Wu Youfu took a sip of wine,Solemn expression,He said:“Li Yong is threatening,Full of energy,You have seen this too,There are two reasons for him,One is that he was dissatisfied with the handling of him in the last mine disaster,It’s shameful to come back this time,The second is that he also wants new officials to take office,Prove one’s strength,also,Since this person became the director of the Mining Bureau,Obviously have proud capital,There are old heads far away,Recently, Peng Changyi is backing him,He thinks he has found two backers,So now this person is a little cocky。But this person currently,Not a threat to you,The real threat comes from Peng Changyi。Peng Changyi now uses his Li Yong as a gunman,It’s extremely easy to scrap this gun,It’s not easy to use Peng Changyi’s brain,He is currently working with Kang Bin,So you can’t take it lightly。”

Ge Zhaoguo nodded。
Erhei:“I know what to do,I will ask him out soon,See me then。”
“Whom to date?”Wu Youfu said。
Wu Youfu said:“Don’t talk about anything you do this time,Let Ye Mei take care of everything,You should avoid the wind,Show up as little as possible。”
Erhei“Lost too much this year,There are some things I can’t do。”
Wu Youfu glanced at Erhei boredly,Said:“You will be free in three or four months,During this period of time, let’s make less trouble。”
Ge Zhaoguo said:“Two black,Did you hear that,Big brother means the same as mine,You accept your temper,Long-term,Let Xiaomei do something。”
Erhei complained:“Ye Mei has always been upset recently,I just ignore it,As if I owed her something in my last life。”
Wu Youfu stared at Erhei and said:“of course,You made the mess up,Don’t talk about her,I don’t like to take care of you,Can we do something??Why is it so useless,Really stupid!”
Ge Zhaoguo listened to Wu Youfu this time scolding Erhei stupid,Not only is he not angry,Also laughed,Said:“Big brother is right,Just stupid。correct,This time i go to beijing,Meet Mingxiu,Big brother,I can tell,She didn’t forget you at all,Keep asking me,Can this affect you……”
Wu Youfu raised his hand,Interrupted him,Seriously:“It’s in the past,Attention later,Don’t mention it on any occasion。”
Erhei sees Wu Youfu’s face not happy,Just said:“correct,Big brother,Why didn’t Xiaoyun come?”
“She went to Jinan for a meeting,Come home and see your parents。”
“Oh?”Erhei glanced at Ge Zhaoguo。
At this moment,A girl of eighteen or nineteen,Come in in a low-cut cheongsam dress,Gave them a fruit plate on the table,Just about to leave,Stopped by Erhei Up:“Xiaocui,come。”