Wei Minggong here also smiled slightly:“Dare not say anything else,at least.Female number two must have more acting skills than Yang Xinxin。”

Everyone will laugh at this。
It’s a fact that Yang Kaixin looks beautiful,It’s true that she has money in her family,But she has no acting skills,The same is true。
A TV series actually uses Yang Kaixin to be the second female number,How is the effect of the finished product,It’s really a bit dare not to have much confidence。
While they are smiling,Suddenly someone knocked on the door outside the office。
When Wen Fan calls him in,The secretary who opened the door had a ugly face。
“Wen Shao,Lai Haijin is crazy!He blatantly scolded us during the interview,Scolded very viciously!”
First412chapter Scolding lively