After completing the most basic training,Next is all kinds of field battles,Survival skills training。

After doing all the preparations,Qin Liang set off with his Rose Army and six other Dragon Soul soldiers……
This time,They went to a new island that even Qin Liang had never been to,This is newly found in the base in recent years,One of several locations suitable for various military training。
Twelve people,Was transported by an armed helicopter to this island with a radius of more than ten kilometers。
“You can eat the grilled fish made by the boss and sister again,Really been waiting。”
The plane hasn’t stopped completely,Liu Xiaoyun cried happily。
“Eat wool……This time all your food,It’s all up to you to find,everything,You have to do it yourself,Your master sister and I will not care about you this time。”
Qin Liang rolled his eyes to Liu Xiaoyun。
“what?Isn’t it。”
Liu Xiaoyun’s smile condensed on his face……
“Theoretical knowledge of various field survival skills,Have been taught to you at the base,Start now,You have to learn to practice and master these skills,and so,The spirit of twelve points,Learn to face everything by yourself。”
As the commander of the Rose Legion,Yanzi also seriously mobilized the four team members。
“It’s ok,We definitely can。”