[Materials for Curry Rice_Materials for Curry Rice]

[Materials for Curry Rice_Materials for Curry Rice]

People usually eat rice in many flavors, and the materials used for different flavors are also different.

The curry rice made looks delicious, and people look very appetizing.

Curry rice is sticky and has a lot of potatoes on it, which tastes different.

Many people especially like curry rice, so they will find a way to make it at home.

Let me introduce to you what ingredients are needed to make curry rice?

Ingredients: curry rice, meat: beef, pork, chicken, chicken, cut into small pieces: potatoes-cut into pieces (smaller), carrots-diced, onion-cut into small pieces, seasoning: cooking oil, salt, curry pieces.

Practice 1: Practice 1.

Heat some oil in the pan and pour the pork into small pieces and stir fry 2.

Add onion carrot potatoes and continue to fry a little 3.

Add water to cover the material slightly, and some vegetables can be sharpened.

The difference between water and water is that the curry is thick and thin.

No salt.

Cook on low heat for about 20 minutes. The onion becomes transparent and melts at the entrance.

There are other ways to make pork crisp.

I am not good at art, every time the pork tastes so good, I tried even a pressure cooker, but it ‘s not perfect.


Pour in the curry cubes and put a whole box based on the ingredients above.

Stir frequently after adding to prevent the bottom of the pot from sticking.

You should be able to smell a very authentic Japanese curry flavor.


Place the rice on a plate and scoop a few spoonfuls of curry aside.

You’re done!

easy and convenient.

Tips: 1.

If you can taste spicy, a little TABASCO chili sauce will taste a lot (this can also be used in Japanese curry house), just eat curry a little greasy, then at this time, crispy and delicious Japanese pickled radishCome in handy.

It ‘s just that there are a lot of pickled radish additives, so do n’t eat more.


It’s even better with miso sauce with green onions!

Method two: 1. Put oil in the pan, stir-fry the meat 2. Put the vegetables in the pan and fry with the meat. Pay attention to put more oil (of course, don’t put too much), and add an appropriate amount of salt (you can also putAdd, if the salt taste is insufficient after adding the curry, add salt) 3, the dishes are a little cooked, add water over the dishes, cook over low heat 4, the dishes are fully cooked, low heat, mix the curry powder with a small amount of cold water (Curry powder can be used according to your own taste), and then poured into a pan and stir well.

Add the curry while you taste.

5. Continue cooking for 5 minutes.

6. Rice is made separately. It is not difficult to solve the problem of what ingredients are used to make curry rice. As long as we follow it step by step and prepare the corresponding ingredients, we can make delicious curry.In addition to rice, you should pay more attention to the heat when making curry rice. The size of the heat is also one of the factors that affect the taste of curry rice. No matter what, whether you will do it, you can try to make it.Do it the second time if it is unsuccessful the first time and succeed once more.