“Waiter,Quick serve。”

See everyone is here,Manager Chen looks to the waiter,Open road。
“Since you are going to discuss business,Then I won’t bother you。”
Manager Zhu heard what Manager Chen said,know,I should go to prepare the room now,So he didn’t stay here。
“This is the contract,You look!”
See Manager Zhu go out,Manager Chen passed the contract in his hand to Song Yan。
But eyes,But I couldn’t help but look at Lu Yingying。
“I have no problem with the contract,Can sign up。”
Song Yan didn’t expect,Manager Chen will be so happy。
But turn to,This manager Chen is notoriously a womanizer,It’s normal to see beautiful women so happy。
“Row,Then sign up!”
Manager Chen didn’t even look at Song Yan,Answer directly。
And the waiter,Keep serving food at this moment。
“Yingying,You chat with Manager Chen for a while,I go to the bathroom to wash my hands。”
After signing,See the waiter serve,It’s time to get the medicine,Hand over the contract to Manager Chen,I just found an excuse to leave。
Lu Yingying nodded,Responded。
“Miss Lu,I don’t know if you are interested in coming to work in my company?