Zhang Rui lowered his head,“Ms. Ou Zhaozhao’s annual bouquet,All her time,Favorite flower.”This woman,Never bring flowers that others like,Self-dominant。

Baby Ou can’t look directly。
Yuze wants to talk,Why did you ask such a question!!!
“What kind of old man,I really don’t know,I don’t know if mother is or not。Besides,Sun Hao afraid of Su He,How did you know?”Both Ou Baobao and Yuze think,This Su He,Should be the key person they want to find。
Zhang Rui answered,“After Yu Zimo’s death,Sun Hao has been to the imperial capital,the last time,She originally said she wanted to stay in the imperial capital,After seeing Su He,Changed my mind and left。Went to live in another city in the south。I thought,She is afraid of Su He。Maybe,Yu Zimo is also with Su He,Put something.”
Chapter Four Hundred and Eleven Abnormal
Zhang Rui finished,Thought again,“Is something you might really need.”
He doesn’t understand。In his opinion, Yu Zimo left him,I need something he gave Yuze,Are very important and serious,Can completely destroy Sun Hao。But why the little empress and Yuze think it’s like waste paper.At least the benihilation document,It should be useful?
“You don’t have to worry about Sun Hao and Xiaofei competing for the family property。Although Xiaofei was fooled by Sun Hao’s nonsense,But she is indeed a very kind child,She will never fight with you。Find me to see you,Because he thinks you give up your inheritance rights,Is forced。She is worried about you.”
Zhang Rui still hopes Yuze can and Sun Xiaofei,Sister and brother recognize each other,“Yu Zimo left early,No time to tell you this。Ms. Ou doesn’t rub the sand in her eyes,Yu Zimo is scared。But i think,Since he didn’t let Sun Hao send Sun Xiaofei away,That means,He still hopes that one day,You can be sisters and brothers,Love each other.”
“.”A tendon,Idiot,Still has a heart of Virgin,I take it for granted.
Yuze black face,“What you said,I’m going to throw up.I have a home,Brother and sister,I don’t need any sister.”Speaking of,Turn around and talk to Bao Bao,“Let Sun Xiaofei in。Speak clearly。There is no need to see someone like Sun Hao tomorrow.”Simply disgusting。Yu Zimo is not picky.
Sun Xiaofei never came back,Only Zhang Rui thought she really cleaned up for so long。
Actually, there is no permission from Ou Baobao,The outside waiter didn’t let Sun Xiaofei in。Unlawful imprisonment is definitely impossible,I should be taking Sun Xiaofei to the clubhouse.Take guests to get lost in the clubhouse,It’s also a required course for waiters。