The girl looks innocent。

Qin Liang understood the girl’s problem after a little thought。
Because of a sudden unexpected stimulus,Over shock,The girl has a psychological stress response,Selective memory loss。
grass,Trouble now。
Qin Liang looked at the girl in front of him tangledly,Don’t know what to say。
“What to do now?I don’t know where is home,Where do i live。”The girl said aggrievedly,It seems the tears are falling again。
“Don’t cry don’t cry,It’s okay,You can live with uncle’s house,Uncle will make it so delicious,Guaranteed to be better than any meal you have ever eaten。”
They say that beautiful girls are foodies,It seems that this sentence does have some truth,If Qin Liang’s gourmet food is tempting, let’s export,Girl immediately“Dark clouds turn clear”Up,The tears that were about to shed are gone……
“really?Then I want to eat seafood dinner。”
Qin Liang was speechless,I regret that I shouldn’t have said those things。
“You just got scared,Shouldn’t eat irritating food now,It’s best to eat light,Great for your recovery。”
Qin Liang started playing with his heart,A seafood meal is too much trouble,He is tired,Don’t want to work too hard。
“Do not,I just have seafood dinner!no,no。”The girl is starting to act like a baby,I can tell,This is also a small public practice that is spoiled by parents at home。
no way,Qin Liang had to surrender。