Oscar third prize winner 1917 issued a new poster, confirming the mainland theater online

Oscar third prize winner “1917” issued a new poster, confirming the mainland theater online
Sauna Night News (Reporter Li Yan) On May 13th, the movie “1917” released the poster of the “Reunion Theater Still Together” poster, announcing that it will meet with mainland audiences soon.In the recent North American awards season, “1917” has become a hot film of the year. In one fell swoop, it won the Golden Globe Awards “Best Film in the Drama” and “Best Director”, and was shortlisted for the 10 Academy Awards.He was nominated for the honor of pounds, and won the three titles of best photography, best visual effect and best sound effect. The top-level audio-visual effects are honored with layers of honor, and he was praised as the most suitable for watching movies on the big screen of the year. “1917” tells the story of two fighters, in order to save 1600 comrades, retrograde communication, cross life and death, mission must reach.In addition to director Sam Mendes, photography Roger Dickins, editing Lee Smith, costume Jacqueline Duran, all held the “little gold man”.Musical Thomas Newman won the Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Arrangement 5 times.The world’s top class behind the scenes teamed up to create such a new era classic film. At the 92nd Academy Awards ceremony at the beginning of the year, it won the best photography, best visual effects and best sound effects in one fell swoopJackpot.The quality blessings of the three professional technical awards are bound to be enough to enjoy the excellent audio-visual feast brought by the film only when viewed on the big screen.>>> Oscar’s popular movie “1917” confirms the introduction of the mainland, and it is expected that the sauna and Ye Wang will be edited by Li Yan.