A bowl of Chinese instant noodles completely conquered the rocket tower-great!Coming next year_1

A bowl of Chinese instant noodles completely conquered the rocket tower: great!Coming next year
The Rockets are currently playing in the preseason games in China. The players have an additional experience of China’s great rivers and mountains, places of historical interest, and also have a long history of culture. They have experienced the great enthusiasm of Chinese fans for basketball and the NBA.Of course, what made them praise is Chinese food, even if it’s just instant noodles.  New assistance for the Rockets, Brazilian veteran Nene showed a picture of his big mouth eating Master Kang’s bowl of braised beef noodles, and also issued a text sigh: Great!!!This Master Kang instant noodle is so delicious!I can’t wait to visit China next time!!!!  From the photo, Nene is dressed up casually, wearing headphones and holding a small fork to raise the instant noodles. His expression is very serious, and there is a cute feeling brought by contrast.  There is no doubt that China is a great food country and a great country for instant noodles. Although instant noodles are just a convenience food, the main function is to fill, but Chinese instant noodles still have various innovations in taste and nutritional value.Most food tastes, such as Master Kong Instant Noodles, are one of the most famous brands.Now, even the NBA stars with Brazilian and American backgrounds have been conquered. It can be seen that the taste of this instant noodles is indeed awesome.  However, Nene has such a huge behemoth, and such a small bowl of instant noodles does not seem to be enough to satisfy the appetite.I don’t know how many Master Kang instant noodles he has eliminated this time.  Interestingly, the Pelican players who came to participate in the Chinese game recently also expressed their admiration for Chinese cuisine. The taste of Pelican rookie Hilder is different from Nene. He is in love with Chinese shrimp fried rice.