It’s two steps away from the car,Shen Ruoxue made a gesture,Beckoning the sister behind to stand still,She herself maintains a high degree of vigilance,Walked slowly to the front of the car。

Shen Ruoxue knocked on the car window,Yelled a few loudly。
Qin Liang smiled,Pressed the switch,The car windows rolled down automatically。
“Koyuki,good evening。”
Qin Liang gave Shen Ruoxue a big smile。
“Wow!Brother-in-law!Ah really!Not getting off the car?It’s funny sitting in the car?”
Shen Ruoxue first looked at the car,Make sure there is no one in the car except Qin Liang,Only then happily talked to Qin Liang,She left the gun in her waist。
Shen Ruoxi’s heart fell to the ground,Then he smiled and walked to the car……
“No,I’m tired,So I didn’t get off immediately,Want to sit in the car for a while。”
Qin Liang nodded to his wife,While continuing to talk to Shen Ruoxue。
“Brother-in-law,you come down,I want to drive your car around。”
Although Shen Ruoxue is already a big girl,But still did not change the mentality of playful and naughty children,While in the base,She often drove around in her free time,I never got a chance to touch the car again。
“OK,I give you the position,you drive,Your old sister and I sit back and watch you look at the car。”
Qin Liang immediately got out of the car consciously,Let Shen Ruoxue sit in the driver’s seat,He pulled Shen Ruoxi into the back of the car。
“It’s done,My Lord is leaving!”
Shen Ruoxue greeted,I dropped a head while driving,Go straight to the main road。
“Koyuki,Pay attention to safety,Drive slowly。”
Shen Ruoxi has never seen her sister drive,In her heart,I still think of her as that little sensible girl,So I told her not to worry。