Anti-lost technique that women need in love

Anti-lost technique that women need in love

Some simple “good girls” often think that men hate rejection and easily obey men.

As a result, when men succeed, they will think: Will you make all men like this?

So that he will not cherish you.

If you meet a man who can marry, how long will it take for him to agree to his sexual requirements?

The answer is as long as you can.

  Men don’t actually hate being rejected, especially in the face of the woman she wants to marry. They are contradictory inside and sometimes can’t help but actually expect you to wait again.

  If you meet the man you want to marry, how long will it take to agree to his sexual requirements?

The answer is as long as you can.

When dating first, it’s best not to go to him or your place of residence.

Can be active in some public places.


When he sends you home late at night, if you are living alone, it is best to complete the farewell action at the door.

Don’t believe his request to “sit for a while.”

In the middle of the night there is no such thing as “just a moment”.


In love, you can give him a warm kiss or hug, but it must be where his actions cannot be upgraded!


Don’t stay in the car without light for a long time, otherwise he thinks he can eat sugar and can’t hold it.


Watching late-night movies, you can hold hands with him, or lean your head on his shoulders, showing that you are a lovely and affectionate woman.

But don’t touch the area below his waist.


Many times men will test your tolerance with a “joke”, you can treat it with caution, don’t sink your face, and don’t show a very happy look.

Modest flirting will keep him from misunderstanding.

  Love should be free and warm.

No absolute love is dull; similarly, the temperature must be appropriate, not too high, otherwise it will be easy to flash.

If you can talk about a snow, ice, smart, “plain” and romantic love, then it is the display of real time and hard work.

  The 11 small arts that keep a safe distance with their boyfriends are indeed a big test for girls’ emotional intelligence. If they are not careful, they may be “brought bad” by men who like to eat “荤”

As a result, he lost his way and “dedicated himself” silly. As a result, he had a lot of after-work and even regretted it.

Remember, to protect yourself, to love happily, to master the following 11 small arts.

  1. A famous girl in Taiwan once mocked a girl-“Don’t, don’t . Zipper is right behind!

“I believe that girls in love are so stubborn that it is easy to lose money.

Saying “don’t” is the highest right for women, but it does shows twice.

  2. Madonna said: “The best way to seduce a man is not to let him succeed easily.

“A man is a strange” meat-eating “animal. The more docile you are, the less he can lose his spirit.

  3. Formally and seriously put forward my own principled requirements to my boyfriend, that is: “I am innocent and enthusiastic. Let us work together to keep our complete body until marriage!

“This is a requirement, but also a responsibility.
  4. Be a serious girl, not late for some dates.
Men respect typical girls, and if you are casual, the other person will think that you are “starting”.

  5. Bright hypothesis: “You miss me, right?

“On the phone, in the public.

Let him know that you are bright, healthy and confident.

  6, if your boyfriend wants to take you to the bar for the first time, you have to visit him for three years; if you take you to the concert hall, you only need to visit for three months.

Although men are all “carnivores”, there is still a difference between a wolf and a dog.

  7, praise his taste, thereby suppressing his urge.

Holding his hand is more “safe” than leaving his hand empty.

  8. Encourage him to exercise more, thereby consuming his excess energy.

  9. Refuse his kisses, especially wet kisses.

However, in the end you need to calm him down and take the initiative to kiss his face.

  10. You can let him grab your cold little hand on his chest for warmth, but don’t put your hand in the back pocket of his jeans, to lessen his lower body.

  11. If you are intimate, stay on the phone and say that when you face to face, look away, lean more, and recline less. Don’t be in a trapped state on the sofa or chair.