Peng Changyi didn’t even realize,This sentence,It’s actually the minister’s last order to Peng Changyi……

Peng Changyi’s mood is a little inexplicably low,He watched Wang Jiadong get out of the car,Watching him take out the key to open the door,Then go in,close the door。Until there is no sound,Peng Changyi just recovered,Drove home。
Shen Fang has got up,After Peng Changyi knocked on the door,After Shen Fang opened the door for him,Didn’t even look at him,Turn your head and walk back,Talk while walking:“I put all your things in the study,after,Don’t come。”
Peng Changyi said angrily:“What words?Of course i want to come,Nana is still my daughter,In addition,You want to give me a key,rest assured,I want the key and I won’t be scheming against you,I want the key to not give her the impression that I can’t enter the house,Because I can’t let her know that we are divorced。”
Shen Fang said:“do not worry,I told her about this problem last night,and so,You don’t have to think about that much。”
“Shen Fang,Are you crazy?”Peng Changyi whispered。
Shen Fang stop,Look at him coldly,Said:“I’m not crazy,Sooner or later she will know the truth,It’s better to say earlier than later,She gets older day by day,Waiting until she is in the fifth and sixth grades and telling her will affect the entrance to junior high school。and so,You go home later,Only come back when the daughter is at home,The premise is that your daughter opens the door for you。”Shen Fang said plausibly。
Peng Changyi said:“Shen Fang,Tiger poison does not eat seeds,Tell her this if she is so young,Have you thought about her?”
Shen Fang said:“Have you thought about her?”
What did Peng Changyi just want to say,I saw Nana standing at the door wearing pink pajamas and pajamas,Look at them coldly。
Peng Changyi left Shen Fang,Walk towards daughter,Said:“Nana,Got up。”
Nana looked at them in silence,Said for a long time:“I hate you!”Finished, Just ran back,Then he closed the door with a bang。
Peng Changyi didn’t go to the living room,But advanced to the study,Put your bag on the desk in the study,This opened the door to my daughter’s room。
Nana sitting on the bed,Pouting and being angry,See dad coming in,Lie on the bed,Covered his face with horns。
Peng Changyi sitting on her bed,Said“what happened,Did you ignore dad??Didn’t you call dad two days ago,Say miss dad,Let dad go home early??”
Hear this,Nana lifted the quilt and said“I said that,But who divorced you?”Finished,I covered my face with a quilt。
Peng Changyi reached out and lifted the quilt covering her face,Said:“Nana,Even though you are young,But I feel you have always been very sensible,Like a big kid,and so,You should know about adults,Should understand。Maybe you don’t know,Father and mother divorced,Maybe it’s good for you,because,If mom and dad quarrel every day,Will affect your study,Also affect your mood,and so,From this point on,Mom and dad divorce is a good thing,Nana can have a quiet learning environment,In addition,Whether we are divorced or not,Love for you won’t change,You will always be mom’s baby,Is daddy’s baby,We don’t fight anymore,Will free up more time to love you,do you think so?”