Someone can’t help but whisper:“director,Sasha has happened so big,Will it affect the crew?,In case this show cannot be broadcast,This is how to do?”

Gu Sanyingdao:“do not worry,I have a way to exonerate Wang Sha,It’s just that Wang Sha can’t live with her pride,Still having a temper。”
Others can’t help but curse:“This woman is really,What time is it,Dare to get angry,If not her,Director, you don’t have to be so troublesome。”
“That’s right,You work for Wang Sha,She’s still having a temper,Really nothing。”
Gu San thought to himself,This is Wang Sha’s act of acting like a baby,She deliberately angry,Pretend to her golden pig。Let her know,People on the Internet are slandering her。Everything is Zhang Tang’s fault。
Gu San can’t talk about artists,Said:“Leave Wang Sha alone,How many actors are there??I want to talk to them。”
Lu Shanshan saw that she could finally play,Happy in my heart,Walked to the director with a smile on his face。There is also the young actor Qiao Long。
Qiao Long is not tall,Only one meter seven,But the face is indeed photogenic,It has a sense of story at first glance。
Qiao Long teased immediately after seeing Shen Zhiyue:“Teacher Gu,Terrible,I want to film with a male god like Xiao Shen,Ha ha,I must be the one with the lowest face value in the whole show。”
Gu San said:“Qiao Long,Your character is in the whole show, as long as there are male characters,The best one,You still have a lot of dialogue,And there are too many bright spots。”
Qiao Long was surprised:“I remember that Brother Liang would also be acting······”
in recent years,As long as there are dramas in which Brother Liang participated,He is the hero,He is the most brilliant in the whole show。
Lu Shanshan was also surprised,But for Brother Liang, Qiao Long,Is senior,The predecessor’s scene is more exciting,Also justified。
Gu San explained:“You are acting as a family,Middle-aged man with a career。So what you show is not just a sense of responsibility to your family,And for the company,Responsibility to employees。”
Lu Shanshan looked forward to it:“This role resonates with many people,Middle-aged now,Who is not caught in family and career。”
Gu San nodded:“Correct,And this role,He also has his own rules,I still feel that my wife is the best,He knows that cheating is wrong。So he will treat his wife and daughter,Full of guilt,But this feeling of guilt does not dare to show too obvious,His wife is a smart man,So I can’t write all my thoughts on my face。”
Qiao Long laughed:“Haha,Really complicated,I don’t have such a complicated relationship experience,So I’m not sure if I can do well。”
Lu Shanshan said:“Brother Joe,This role really suits you,If you let me play a child’s father,I don’t know how to act yet。”
Gu San pointed to Lu Shanshan and said:“You are the most excessive,You don’t want to restrain yourself,and so,You understand for yourself。”