Qin Liang asked incredulously。

“Is not……Made by my chef,Where do I have such great ability。”
Fluttershy said embarrassedly。Actually she can’t cook at all……It should be ok to barely cook instant noodles,But she will never fall down to the point of eating instant noodles。
“your home?”
Qin Liang finally can’t play stupid anymore……Ask quietly。
“amount……Yes……Let’s eat quickly,But I don’t want to sit at the side of the table with you,That way we are too far away,Inconvenient to speak,Let’s sit next to each other?”
Xiaodie only agreed vaguely,And immediately changed the subject。
I can sit and eat with the little girl next to me,Of course Qin Liang couldn’t ask for it,So two people“affectionate”Sit down together,Started eating。
Fluttershy continues to perform faithfully as a domestic maid“Duty”,Taking care of Qin Liang is called being considerate,He kept picking vegetables and soup for him,It was so diligent that I just fed Qin Liang directly。
“I say Fluttershy……You don’t need to take care of me so enthusiastically……I’m not used to you like this……Feel like you are my maid……”
Qin Liang endured for a long time,Finally said to Xiaodie embarrassedly。
“I’m afraid you are embarrassed to eat。”
Fluttershy blushes to explain。
“Ha ha,You can rest assured,I have a thicker skin,Especially delicious,I’m never polite。Moreover,You are so beautiful,You should be the little queen,I’ll be your valet to serve you。”
Qin Liang started to use Dafa to coax girls again。