“Haven’t eaten pork and seen a pig run??”

Chen Hao said without looking back,Then walked to the sofa,Organize the cushions on the sofa。
“Who do you say is a pig?Dare you say it again?”
Qin Liang deliberately pretended to be vicious。
“I said you are a pig,What’s up?You are a pig,Thick skinned pig,Haha!I said it again,What can you do to me?Hahaha~”Chen Haoxiao is showing off。
Everyone has been together for so long,Who doesn’t know who,Chen Hao naturally won’t be scared by Qin Liang’s pretense。
“Row!You cow,You wait,I will climb your bed tonight,Let you know what is thick skin,By the way, I will see your fine skin and tender meat again,Hehe。”
See you Qin Liang“Intimidate”Didn’t play any role,Start“Malicious moles”Up。
“Piping away!”
Chen Hao blushed instantly,Cursed on one side,One side grabbed a cushion and threw it at Qin Liang。
“Haha!It’s over?Quarrel with me?Sample,Killed you in minutes!Hahahaha……”
Qin Liang raised his hand,Grab the oncoming cushion,Laughed proudly。
“Ignore you!You are too bad!It’s a beast and hooligan!”
Chen Hao pouted,Turn around and walk out of the office。
“Don’t go!Play with me for a while,I haven’t had enough fun yet!”
Qin Liang is having fun,Of course not willing to let Chen Hao run away like this。
“Play a fart!Pooh!Get rid of your uncle!”
Chen Hao walks out of the office,Turn around and say to Qin Liang,Then closed the door。