A Case Study of College Students’ Mental Health

A Case Study of College Students’ Mental Health

Not long ago, the news that a student at Peking University was suspected of hacking his classmates made the public monitor it.

The “Ma Jiajue Incident”, which is very difficult to settle down, still keeps us fresh. Coupled with the repeated suicides of college students, some people can’t help asking: College students, why are you so vulnerable?

  ■ Extreme Cases of Campus Violence Not long ago, Cui Mou, a junior in the medical department of Peking University, was hacked to death.

After the incident, a student of the deceased was taken away by the police.

It is understood that both the Air Force had pursued the same girl and had fought for some festivals . Experts analyzed that the occurrence of campus violence is related to the social and cultural background.

The pace of work, the pace of life is accelerated, the overall speed of society is accelerated at the same time, and the energy of people is limited. The pace of keeping up with the pace of society is relatively slow.

Relatively speaking, the power of social moral restraint is weak.

The destructive power accumulated by the pressure from all sides is very large. The fuse may be a thing that ordinary people look normal, in his opinion it is a big thing.

So when he feels hurt, he instinctively angers and attacks, but instead of venting in a socially acceptable way, he seeks an extreme behavior to vent, so he may have a violent tendency towards the person who hurt him.

  For teachers and students in school, it is necessary to strengthen psychological supervision and carry out some activities, and people’s energy can be transformed through normal channels.

If teachers and students have the concept of mental health, then they can find out what is wrong with others early, help him alleviate the problem, and possibly avoid extreme behavior.

  ■ Extreme case of decompression without surgery Liang Peng is a graduate student in the director’s department of the Film Academy. He is tall and handsome, but over the years he has a very pessimistic idea: being a director needs to be famous, and truly famousHow many directors are there?

Moreover, his home is from a foreign country. It is too tiring to go all the way from undergraduate to postgraduate. It is necessary to coordinate all aspects of the relationship. This kind of pressure makes him breathless.

In the end, he went through the withdrawal process.

School teachers and classmates all regret him.

  Experts analyze that undergraduates are facing too much pressure, causing a large psychological gap, which is inseparable from the impact of the development of the entire society and the family.

The first is the employment problem of college students. The expansion of college admissions has caused some students to worry about employment problems after graduation.

In addition, the goals set by the ego and the family for the students’ future are too high. Some students have an idea of reading for their parents. They think about how to repay the parents in the future, and some set a goal that is not in line with reality.There is a large psychological gap in the final result.

This requires students to find their own position, to correctly evaluate and understand themselves, no matter what, contentment is always the same law.

In addition, don’t go too far, and take your own steps step by step.

  ■ Extreme cases of sexual confusion Xiaofan and Xiaolu are members of the “husband and wife tribe” in the university. They rented a house near the campus and lived together.

In an interview with the reporter, the two confessed that neither side had a clear idea of the future, and they were living together for “heating each other.”

  A recent survey of college students showed that 13% of the students surveyed admitted that they had sex during college.

  Experts analyze that under the modern education system, young people’s “knowledge, affection, and intention” are unbalanced.

Maybe the higher the IQ and the lower the EQ, then the willpower is weaker and you cannot manage yourself well.

Then if there is no satisfaction in one aspect of the body, there will be missing needs, and satisfaction will be achieved through various channels.

In severe cases, there may be a vulgarism, which produces a child psychology.

This is that under certain pressures, people will avoid retreat and return to the psychological stage of children, then such a behavior will occur.

Absolutely an extreme manifestation. Among the students are mainly sexual desire, sexual worry and so on, which just shows the lack of certain guidance on the issue of sex education.

For most students, they are full of desire for sex, but they don’t really know much, and some couples are upset because they need to have sex. These are deeply invading current college students.

Students may not have a strong consciousness, that is, outside of love and sex, it is a psychological and physical experience and feeling, and there is a serious problem of responsibility behind it.

These are unavoidable, so for students, treating sexual problems healthily and scientifically, understanding sexual problems, and thinking rationally and restraining their behaviors are an important part of the mental health of college students.