Everyone looked at Qin Liang and Ling Mofeng bickering with interest,These two treasures,It’s more like cross talk than cross talk。

“All right,Stop playing,Seriously,Is your mission completed this time??”
After fighting for a while,Ling Mofeng is satisfied,So I started talking seriously。
“We go out this time,Xiaoyun leads the team,Have her out,What kind of task can’t be completed?,Ha ha。”
Qin Liang said proudly。
“That’s the credit of Xiaoyun girl,You are so proud,Really。”Xiao Huahan unexpectedly lost Qin Liang’s sentence……Don’t say everyone is shocked,Even Qin Liang froze together!When Xiao Huahan and Qin Liang were alone together,Never joked with him like this,And he is in front of the Shen family sister,I pay more attention to my image,Even him the most
Like to speak pretty“Hobby”I can’t say anything。
“That one……I’m sorry,I’m rude。”
Seeing everyone looking at themselves in surprise,Didn’t wait for Qin Liang to speak,Xiao Huahan is embarrassed first,He said to everyone embarrassingly。
“Okay brother-in-law,We often speak rudely,Ha ha。”
Shen Ruoxi answered with a smile。
“to be honest,I was infected by you……”
Xiao Huahan said more embarrassedly。
Shen Ruoxi smiled immediately!She can’t answer these words。