“Hey Hey hey!Don’t say I didn’t remind you!Don’t move with me,Beware of springtime leaks!”

Qin Liang immediately pretended to warn Shen Ruoxi a few words,A very upright gentleman。
“It’s okay,She is your wife,It doesn’t matter if she breaks out in front of you,As long as we don’t get out of love。”
Murong Shan immediately smiled and said。
Shen Ruoxi snorted disdainfully,I don’t know if it was aimed at Qin Liang,Still aiming at Murong Shan。
Murong Shan is naive,Actually, among the girls present,Except for her and Li Qiao’er,Li Yaxin,Meizi hasn’t leaked out in front of Qin Liang,The other girls have all leaked in front of Qin Liang,One counts one!Some of them are more than just extinction,It’s just a blast,Leaked thoroughly。
“You don’t feel very hot, right?”
Qin Liang deliberately changed the subject,He was the first to come in to steam the sauna,So after he came in, he adjusted the temperature of Sauna to suit him,He was afraid that the girls could not bear it。
But he was too worried,Girls who have practiced kung fu,The body’s ability to withstand is definitely much stronger than ordinary girls,The heat of a sana,It’s nothing to them。
“still alright,No problem for now。”
Shen Ruoxi answered this,Of course she said that after looking around everyone’s expressions,She answered,Naturally, others don’t need to answer。
“Say if you have a problem,Don’t force it and don’t do it,This is really not a joke。”
Qin Liang said these words seriously,He doesn’t want to be steaming, but he has to run out and call for an ambulance。
“Can i go out and get some drinks in?”
Shen Ruoxue said her first sentence after entering this room。
“of course can,All of you go,Get a bottle for everyone,To be chilled。”
The special forces king who likes the beautiful president, please collect it:()The special forces king of the beautiful president。