Six Love Psychology Lessons for Women

Six Love Psychology Lessons for Women

Lesson 1: Love is not all about life. For women, love is life, oxygen, and life. Therefore, women’s love is always vigorous and well known to the world; many women will devote all their feelings.

But men are different. Even if they are in love, they will have the ability to relentlessly refuse to accept the six relatives and focus on the things in front of them.

  Men are too ruthless. Maybe you will think so. Sometimes you will be angry with him again because of other things.

In fact, they are just more practical, knowing that in real life there are many things more important than love, some work, some money, and then re-his brothers . Remember: he did not despise your existence at all.

  Lesson 2: Keep silent at the end of time There are too many women who are prone to a problem, that is, regardless of each other’s friendship, they like to count the small and large things in life, and whether or not the other party is interested, just talk about it.A few hours.

  Yes, women like and are good at sharing secrets with others, but everything is the same size, right or wrong, when you are half-familiar, you will be confided. Telling secrets can only make you boring in men’s eyes, trivial and no mystery,This concludes the relationship between the two.

  In fact, more men are fond of showing off their benefits to women, and then just listen to it.

Because he just wants you to “worship” him for a while, remember to give him a positive look from time to time . Lesson 3: Private affairs do not tell friends that women apart from sometimes wishing to share their thoughts with the first-time men,There are also some fatal problems, that is, being open and frank with the sisters, almost to the point of talking about everything, from the lover’s childhood nickname, to kissing skills, and even . are the topics of chat with each other.

  But women have thought about it, sharing these intimate affairs with friends is very likely to cast a shadow in your interaction with him.

There is no doubt that everything is not concealed, very uncomfortable, it is a kind of betrayal and betrayal; gradually, maybe you did n’t really care about it, but because you heard your friend cheer up, “Yeah, heIt’s really hard to please “and it feels worse.

What you should not tolerate originally, but because your friend is kind and consoling, it makes you even less determined to solve the problem.

  Lesson 4: Seeing the problem is more straightforward. When men and women are interacting, understanding each other is definitely what the genders are striving for, but the focus of understanding between men and women is completely different.

A woman wants to know why he called at night instead of noon?

Why did he ask me to watch a movie?

Is there a special reason for this?

  Compared to women’s inferior speculation, what men want to know is the truth; how old are you, are you single?

Are you free on Saturday night?

Do you want to see me?

Do you love me?

Many women call a man’s straightforward decision, a frank statement that he has seen what he sees as cold and ruthless, which is unfair.

In fact, men see the problem more like a car running on the road. Their usual way of thinking is from land A to land B, which is straight and rarely deviates from the track.

  If a man asks you to watch a movie, don’t think about any symbolic meaning that it implies at first, just think about why he asked you to watch it instead of asking others.

Ten out of ten is because he loves you, likes you, that’s all.

  Lesson 5: This sentence does not mean “man is afraid of promise”. The fact is that “man is afraid of the promised dialogue is not the woman who is destined to do it.” Men always ask themselves before entering a stable relationship.: Does she meet my needs?

How well do they cooperate in sex?

Financially, can she be self-sufficient?

  If the answers to all the questions are positive, he will never waste time and talk to you softly. In all likelihood, he will retreat and continue to look for beautiful women on the road of love.

Never like a woman, it is appropriate to polish each other clearly, or to sharpen the horns of the horns and blindly want to transform each other.

In the end, it is difficult for Qu San people to complete, or “long pain is worse than short pain”!

  Lesson 6: Love is not painful and unwilling to live This is not to say that Chinese people are cold-blooded and ruthless, and cannot feel the feelings of seven emotions and six desires.

When a woman falls in love, she will be sad and cry, and she will cry darkly; a woman of a higher level will not touch the water for a few days.

Men may indulge in sentimentalism because of falling in love, not eating or drinking.

  Part of the reason why men are so open-minded is due to general biological behavioral responses.

Experts believe: “Psychologically, men are more likely than women to have psychochemical reactions to overcome pain.

“In addition to the psychological differences, of course, men recover faster on the road to broken love.

They know that they will fall in love again after all, where there is no grass in the world, not to mention, the most practical healing method is to fall in love with another person as soon as possible.