Actually Wang Yishan didn’t find out,Li Yuan today is completely different from yesterday,It’s like catching the other’s palm。

Mo Yu Qilin,Ever-changing!
Originally Li Yuan’s face disappeared from everyone’s eyes,The one who reappeared in everyone’s eyes was a blank face,A mysterious man。
No one except Mo Qilin can have such an ability。
“it is good,very good,So you guys have already started doing it,In this case, you don’t need to install it anymore.!”Wang Yishan almost didn’t get angry,Ridicule when talking。
Something seems to be wrong,There is also a strong man who enters the Holy Realm beside Zhao Shaojiu,The situation begins to reverse。
No need to talk nonsense,Zhao Shaojiu just called a name,Mo Qilin’s figure disappeared instantly。
“Be careful!”
Wang Yishan just reacted,Xie Dingnan has been mentioned,Bring it to Zhao Shaojiu。
“you,What are you doing,I tell you,I am……Click!”
Xie Dingnan hasn’t finished speaking yet,I was directly twisted by Mo Qilin’s neck,The speed was so fast that he didn’t even give Wang Yishan a chance to save others.。
“Humph,A foreigner dared to trouble me in Bincheng!”Zhao Shaojiu showed a ruthless expression to the person lying on the ground and then put down his ruthless words and looked at everyone:“Oh,do not worry,You will all end like this!”
Chapter One Hundred and Sixty Two Unexpected