Migraine escapes 8 hours of mental rape

Migraine escapes 8 hours of mental rape

The rubber chicken ribs at work will not be uninteresting, and will definitely challenge the limit of human fatigue . 8 hours a day, some people even have more than 8 hours, nervous, tired, helpless, mentally in a “raped” stateBecause reason reminds himself that he needs to survive, he can’t afford the courage to resign, day after day, and almost collapses.

Severe hatred is a kind of mental rape.

  When the hatred comes, they say: I really don’t want to continue my work!

  Wang Yan, 26 years old resident, I’m very dissatisfied with my current job. In the final analysis, I don’t like to be a doctor.

When I filled out a voluntary report for the college entrance examination, it was also imposed on me by my family.

Dad thinks doctor is a respected profession and it is safe for girls.

But I am not so. My ideal is to be a writer, and I can find real fun in the world of literature.

However, after all, I studied hard for medicine for five years, and only persisted.

However, my colleagues are busy promoting and further studying, but I have no interest at all!

However, not studying hard means that I will be an irresponsible doctor, and I am in a dilemma.

  Fearing that I am incompetent at work, sometimes I want to go to the postgraduate degree in literature, but how can it be so easy?

So I only have to suffer from boredom.

  Lucy, a 24-year-old host, honestly said that my tiredness came from the pressures around me.

First of all, my parents, they want me to be as good as Wu Yi, which is a bit difficult for an ordinary girl.

Of course, every parent wants his child to be prosperous, so I can understand the feelings of the parents; Also, in my industry, the competition is very fierce, and my colleagues around have become “Golden Phoenix”I am very anxious. I like the job of a host very much, but the situation is far from what I want. Under tremendous pressure, I even have a very naive idea-running away, not suitable or just marry someone.

But it is this feeling of boredom and it is also a motivation for me. Now that I am studying graduate school, I can develop myself to do better.

  [Further reading]As a new profession, financial actuary jumps into one of the most valuable professions.

However, in developing countries, actuarial science is still in its infancy, and it is predicted that 5,000 actuarial talents will be needed urgently in the next ten years.

As financial designers and managers of insurance companies, financial services institutions, and other departments, in addition to financial expertise, they also need to be able to predict future directions. It is a collection of mathematics, statistics, economics, law, computers, and investment.Senior talents with a background in finance and insurance, with annual salary of 100,000 to 400,000.

  The eight reasons for a job-absent person: One is that ideals are always so far away from reality. Such people generally have ambitious ideals, and the realization of an ideal requires a process. Not everyone can succeed casually.

When you put in a lot of effort and you are still far away from your ideals, you will feel a sense of tiredness: the position is far from what you want; the salary is not satisfactory . When the hard work is too lateWhen you are not satisfied with the harvest, you will transfer all your troubles to your own work.

  Reason two: Complex interpersonal relationships make me feel tired. Those who enter the job position are the most likely to have such ideas.

Because compared to the complex interpersonal relationships at work, schools can be regarded as a pure soil, and people are relatively simple.

But once you step into the school of Social University, you have to quickly learn and lead within a few days, and get along with your colleagues. Everyone’s personality is different . If you can’t handle these problems well, yourWork is inevitably affected by emotions.

Over time, you become exhausted when you are exhausted physically and mentally.

  Reason 3: There is no reason, because women who do not want to work often have emotional boredom because of their menstrual period-in fact, your work performance is already very good, and there is no excessive pressure, but it is strange that you will feel that you are weak.

For example, affected by menstruation will produce gradual boredom. Menopausal women’s feelings of weariness are more obvious.

In addition, due to social factors, women are more “emotional” and do not want to do it for no reason.

  Reason 4: I have a gentle back woman. When working, she often encounters various pressures, and from time to time, she has the idea of not wanting to continue.

If you have a boyfriend or husband who loves you very much, when you complain to them, if they often say, “Do nothing, I can support you, and resign without you!”

“The actual situation is not the kind he can do well on his own, so you have to work, but you have fantasies about him, there is a psychological retreat, so you have reason to be tired.