look,Waiting for his explanation……

“I was careless just now,But then,I want to go all out。”

While saying this,Lin Yu keeps suppressing the true energy in the body,Not let the other party find out,I am a master at the prefecture level。
Chapter 279 Hard Mouth
Seeing Lin Yu’s death is approaching,Dare to be tough。
Blacksmith,Cold snort,He rushed towards Lin Yu again。
Seeing the blacksmith rush up again,Lin Yuxuan’s late zhenqi,All come together,then,Quickly welcome the blacksmith to attack his hammer。
boom!A loud sound rang。
Lin Yu,Back several meters。
boom!Because the backward speed is too fast,Lin Yu has no power to control。
and so,Hit the big tree behind。
then,The body has no strength to fight,Softened down。
“Humph!A man who has just been promoted to the late stage of Xuan level,Dare to fight head-on with this old man of mine,I just don’t know how the dead words are written。”
Seeing Lin Yu lost his combat power。
True Qi in the Body,Also declining。
“you,Why are you killing me?”
Lin Yu heard what the blacksmith said,Pale face,Doubt asked。

Linda looked suspiciously at Lu Shanshan:“You are weird tonight,What’s going on?”

Lu Shanshan did not dare to stay:“It’s nothing,I’m going back。”
After Lu Shanshan left,Linda’s heart fell suddenly。She was unwilling,But somehow,She just doesn’t want to care about Shen Zhiyue,Maybe she also envy Shen Zhiyue and Lu Shanshan’s love。Just love can’t be eaten,If the brother is not wrong,Shen Zhiyue will be in contact with the rich lady soon,And even if Lu Shanshan gets his favor again,Can only be a three。
This is not uncommon in the circle,Not every woman can land successfully,Some people can’t beat others,Can only use the Huairou policy。Pretend not to care,Willing to be a nameless woman。This kind of woman looks very sad to the world,But many girls will still envy。After all, their identities are embarrassing,But their income is hundreds of times that of the average person。You can get a global limited bag casually,It’s easy to buy a house in Beijing。So even if they don’t get a decent identity,But money can be satisfied。As long as there is money in this world,All problems are not problems。
Even some younger generation,When they want to meet a big person,Will start from these small three and four。It’s easier to please a mistress than to please an assistant next to a big man。Little three and four are greedy for vanity,Just satisfy their vanity,They will help with the line。
Linda is curious,What kind of person will Lu Shanshan become in the future?,She will always be with Shen Zhiyue for profit,Be an unqualified junior,Or break up with Shen Zhiyue,Restart。
Without Shen Zhiyue’s shelter,She will have a miserable life,Hong Yun doesn’t want to use her anymore,It’s Xiaomei’s time。Lu Shanshan doesn’t have the tricks and IQ of Xiaomei,She can’t go far。If you don’t learn to give,I’m afraid I won’t even be able to pay the rent in the future。
Such a comparison,It’s better to be Shen Zhiyue’s mistress than to go out to give。Shen Zhiyue Zhong Qingyi,After all, she won’t make Lu Shanshan too embarrassed。
Lu Shanshan didn’t know that she had become a poor worm in Linda’s heart,She is only nervous now。At her level,I’m afraid it won’t be easy to go to the audition,But she was embarrassed to ask Ms. Yang for details。
Ms. Yang has a characteristic,She doesn’t want people she likes to ask too many questions,Even though she hasn’t set the script yet。
On this day, she came to the studio and all the staff were busy coordinating。
“Miss Yang,The main line has been sorted out,Do you think this works?”
Ms. Yang glanced casually:“All this rubbish,return to。”
The assistant is a little embarrassed:“But this is changed according to what you said,My friend is very talented,You give him a chance。”
Ms. Yang lifted her chin:“I give him a chance,Will the audience give me a chance,Such garbage,I don’t want to waste the investor’s money。to be frank,Did your friend graduate from elementary school?,The writing is too bad。You show me something like this,Wasted my time,At the same time i know,How bad are you。I asked you to come back to make you mess with me,Since you are sorry for your salary,Can’t do things for me,You get out。”
The assistant’s eyes are red:“Ms. Yang, don’t drive me away,I have been here for two years,I’ve always worked hard,How can you say to drive me away,Just drive me away?”
Ms. Yang got the personnel:“You forget your salary,I really don’t want to see this person,Waste my time and money。Someone related to this person in the future,Don’t please,Did you hear。”
The manager of the personnel department turned pale in fright,He is afraid that the assistant will continue to make trouble,Hurry up and ask the security to drive people out。As for the money,Turn later。

The main material is rubber,Su Luo catches shrimps for the convenience of fishing,So I specially wore a short sleeve,Holding a dip net,There is a fish basket hanging around his waist,Is fully armed。</p>

Because there are a few girls,So the speed is very slow,It took about ten minutes,Everyone started slowly。</p>
Sing by Su Luo and Peng Yu to lead the way,This time they are not going to the fish pond,But a stream formed in the village。</p>
A group of seven people marching forward,It took five or six minutes,You can see the stream at your feet。</p>
Walk along the river,The stream gradually becomes wider,This is Xiangxi,Wengcao Village,Shiwan Dashan is in。</p>
Stay away from pollution,Not only fresh air,Even water quality,On the surface,Are very clear and translucent。</p>
The stream is splashing,The water is rushing,But this is for them,Not much。</p>
And the temperature is not low,Still wearing oil shoes,So Buyu is worried about being stuck by the rock at the bottom,Or the stream is too cold。</p>
Su Luo takes the lead,Stepping slowly into the stream,The water depth can only reach the ankle,But that cool feeling,Is very refreshing。</p>
Ice cold,Others see it,No hesitation,Step into the stream,Wang Ruodan walked in deep and shallow,At the moment when I feel the rhythm of the stream,She couldn’t help but sigh with emotion:“So comfortable,So cool feeling。”</p>
Jing Tian couldn’t help it,Holding a handful of water,Sigh gently on the face,Close to nature,Very cozy and comfortable。</p>
The water is very fast here,It’s hard to have fish or shrimp,Su Luo opened the mouth:“Let’s go down and take a look。”</p>
Everyone nodded,Faintly regard him as the backbone,make a decision,Make a decision。</p>
A few people walking down the river,Experience a different kind of fun,A short while,Peng Yu sang to Wei Daxun:“Daxun,Have you played that game?”</p>

Although the woman standing opposite has only collaborated on a variety show once,Not very familiar,But it definitely impressed Lu Ban。

Ban Lu said hello with a smile:“just……”
“Rain,what happened,Tell mom。”
Lin Haitang interrupted Lu Ban,Knelt down and hugged Lin Zhiyu and said。
Lin Zhiyu looked at Lu Ban,Looked at Lin Haitang again:“I……I just got stuck in a candy,Dad saved me……”
Lin Haitang was taken aback,I looked up and saw a candy cube on the ground,There are some saliva coughed by Lin Zhiyu。
“I told you not to eat sweets。”
She has a pain,Also a little scared,Just go out for a minute,Something happened to the child,“Hurry up, thank you uncle。”
“but……”Lin Zhiyu gave Lu Ban a glance。
“He is not uncle,He is my dad。”
Lin Haitang:“……”
This kid,Nonsense。
Lin Haitang stood up,Smiled,Said:“Luban,thank you,This kid……Nonsense,Don’t you mind。”