Unexpectedly, their news is really sensitive。

This is Shen Huan’s contact4An actor,They can find the door。
“Mr. Zhang, please sit inside!”Shen Huan opened the office door,Motion him in。
Zhang Shouzheng’s heart is loose,As long as Shen Huan doesn’t speak, refuse,That means there is something to talk about。
It just so happens that a bunch of extremely beautiful girls,He hopped upstairs,Zhang Shouzheng, who was walking behind, took another look without realizing it。
How high school students are now,They all look so good?
If in our time,Each one is an absolute school.Flower!
Zhang Shouzheng just thought,I saw the group of girls running towards here,And when I saw him,Obviously showing a weird look。
Is it……
I haven’t finished a thought,A group of girls rushed into Shen Huan’s office。
“I have something here,You should eat next to you first,Just leave me a little。”Shen Huan, who had just sat down, stood up and said to them。
Their mood immediately fell,When I went out to the next office,Two girls gave Zhang Shouzheng a look。
This group is the legendary Shen Huan’s school.Spend fans?