Layout of children’s food field, Baicao launched Tong’an Children

Layout of children’s food field, Baicao launched “Tong’an Children”
On May 25, Baicao Wei launched the children’s food “Tong’an Children” series.This is one of the important layouts of the “diversified” strategy for the crowd and the segmentation of the landing scene for Baicaowei’s new series of products in 2020 after the “new meat era”.It is understood that the “Tong’an Children” series of products are aimed at children’s foods for children aged 3-12.Series 0, through “addition” of beneficial nutrients and “subtraction” of oil, salt, sugar and additives, is more suitable for children.According to related product planning, Baicao will then launch this series 2.Version 0, in addition to doing more “additions” for children’s nutritional additions, packaging and replacement innovation more parent-child interaction content, such as adding riddles, classic stories and other puzzle content, packaging toys, etc., adding “childlike” features.Statistics show that in China, the population of children aged 0-14 in 2018 was nearly 2.500 million, which will continue to increase in the future. The corresponding snacks for children is a huge market.According to the “2018 Global Children’s Snack Market Research Report” by market research agency QYResearch, from 2018 to 2023, the children’s snack market is expected to grow steadily at a compound annual growth rate of 10% to 15%.Relatively speaking, Baicao Flavor focuses on the “multiple” brand strategy, from the “Year Taste” series of gift boxes for the Spring Festival scene, to the “Baiwei Qianxun” that launches different combinations of eating methods corresponding to the seasonal season, to the daily souvenir scene”One gift”, the “energy of today” of the fitness crowd, and this year’s “artificial meat” series, which is positioned as a “gastronomic light”, through deep digging into the various segmentation needs of the crowd and scenes, the herbal taste extends the brand’s tentacleTo more fields.Sauna, Ye Wang Wang Ziyang Photo source Image courtesy editor Li Yan proofreading Liu Jun