CP3-After the negotiations, I feel relieved and retired players say thank you to me

CP3: After the negotiations, I feel relieved and retired players say thank you to me
The player union and the league reached a new labor agreement in time to avoid the possibility of a lockout in Mingxia. Union president Chris Paul also said in an interview that he felt relieved.  I also don’t know if it is a proper adjective to explain the burden.He said, but it feels really good to get the job done.  This new labor-management agreement lasts for 7 years, extending to ensure the stability of the alliance.In the future, the salary of players will increase, and the interests of NBDL players will be more taken care of. At the same time, the cancellation of some preseason games and the start of the regular season will also reduce the back-to-back and five-day four-game injury.In addition, the number of medical insurance for retired players has also increased, which is what Paul valued most.  He said: Now, many retired players who are doing commentary see me and thank me.I feel very grateful.This is not for me, or for everyone.This agreement not only focused on active players and players who will enter the league in the future, but also those who opened the way for us.  Paul’s own evaluation of this new agreement is still very high.I think the medical insurance policy is priceless, and the 19-year-old will not consider this when he enters the league.I am the father of two children and have experienced many impermanences in life, so I think this is the most suitable clause in the new agreement.  Although Drummond Green expressed dissatisfaction with the labor-management agreement, objectively speaking, the new agreement still makes many rules more reasonable.Paul and LeBron hoped that they would still enjoy a big contract after the age of 36, before changing the 36-year-old rule to 38-year-old, but after all the superstars after them can also enjoy this clause, including Green himself.  Paul said that he was able to become the chairman of the union and the players convinced him.In 2013, the union met in Las Vegas, and it was Jerry Stackhouse and other players who found him, hoping that he could take up this position.Paul later talked to his wife long and agreed.At first, I felt that I had too many things to take care of. I also had my own life, family, and business issues.He says.Further reading: NBA’s new labor-management agreement library becomes a big winner with an annual salary of up to 47 million