When she wakes up,She is already lying on a bed in a military hospital。

Accompanied by a sigh,She opened her eyes,Feel dizzy,Closed my eyes again。
“you’re awake?”
A gentle voice sounded,She followed the voice,I saw a vague and familiar face appeared in front of her,This face wears a pair of myopia,slowly,This face becomes clearer and clearer,She closed her eyes again,When it opens,She saw the person in front of her clearly,Yes,It’s him,He Pengfei。
Her mouth moved,what you want to say,He was stopped by He Pengfei:“Do not talk,Quiet, quiet, never too late。”
In fact,Ding Yi’s mouth just squirmed,Still can’t make a sound。
“I will pour you some water。”He Pengfei said,I poured her half a glass of water,Raised her head gently。
After Ding Yi swallowed two sips of water,Fell weakly on the pillow again,She looked at He Pengfei,Adapted for a long time,Just said intermittently:“Pengfei,you……how……come back……Up?”
He Pengfei held her hand,Said:“Yes,I am blessed,Lucky too,First time back to visit relatives,Just catch up with you,otherwise,I don’t know if I should see you this time。”
Ding Yi is a little embarrassed,She didn’t expect He Pengfei to see her most embarrassing and unbearable side,She blushes,Said embarrassingly:“Let you……Laughed,originally,we……we plan to……After dad comes back,Just married……”
He Pengfei stopped her,Said:“I know,You finally waited for him,I’m happy for you……”
in fact,During the coma,Ding Yi is still somewhat conscious,She vaguely heard Wang Jun calling someone anxiously,In a trance,Two people came in,One is Yue Sufen,One is He Pengfei。She remembered,It seems that He Pengfei carried himself into Wang Jun’s car,He kept holding himself until the hospital……
While lying on the gynecological surgery bed,I heard the doctor say that the child cannot be kept,This time,She lost consciousness again……
right now,She slowly gathered her consciousness,I thought I had a child,But just now,Lost this child again……Thought of here,Tears,From Ding Yi’s eyes……
He Pengfei wiped her tears,Said:“I made my own way and sent you to this military hospital,Because i don’t want people in the place to recognize you。”
Ding nodded,Tears wet the white pillow。