Zhang Chunqin tried to reach out to hold,And the other party is also very face,Handshake,Even respectfully:“Hello aunt,do not worry,I am here,Your family can go in。”

“uncle,I know your health,A while,I will let the waiter give you thoughtful food recipes。”
“Miss Ren,Don’t know,Will you be happy for a while,Have a drink?”
Sun Yongye is a gentleman。
Between the lines,Very revealing his elegant conversation。
But in the eyes of Ye Tianzong,It’s nothing more than a wolf in human skin。
Look at Ren Yurou’s gaze,Not simple。
Also invited to drink?
Ye Tianzong’s face was hazy。
Grandchildren,And Sun Yongji in the car-buying storm before,Is his younger brother。
Brothers,Are not good people。
And he understands now,Let yourself wait for someone to eat the invitation card,Then Yongye Sun rushed to help,Rescue distress,Capture the heart of Ren Yurou。
The trick is really high enough。
But in front of Ye Tianzong,Doesn’t work。
“no problem,no problem。”
Ren Yurou is embarrassed。