Green You 2 Yu Yan: I like to put pressure on myself, I don’t deliberately converge

“Green You 2” Yu Yan: I like to put pressure on myself, I don’t deliberately converge
Among the more than 100 girls in “Youth Has You 2”, Yu Yan is like a burning flame, dazzling and aggressive.She exudes charm, ambition, sharpness, perseverance, and determination. It is hard not to attract her attention on stage.Many people say that Yu Yan is a dark horse in “You 2”.From the debut of the stage in less than five minutes, to “Inflammable and Explosive”, the theme song stage has repeatedly won the “A”, and now her ranking has risen from fifteenth to third place.But the popularity is always wrapped up with criticism, Yu Yan frankly, after participating in the program caused external scruples, but did not deliberately converge, “Unless it is correct, professional evaluation, I will learn.”It’s a kind of” good “caring.”The following is a rhetoric of rhetoric-” If you have time to be confused, it’s better to move quickly. “I have not easily been on the stage, but I still can’t forget the feeling on the stage.Only standing on the stage seems to be the real self, which is why I came to “You 2”.Recalling the first time I stood on the stage, I still don’t know what the “stage” is like, and I’m not fully prepared.And this time I stood on the stage again, I felt that I had prepared for a long time, the state was better than the original, but the difference was the inner feeling, I was more expecting than the original, and I missed the stage more.When I announced the ranking for the first time, it was the fifteenth place. I didn’t think it was low.Because I have n’t appeared in everyone ‘s vision for about four years, and there are many people who support me (I rarely call fans fans, because I feel that fans can only be regarded as a unified name, but I rarely call it this way)Paying attention to me, everyone still remembers a person like Yu Yan, I feel very good.I did n’t come here for ranking, I valued the stage more.If you do not appear in the show later, these works are left by you, and the ranking is only temporary.So from my debut to the present, I will be unhappy, but not confused.Because I have always been sober, I know what I want, and I know what the goal is.Just do it.If you have time to be confused, you might as well act quickly.”I’m not cold, independence is born” straight steel daughter, straight male, contrast cute, high cold, cool?In these few words, I don’t seem to feel the iron daughter, Gao Leng is not in line with me.Maybe I’m cold in everyone’s impression.My independence is born. My parents raised me as a boy since I was a child. Any requirements will satisfy me, but I will not be too spoiled, not like petting a little girl.Almost all things let me do it by myself and cultivate my independence.I never felt that I was in the acting world.After participating in the variety show for the first time, I was still swaying on the street. I didn’t know to wear sunglasses. I wanted to go out and eat, and I didn’t think I was a big star.There were really no worries at the time, and it might be the same in the future. I will have basic cultivation as an artist, but I will not hide myself.But now, there may be a little scruples.As he grows older, his personality becomes more stable.But I did not deliberately converge.I do n’t know what the outside world says about me. What people say about me does n’t matter.Unless it is correct, professional evaluation, I will learn.This is a kind of “good” care.Sauna Night Net: How do you resolve your emotions when faced with doubts from the outside world?Yu Yan: The pressure has turned into motivation, what else to resolve?If I have to be stressed and need to resolve it, that is, eating something I didn’t usually eat, like cakes and ice cream, I will be very happy.Sauna Nightnet: Have you set your own goals for yourself?Yu Yan: Take the first place, and there are more special stages.Because I like to put pressure on myself, I have to set a very high goal and force myself to move towards it. Whether it is achieved or not, it is a motivation.Sauna Night Net: If the group is formed in the end, what kind of role do you want to be in the team?Yu Yan: I can do anything, even if no one is doing it, I will do the dirty work.Sauna Night Net: Which artist in the performing arts circle is your goal and role model?Yu Yan: I only look at business capabilities, Beyonce (laughs), maybe a little far away, but my goal of hard work.Sauna Night Net: What do you want to say most to the people who have supported you for years?Yu Yan: I hope they don’t take me too seriously, and hope that they put themselves first.Don’t influence them because of my things.Because I am an artist, in addition to singing and dancing, I still hope to bring positive energy and happiness to everyone.If they are unhappy or psychologically burdened because of my affairs, they lose their original meaning.So I still hope they only see the happy side.I am a person who doesn’t care. I hope they will ignore the strange sounds just like me.It doesn’t matter, those who don’t speak well, just let them talk to themselves and ignore them.It is the most important thing for everyone to be happy.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang He editor Wu Dongni proofread Zhao Lin