Li Lisha cried and beat him,Tian Ying hugged her hard and didn’t let go,anyway,Can’t let her go out like this。

Do not know why,Li Lisha who doesn’t feel at all,At this moment it turned out to be pear flowers with rain,I am a bit shy and wronged。Tian Ying said lovingly:“Sorry,Salsa,My bastard,I’m not human。but……”He paused and said:“Why don’t you stay away from me,why not……Refuse me?”Tian Ying is very puzzled,You know that was the first time for a girl?
Li Lisha’s tears are more like broken beads,Roll down,She said angrily:“Yes,Why don’t i refuse you,Do you really want to know?I like you,I love you,I do,Alright?You are not responsible,Don’t give yourself a reason。”Talking,Walked to the door again。
Tian Ying hugged her again,Said:“Sorry,Sorry。”
Li Lisha gave up the struggle,Said with tears:“I volunteered,No need to say sorry。”
“I can’t give you anything,Can’t give you anything……”Tian Ying repeated this sentence。
Li Lisha now burst into tears,she says:“I know,I do not blame you,I do not want anything。”
This pair of men and women,Just sit till dawn。
Tian Yin is driving,Send Li Lisha to work,He wandered on the outer ring road next to the community for a long time,I saw Xia Jihan gone to work,He just drove home。He changed clothes,Want to rest at home,Think about what happened suddenly these two days,I make mistakes again and again,Li Lisha happened again,It’s almost nothing。He never smokes,But smoked,So that when Xia Jihan went home early,Saw the full house full of smoke,Very surprised。
Xia Jihan heard Zheng Liang’s words,She is also very annoying,Did not return to work,Went home directly。Seeing Tian Ying’s look haggard and haggard,I knew it was an accident。
Tian Ying told her about his suspension,Xia Jihan realized that it was serious。
quickly,Tian Ying received a call from Li Lisha,Let him go to Jin’an to find her aunt。Tian Yan dare not neglect,Left the house immediately。He can’t face Xia Jihan,And dare not tell her about Li Lisha。
really,Li Lisha’s performance really moved Tian Ying,She mobilized the power of the whole family,Mediated for Tian Yan to resolve the crisis。Tian Ying is very grateful。Without Li Lisha’s pregnancy,Maybe this will pass。
That night,Tian Ying received a call from Li Lisha。Since Tian Yan’s matter was dealt with,,He has been avoiding Li Lisha,Li Lisha is also deliberately avoiding him。