Taste vegetarian, expensive in your mood


Taste vegetarian, expensive in your mood

Meditate to eat vegetarian food.

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It is said that in Hong Kong, more than 200 vegetarian restaurants are booming; in Taiwan, there are more than 2 million vegetarians on the island; in the United States, there are more than 12 million vegetarians; the membership of the Canadian Vegetarian Association in Toronto has more than doubled in 5 years;/ 6 Britons have or are considering becoming vegetarians; in Germany, vegetarian chains are scattered all over the streets; today there are 1.5 million vegetarians in Italy.

銆€銆€Among the global vegetarians, the most appealing is the Hollywood star who is active on the enchanting stage.

It is said that in order to lose weight, “food is equal to love beauty” has become their slogan of persisting in belief and promoting vegetarianism.

銆€銆€From Yan Xing Madonna to sports star Lewis, more and more celebrities are screaming for vegetarianism.

They want to extend their inner fascinating features with a trendy and active lifestyle, and vegetarianism is the ideal choice for these stars.

Vegetarians can resist the aging and maintain the shape; vegetarianism is a way of life rich in the ancient aristocracy, benevolent and wise.

Edison, Einstein, Tolstoy, Tagore, Sun Yat-sen, Diana and many other celebrities from all over the world have chosen or eventually chose vegetarian food.

銆€銆€There are always three routes for vegetarianism in China: palaces, monasteries, and folks.

銆€銆€The court vegetarian diet is particular, but there are too many rituals and ceremonies in the temples. The vegetarian diet is low, and the high is rich and noble; the folk vegetarian and seasonal, the customs are companionship, simple and beautiful, quite ancient, but unfortunately the stars are not fragmented.銆?銆€銆€Zhitang old man cloud: “Drinking tea under the window of Wawu house, Qingquan green tea, using elegant ceramic tea set, drinking with two people, have a half-day leisure, can resist ten years of dust dreams.

After drinking tea, I will continue to repair each person’s career, whether it is for the sake of profit, but it is indispensable, but the occasional moment of leisure is also indispensable.

“I think this is also the highest state of mortal food for my generation.”

銆€銆€Resistant tofu is the most basic and most common ingredient in vegetarian diet.

But it is not easy to do it well.

The Wensi tofu of Dajue Temple is wonderfully cut into thin filaments.

Such a delicate tofu silk floats on the mellow simmer, without adding a flowing beauty.

銆€銆€The tender tofu silk is instant, soft and sweet, with no tofu and brine, and the soft and smooth tofu makes the whole soup more mellow and long.

銆€銆€Vegetarian food is a light product, giving people the impression that it is indispensable, light, thin, and at the same time based on light food, Wensi tofu is its own mellow, smooth taste, easy to feel thick, delicious, patientChew, aftertaste.

銆€銆€Dajue Su is pleasing to the eye and rich in ingredients.

The whole course includes a variety of simple ingredients such as ginkgo, shiitake mushrooms, lilies, asparagus, bamboo stalks, and slider mushrooms, but the products are not simple.

銆€銆€In Dajue Su, each ingredient has its own characteristics, rich in ingredients, not only brings sensory enjoyment – colorful, pleasing to the eye; it also determines the richness of the taste – fresh, refreshing, lips and teeth.
銆€銆€With such rich expressiveness, Tian became the pluralistic beauty of Dajue, and at the same time, it is also the name of vegetarianism.