At the next briefing,Shu Qing took out the previously modified Niuguantun Village investigation report,detailed、Accurately reported the actual situation of Niuguantun Village,As well as the voices of the people and the specific measures after discussion with their group members。

At the briefing,Shu Qing is the last one to report,After her report,,There was a brief silence in the venue,It can be said to be silent,Peng Changyi, who presided over the debriefing meeting, deliberately kept such silence on the venue.,He said for a long time:“Secretary Shu’s report is true,Also very detailed,She did work hard。This plan is also the result of repeated discussions in their group。I have seen before,Put forward some my personal opinions,Specific to now,I think it is feasible,This is also today’s meeting。”
The only solution that can be operated immediately,This evaluation is meaningful,Putting pressure on all the leaders present,They Kangzhou Tongs,It’s not as good as a woman who goes to the grassroots to exercise,This is really shameful。It also made people respect Shu Qing。because,Except Peng Changyi,All team members,They didn’t report any hope to Niuguantun,Even expressed objection to Peng Changyi’s placing Niuguantun in the list of the first batch of creation activities,So when arranging the report,Shu Qing was ranked last。But what I did not expect is,Only Shu Qing did the most solid work,And clear thinking,with a clear purpose,Feasible。Next,These people naturally know what to do。
in fact,Ducheng has ready-made experience to learn from,Guan Hao drove all the way,Exhausted all resources and methods,Laid a successful foundation for these latecomers in Kangzhou。
this day,Kangzhou held a city-wide mobilization meeting to develop a civilized ecological village,Peng Changyi just finished speaking,The meeting is still in progress,The waitress lent the leaders the opportunity to pour water,Walk to Peng Changyi,Quietly handed him a note,After he unfolded a glance,Left the podium,Came to the lounge next to the venue,There,Three people are waiting for him,Secretary Song Zhihou is here too。
What is Song Zhihou just going to say?,Just listen to one of them preemptively say:“Secretary Peng,We are from Jin’an City Commission for Discipline Inspection,Come to Kangzhou today,There is something that requires your cooperation in the investigation。”Talking,This person showed him his ID。
survey?People from Jin’an City Commission for Discipline Inspection?Peng Changyi’s heart is moving。He looked at the speaker,Really familiar。
He politely let the three of them sit down,Look at the briefcases in their hands and their expressions when they talk,Peng Changyi learned,They came down with the task。
really,The man said after introducing himself:“We received reports from the masses,Reflecting Jin Jin, Director of Kangzhou Construction Bureau,Use power,For personal gain,Participated in project contracting and demanding bribes and corruption from the project side many times,The Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection decided to investigate it,During the investigation,Hope to get the cooperation of Secretary Peng himself。”
Peng Changyi noticed that what he said was“Hope to get the cooperation of Secretary Peng”,Instead of“Cooperation of the Kangzhou Municipal Party Committee”,It seems,The visitor has figured out that his personal relationship with Jin Jin is good.。
Peng Changyi’s head is a little confused,Gold bribery and corruption?Why didn’t he know beforehand??He always felt that these brothers in Kangzhou, During his return,Not trouble him,And be able to position himself,Doing pretty well,Where to solicit bribes and corruption?
His shocked expression,Did not escape the eyes of the municipal disciplinary committee,The man said:“Are you surprised?”
Peng Changyi said truthfully:“Yes,I was really surprised,I didn’t know beforehand。”
That man sneered,Said:“This puts forward higher requirements for our anti-corruption work,That is,The ways and means for cadres to violate laws and disciplines have become more secretive、More difficult to investigate and define the direction of development,also possible,Gold did not directly solicit or accept bribes,But in a more reasonable way, illegal trading of power and money。so,With the progress of the times,Official corruption also shows the characteristics of diverse forms。”