Sex dinner plan keeps love fresh

Sex dinner plan keeps love fresh

Madam, what shall we eat tonight?

“This is a sentence that you often hear in your daily life. Western or Chinese?

Buffet or a la carte?

Eat out or eat at home?

Xiangdong and Xiangxi are couples who have been married for 12 years, her husband Xiangdong is a newspaper reporter, and his wife is a makeup artist on TV. They are like men and women in love every day. It is enviable. When I invited this stylish couple to have coffee and chat, They have revealed a lot of individualistic emotional preservation methods, one of which is about the treatment of “sex”, Xiang Dong said: dinner can discuss with his wife on the phone how to eat, why not have sex as dinnerHave a plan?

  Therefore, Xiangdong believes that every time sex is fresh or not, unless the husband is creative and predicts in advance, their experience is: “sex” as a “story” to operate, there are plots, roles, time and place and other elements,Changes in any one of the “elements” will lead to slightly different feelings.

  Where: Where do sex work?

  Where does the “story” unfold?

It’s a matter of location.

Under normal circumstances, of course on the bed, but every day spread out plots on the bed, seeing the limitations and no new ideas.

Xiang Dong said that the newlywed honeymoon will be inexplicably excited when seeing the bed. At that time, “sex” is full of vitality, easy to be impulsive, and does not pay attention to the location.”Flammable” newcomers, just thinking about the joy of two-in-one, never thinking that cherries in a saucer are beautiful or hung on a tree. Those are some happy days. As long as there is a bed, the whole city is theirs.At night, passion and orgasm are performed, and the bed is all to them.

  After each month, the bed in the bedroom lay on some rigid, and said to the east, “We should push the battlefield from the bedroom to the sofa in the living room.

“In his opinion, the lingering on the sofa was” a bit unfair “, but very twisted.

Obviously, what happened on the sofa couldn’t be smooth and stable, and it felt a bit like walking on a wooden bridge. Moreover, the body must be adjusted a lot. Lying half or reclining will produce many wonderful associations.

At this time, the body is the “protagonist” and the sofa is like a sexy prop.

Everything was suddenly not complete, but the feeling of eating a fruit salad was not to fill the stomach, but to eat out of mood.

  As a result, the foreplay extends from the pillow to the living room.

Later, Xiangdong developed a new location, which is the study’s wooden floor, very environmentally friendly, naked in the book, letting go of all the baggage, the floor is the stage, free and unrestrained, tumble freely.

There is a change of indulgence, which can instead relax the nerves, muscles and bones, so that the body language is fully mobilized, permeated with a sensual madness, reaching the highest point.

  Everyone has a “hydrophilic desire”, so there is a pleasant “water-based” in the lust. The hot water with fragrance and petals in the bathtub should be the most volatile.

Put water to the east and sprinkle rose petals to the west. The two looked at the water flowers in front of the standing mirror. The shadow in the mirror gradually became richer and the eyes gradually blurred. Such a romance, created with water, diffused with fog, and more closely with twoXinhuiying . It seems as if back to the ancient times, in the sea where humans live, water is the best comfort. The freed up hands are also idle, used for play, the kind of ecstasy, very ecstasy!

  All the places in the room have been used, and Xiangdong began to consider going to the balcony “Chulu”. He is a man who likes to challenge. At midnight, he uses the night to cover. It is very ambiguous. “It feels a little stealing.”Quick decision, but refreshing, very exciting, legal couples, watching dew on the balcony to form flowers on the balcony, there is an indescribable stimulus that makes their husband and wife abnormal, some windows in the tall buildings in the distance are lit, they lie on the balconyThe upper snickers, as if unpopular, someone peeping, but in the thrill, they succeeded to the top, the scenery was infinite, and the heart was refreshed.

  Later, there were children, and there were several people in the family, sometimes old people and some nanny.

So they bought a car, and naturally became a fashionable “lathe family”.

It is said that 80% of the first sexual intercourse between young people in Europe and the United States occurred in a car. It was a romantic place, and wherever you parked, you felt like an island.

The night breeze, the sea of lights in the distance, the sound of insects, the stars or the moonlight, provided a lot of unexpected stage backgrounds for their sex stories.

  This white-collar couple is a workaholic and a night owl. Sometimes, driving east to the west, the huge TV station building is very mysterious and quiet.It feels like the chairs and tables are their “sex” props.

  The most luxurious trip was to go west to Xiamen for a business trip.

At midnight, Xiangdong suddenly appeared in the hotel. The surprise made Xiangxi scream and shiver.

The white sheets were very pure, but they used the “most degraded and the most indecent way” to do the things that husbands and wives should do. It was the most memorable experience. It was full of lover’s gunpowder flavor, as if after “one night stand”,You have to go your separate ways, one on Mercury and one on Saturn.

  Love can be as simple as having a heart.

Sex is more complex and interesting. The choice and change of location is the easiest connection and the easiest connection.

  Characters: Two people’s “character library” erotic “characters” are always two, but “characters” can be many.

Xiang Xi said that to be able to see each other after marriage, this requires strong love to support, and can also attract each other through the continuous development and change of the roles of the husband and wife.

  Xiangxi, who likes the literary tune, likes the couple to play the protagonists of love and heroines in the movie, just like “The Cowherd and the Weaver”, “The Positioning Bridge’s Dream”, and even the “Titanic” . Xiangdong found some classic lines, two peopleRecite them one day in advance, and then enter the role play with a “seal”.

Her husband Xiangdong also made a lot of masks. When two “unknown” lovers had only one mask “shame” in the whole body, the picture was very postmodern, substantive, funny, and a little weird.More importantly, they virtually prolonged the “foreplay”.

Things to be done tomorrow night are being prepared a few days in advance. This “preparing for war” feeling often makes him unable to bear a smile. The sweetness and expectation cannot be experienced by outsiders.

“Home theater” has also become another scene in their home. This kind of DIY sex role processing is full of fun.  The actor Xiangdong also likes to play some other more specific role conversions, and some body treatments.

In odd days, he plays the “protagonist” and takes the initiative to attack. The position arrangement is male and female. On the contrary, in even days, the Phoenix is supreme and subverts Qiankun.

In normal posture, the skin of the two can be tightly attached, and the man can give full play to his subjective initiative.

The advantage of the “female superior” is that the man can see the woman’s style show. Various expressions different from the normal can greatly stimulate the man’s emotions, very provocative, shaking and hot body, charged, shining!!
Xiangdong sometimes plays some other tricks. Some “back postures” are very conquering, and they “spread a crime of anger.”

The change of body position can lead to many different character experiences. Of course, it depends on the mood of the day. For example, on “Women’s Day”, the wife takes the idea to the west. Everything is up to her. On Father’s Day,Dong raised his eyebrows and exhaled.
Feng Shui takes turns, each doing his best and getting what he needs.

Of course, the arrangement of roles must be considered in conjunction with the background of time and space. Sometimes in the small cars in the suburbs, the wildness of the woman is often more able to disperse the inner energy of the two sides: while the passion on the balcony is best controlled by the man because the “”The crisis is perilous,” and the husband must take responsibility . Mr. Xiangdong, a Pisces man, is full of “suits and ghosts.”

His proposal to his wife started like this: On the highway, he was driving westward on a motorcycle and was suddenly stopped by a police officer saying that he violated the rules . Finally, the police officer who was about to tear the ticket asked strangely, “But,You have the right to make a choice, one is fine, and the other is to propose to this girl!

“Xiang Xi was stupid at the time. There was such a law enforcement policeman in the world. Just when she was inexplicable, Xiang Dong replied cheerfully:” I am proposing!

“Then he knelt down on one leg solemnly and took out an engagement ring from his pocket magically . fainting westward, so he accepted it unclearly but willingly.

Afterwards, Xiangxi learned that the so-called “policeman” was played by a friend of Xiangdong.

Xiangdong likes to be unique. He believes that this will be memorable and memorable for life.

  Similarly, Xiangdong also brought this comedic factor into their marriage life, especially the “sex story”.

The so-called “plot” is to make the process tortuous. Generally men only pay attention to the results, and even if they are satisfied, they have sex. Xiangdong likes the “process” and likes to make the process tortuous to enhance the amplitude and suddennessIt’s hard to commend the other party for some surprises.

  One weekend, east and west, staying at home “drunk and dreaming”, brewing espresso, making love, drinking coffee, going to bed, waking up again-of course . Of course, this is not a lot, but they like to useCoffee fills the bedroom with a warm and romantic atmosphere.

Once, Xiangdong was making coffee and asked to go west to change the leopard-print underwear. When he pulled out a long-lost underwear from the closet, he found a small bag with a pin on it and opened it.It actually cost $ 1,000. Who was this scared to the west?

Why is it like this?

  When Xixiang was surprised and happy to hold US dollars and asked Xiangdong, Xiangdong Manhu looked suspiciously: “You ask me, I want to ask you, one of them is a foreigner?”

Be honest!

It ‘s hard to argue to the west. It ‘s so hard to jump into the Minjiang River!

Just when she was about to call the police to find out what was happening in the water and fight for an innocent reputation for herself, Xiangdong suddenly laughed and hugged her, “Just a joke for you!

It’s my tip.

While facing west, beating her husband coquettishly, he ordered him to confess where so many dollars came from . Noisy, ups and downs, unexpected surprises and gains were the best aphrodisiac for women, and they were in full swing all night.Lead the two burning bodies to the top.

On another occasion, Xiangdong quietly “knit” the cling film in advance from the study to the living room like a spider’s web, then turned off the light and lit the ambiguous fragrance candle.

Xiangxi was surfing the Internet in his study, and Xiangdong suddenly called in his bedroom: “Wife, I’m not comfortable on my chest. Come and help me .” When Xixiang rushed out of the study, he suddenly fell into the “gentleness” set by Xiangdong.In the “Internet” . When Xiangxi knew that he was on the road, he was angry and annoyed that he had a “chest pain” riding underneath him, and the prologue of a pink war was opened . Many times, a prank can make oneFeelings are fully mobilized. This kind of flirting is very unique and a little bit tricky. It is easy to let people “play” forever. Regardless of the sex buttons of men and women, they need some intentional management. This kind of “”Excitation,” the critical heating of couples’ sex.