Where is Jingchu clear,He just simply implemented Qin Shi’s orders。

So Jing Chu shook his head,Watching Qin Shi。
Qin Shi raised his index finger,Smiled:“Buy a dress。”
Jing Chu was taken aback。
“buying clothes?Brother Qin, are you going to buy clothes??”
Qin Shi shook his head。
“Buy a woman’s clothes。”
Jing Chu scratched his head and said he couldn’t figure it out。
Qin Shi got up,Pick up the box of grapes on the table,Walk to Jing Chu,Say nonchalantly:“My wife is going to the class reunion,There must be a decent dress。”
Jing Chu heard this,My mind is a little lost in an instant。
Konoha City is in dire straits,Mu Xuefeng fell into the hands of the Mandarin,And the Mandarin should be coming back soon。
At a fierce juncture,What Ge Qin was thinking about was Lin’s classmate reunion。
He doesn’t take these business matters seriously!
But after all, you have to listen to Brother Qin,So Jing Chu just shook his head helplessly,So I was going to take a bath in the dorm,Started training hard。
After this battle,Jing Chu realized,Although I am better than before,But I want to have a few tricks with the master,Not at all qualified。
Apart from following Qin Ge’s teaching,What you can do,Only training,training,Still training!
But what makes Jing Chu feel a little strange is,After being injured by Wan Zonghua,His next training,Feels more relaxed。
Usually run30Minutes of mileage,I only ran away today20minute,It’s more than a little bit better than before。

Since Ah Yin left,He stayed here all day to get drunk。I didn’t even care about my son,How can I manage my living environment。

Looking at Tang Hao’s awkward eyes,A Yin’s affection for Tang Hao is even lower。
Reminiscent of when I first met Tang Hao yesterday,His wretched and sloppy look,The place where I live now is so messy。
Ah Yin is not the kind of person who cares about others’ family circumstances。All women will have cleanliness,Especially beautiful women。She doesn’t care if your home is poor,But being too messy is definitely not pleasing。
And don’t even repair the broken house,I don’t want to throw away the piles of wine bottles at home。and,Outside the room,She can smell a musty and wine。
Really enough!A Yin couldn’t help complaining in his heart。
This is Ah Yin’s true impression of him。
This is with Zhao Ming in his heart,Kindness,Simple,intelligent,The great image of intellect formed a sharp contrast。
Since Ah Yin was summoned by the system, there are only three people who have a deep impression in his memory.。Zhao Ming,Xiao Wu and Tang Hao。Among them are only two men, Zhao Ming and Tang Hao。
A Yin couldn’t help but compare Zhao Ming and Tang Hao in his heart。Don’t know,Shocked。
By contrast,The two are simply one in the sky,One is underground。The gap between the two is like a cloud,Simply incomparable。
Tang Hao doesn’t even have the qualifications to compare with the young master。A Yin thought a little guilty。Compare Tang Hao with Zhao Ming,She only feels blasphemy Zhao Ming。
“A silver,come in。We are here to return the spirit ring to you。”Tang Hao took a chair that was slightly moldy from the room,Tao。
“forget it。The air here is quite fresh。Let’s be outside。”Looking at the moldy chair,She just felt a little goose bumps,Quickly declined。

“what,The gun spirit is coming?”

“I heard of him,Hundred games never open martial arts,Finally promoted to Jin Douhun。”
“Yeah yeah!This time there is really a good show,I haven’t seen it last time,It’s over in a few clicks。”
Passers-by were amazed,Gun spirit is absolutely invincible in their hearts。
“Lin Yan, are you here??”Tang San frowned and looked at Lin Yan’s back!
“brother,Brother Yan this time…”Xiao Wu worried!
“Everything depends on God’s will,Let’s go in!”
“Lin Yan how much hardship I have put in this year,I am afraid you don’t have the fourth ring,I also want to see the achievements of the past year!”Tang San secretly!
“The next one to appear is the five element academy,They are also strong contenders for the championship,Which team can stand out in the qualifiers in the end?,Really look forward to!The last team academy is Shrek Academy,Their green team uniforms look particularly ugly,Hope they can get good results!”
“Now we invite our Emperor Tiandou Empire to open!”
Dozens of guards played music,Very uniform,Everyone hit the ground with their weapons!
Emperor Xue Ye and Ning Fengzhi Salas slowly stood up from their chairs and looked at the people underground!
“My Heaven Dou Empire Emperor Xue Ye,On behalf of the Heaven Dou Empire,Also represents the organizer of this competition,Solemnly declare,The Pan-Continent Advanced Soul Master Academy Elite Competition is now open!”
In an instant, countless balloons were released in the air,Countless homing pigeons are also dancing,And the guards of the Heaven Dou Empire released salutes to celebrate the opening of the Soul Master Competition!
“Here I hope that all spirit masters participating in this competition can give full play to their strength,Get good grades,You are the pride of the Heaven Dou Empire。”Emperor Xue Ye looked at everyone with satisfaction。
Lin Yan smiled softly when looking at the snowy night on the screen,And everyone nearby shouted。

These days,After so many battles,He is very familiar with Meng Suan’s spirit skills。If other soul masters,At such a close distance,Maybe knowing her spirit skills can’t help it,But he is a sensitive attack type spirit beast,The cultivation base is three levels higher than her,Easily avoided her attack。

“Humph。”Meng still snorted,Continue to attack the man in front of you。
“Hehe,Quite spicy,Just don’t know how it tastes?”Man with a wretched smile,Speed up suddenly。
Under Meng’s still surprised eyes,Grab her snake stick with one hand。
Meng still raised her beautiful eyes,Looking surprised at the man in front of you,“how come?You are so strong?”
“just,I’m just playing with you。After all, playing against a big beauty like you is also a kind of enjoyment, isn’t it??”Man smiled,Seeing Meng’s still pretty,Showed a wretched smile。
He has been in the Arena for so many years,But I have rarely seen such a beautiful woman。
See now,I can’t help but feel itchy。
“Still sister,You are so beautiful,Prettier than the beauties I saw before。”The man showed almost evil thoughts,The free hand swept straight towards the full breast of the dream。
“you。”Meng is still pretty white,It was the first time that she had seen such a person who dared to attack her blatantly in the Arena of Souls。
“I surrender。”Gritted his teeth,The dream still speaks loudly。
“Admit defeatBut it’s too late。”The wretched man smiled evilly,Speed up,Sweeping towards Meng still。He is very clear about the rules of the Great Arena,Even now he still takes action on dreams,You can also shirk for yourself,Say you are under attack,Can’t stop。
For such a thing,The host will also close one eye。After all, this kind of vague thing,No one can tell what’s going on。
“you dare。”Meng is still trembling with anger,Running soul power to block him,But when the difference in spirit power is too great,Her resistance is useless。
“not good,Still to be taken advantage of。”Offstage,Ning Rongrong frowned,Some worries。

Hear the conversation between the two,Lin Yu has refreshed the three views。

I understand,People born in the imperial family,Can really be ruthless,Even my brother,Can be killed。
After all these two people,Is a father-son relationship,Can fly separately。
“Yes,Lin Shao!”
Grandma bear!If it wasn’t for you bastard,I have accumulated a liter of wealth,Not less than half。
Wait for me,Look back,Beautiful with you two。
puff!Pig cage,Both of them spewed a mouthful of blood at the same time,Passed out。
I just heard Xiang Yanghong because of myself,How much assets have been lost。
Lin Yu,He even left himself to Xiang Yanghong。
as a result of,No need to think that both of you know what it is like。
Precisely because of this,Can you not be so mad at the moment??
While the two were in a coma,Xiang Yanghong expressed her apology,Call your own lawyer quickly,Let him bring the asset transfer contract。
After signing the contract,Xiang Yanghong endured the pain in her heart,To leave beforehand,Visit Lin Yu another day as a reason,Take your grandson and leave quickly。
Saw Xiang Yanghong leave,Clan Chief Zhong sees his granddaughter,At this moment, he is just playing with his mobile phone。

Someone can’t help but whisper:“director,Sasha has happened so big,Will it affect the crew?,In case this show cannot be broadcast,This is how to do?”

Gu Sanyingdao:“do not worry,I have a way to exonerate Wang Sha,It’s just that Wang Sha can’t live with her pride,Still having a temper。”
Others can’t help but curse:“This woman is really,What time is it,Dare to get angry,If not her,Director, you don’t have to be so troublesome。”
“That’s right,You work for Wang Sha,She’s still having a temper,Really nothing。”
Gu San thought to himself,This is Wang Sha’s act of acting like a baby,She deliberately angry,Pretend to her golden pig。Let her know,People on the Internet are slandering her。Everything is Zhang Tang’s fault。
Gu San can’t talk about artists,Said:“Leave Wang Sha alone,How many actors are there??I want to talk to them。”
Lu Shanshan saw that she could finally play,Happy in my heart,Walked to the director with a smile on his face。There is also the young actor Qiao Long。
Qiao Long is not tall,Only one meter seven,But the face is indeed photogenic,It has a sense of story at first glance。
Qiao Long teased immediately after seeing Shen Zhiyue:“Teacher Gu,Terrible,I want to film with a male god like Xiao Shen,Ha ha,I must be the one with the lowest face value in the whole show。”
Gu San said:“Qiao Long,Your character is in the whole show, as long as there are male characters,The best one,You still have a lot of dialogue,And there are too many bright spots。”
Qiao Long was surprised:“I remember that Brother Liang would also be acting······”
in recent years,As long as there are dramas in which Brother Liang participated,He is the hero,He is the most brilliant in the whole show。
Lu Shanshan was also surprised,But for Brother Liang, Qiao Long,Is senior,The predecessor’s scene is more exciting,Also justified。
Gu San explained:“You are acting as a family,Middle-aged man with a career。So what you show is not just a sense of responsibility to your family,And for the company,Responsibility to employees。”
Lu Shanshan looked forward to it:“This role resonates with many people,Middle-aged now,Who is not caught in family and career。”
Gu San nodded:“Correct,And this role,He also has his own rules,I still feel that my wife is the best,He knows that cheating is wrong。So he will treat his wife and daughter,Full of guilt,But this feeling of guilt does not dare to show too obvious,His wife is a smart man,So I can’t write all my thoughts on my face。”
Qiao Long laughed:“Haha,Really complicated,I don’t have such a complicated relationship experience,So I’m not sure if I can do well。”
Lu Shanshan said:“Brother Joe,This role really suits you,If you let me play a child’s father,I don’t know how to act yet。”
Gu San pointed to Lu Shanshan and said:“You are the most excessive,You don’t want to restrain yourself,and so,You understand for yourself。”

Unexpectedly, their news is really sensitive。

This is Shen Huan’s contact4An actor,They can find the door。
“Mr. Zhang, please sit inside!”Shen Huan opened the office door,Motion him in。
Zhang Shouzheng’s heart is loose,As long as Shen Huan doesn’t speak, refuse,That means there is something to talk about。
It just so happens that a bunch of extremely beautiful girls,He hopped upstairs,Zhang Shouzheng, who was walking behind, took another look without realizing it。
How high school students are now,They all look so good?
If in our time,Each one is an absolute school.Flower!
Zhang Shouzheng just thought,I saw the group of girls running towards here,And when I saw him,Obviously showing a weird look。
Is it……
I haven’t finished a thought,A group of girls rushed into Shen Huan’s office。
“I have something here,You should eat next to you first,Just leave me a little。”Shen Huan, who had just sat down, stood up and said to them。
Their mood immediately fell,When I went out to the next office,Two girls gave Zhang Shouzheng a look。
This group is the legendary Shen Huan’s school.Spend fans?

Wei Minggong here also smiled slightly:“Dare not say anything else,at least.Female number two must have more acting skills than Yang Xinxin。”

Everyone will laugh at this。
It’s a fact that Yang Kaixin looks beautiful,It’s true that she has money in her family,But she has no acting skills,The same is true。
A TV series actually uses Yang Kaixin to be the second female number,How is the effect of the finished product,It’s really a bit dare not to have much confidence。
While they are smiling,Suddenly someone knocked on the door outside the office。
When Wen Fan calls him in,The secretary who opened the door had a ugly face。
“Wen Shao,Lai Haijin is crazy!He blatantly scolded us during the interview,Scolded very viciously!”
First412chapter Scolding lively

“Waiter,Quick serve。”

See everyone is here,Manager Chen looks to the waiter,Open road。
“Since you are going to discuss business,Then I won’t bother you。”
Manager Zhu heard what Manager Chen said,know,I should go to prepare the room now,So he didn’t stay here。
“This is the contract,You look!”
See Manager Zhu go out,Manager Chen passed the contract in his hand to Song Yan。
But eyes,But I couldn’t help but look at Lu Yingying。
“I have no problem with the contract,Can sign up。”
Song Yan didn’t expect,Manager Chen will be so happy。
But turn to,This manager Chen is notoriously a womanizer,It’s normal to see beautiful women so happy。
“Row,Then sign up!”
Manager Chen didn’t even look at Song Yan,Answer directly。
And the waiter,Keep serving food at this moment。
“Yingying,You chat with Manager Chen for a while,I go to the bathroom to wash my hands。”
After signing,See the waiter serve,It’s time to get the medicine,Hand over the contract to Manager Chen,I just found an excuse to leave。
Lu Yingying nodded,Responded。
“Miss Lu,I don’t know if you are interested in coming to work in my company?

“This little Mo doesn’t know what’s wrong,I’ve been talking nonsense since last night,I thought I didn’t know the last name if I knew a little!”Jiao Yuan said in a deep voice。

“Can’t it,Xiao Mo is not that kind of exaggerated person,what’s up?”Li Yan thought it was quite serious,Sit down next to Jiao Yuan,Let him talk about what it is。
Jiao Yuan sighed,Then I told Li Yan about the matter。
“Lao Jiao,I think this matter may not be as simple as it seems,How can this Guanyin be carved with blood jade?,Definitely unlucky,And also use blood to raise,How frail,Xiaomo’s worry, you really think about it。”Li Yan is a little hairy after listening,Nourish jade with blood,It sounds evil。
“What to consider,People wear it for more than ten years without any problem,He has a problem with one sentence?”Jiao Yuan frowned and was annoyed。
“It’s better to be careful,Since Xiaomo said Mr. Guo is not suitable for going out these days,Then you can change the date,Go to see the plot after these few days,It’s no big deal。”Li Yan persuaded。
“change?Do you know how busy such a big boss is?The schedule for coming to Ling’an and Heyang this time was discharged three months in advance,If you wait a few more days,Guo Yuansheng went back to SIPG directly,Heyang still competes with others!”Jiao Yuan gets more angry as he talks,Stand up,Walking back and forth。
He who usually never speaks bad words can’t help but burst his dirty mouth right now,Just because this fact is so important,He led the entire city leadership team to prepare for more than half a year,Originally smooth,Even if Guo Yuansheng is biased towards Ling’an,,But Hayang still has a chance,In the end, a little Mo came out halfway,Almost confuse him。
“Anyway, I advise you to think more about it,Little Mo, the child spit a nail,He can’t do anything unscrupulous。”
Li Yan sighed,Then got up to clean up the kitchen,Regarding Jiao Yuan’s work,She rarely interrupts,Say so much today,It’s also out of trust in Mo Xiaosheng and worry about Jiaoyuan。
“okay,Do your job。”Jiao Yuan waved his hand,I muttered a little impatiently,The situation is urgent now,Even if the front is a fire pit,He has to bite the bullet and jump in,If you don’t look at the land,He Yang has no hope at all。
Over the phone,Mo Xiaosheng saw Jiao Yuan’s reluctance,Shook his head,He has done all he can。
Early next morning,Clouds in the sky,Yin like rice paper soaked in ink。
Mo Xiaosheng sees the weather,Know it’s going to rain heavily,Did not go for a run,Went directly to the health club,I called Sun Qianqian on the way,Told her not to use it today。
Not long after Mo Xiaosheng arrived at the health center,Suddenly in the sky“Click”A thunder,Then the big raindrops poured down。
“The weather forecast is really accurate,Said there was a heavy rain today,as expected,Fortunately, I put away the dried medicinal materials last night。”Li Zhen turned outside,Hey smiled and said。