Jiang Fan said:“Can he have any trouble,I just give him money for cigarettes。”

“You don’t understand the situation,His wife’s maiden has something to do in three days,I want you to transfer his step son here,I said no on the spot,I said he has no skills and no education,Didn’t you come here to find death??Doing a small business in the local area can make a living,I’m afraid I won’t even be able to eat if I come here。”
“Ok,This is。”Jiang Fan said:“Then you can’t stop you from seeing me,Bring me pomegranates all the way back,I didn’t even say thank you。”
Mom said at this moment:“Your dad thanked you,Gave him a sum of money。All right,Hurry up and peel the pomegranate,Let Xiaoding taste our own pomegranate。”
Jiang Fan just peeled the pomegranate,Said:“This is the pomegranate from our hometown,That pomegranate tree is an old uncle,I have eaten pomegranates from this tree since I can remember,Small grains and large grains,Eat this pomegranate,It will make your saliva top-notch a thousand feet long,You will lose interest in all pomegranates。”
Jiang Fan said,Just pick a few,Hand it to Ding Yi’s hand。
Ding Yi looked down at these crystal clear grains、White in red、Agate-like pomegranate seeds,I can’t help but swallow。
The family who was watching her couldn’t help but laugh。
Ding Yi takes out one,Put in the mouth,Chew with your teeth,Juice overflows immediately,Sweet and sour,The taste of liangjinjin,Keep coming in。
This breed,It is indeed different from other pomegranates sold in the market,Whether it’s sour or sweet,All extreme,Indeed unforgettable。No wonder Jiang Fan caught a cold and fever one year in Kangzhou,He yelled to eat pomegranate,Remember Xiao Xu driving the car,Almost all the fruit stalls,Did not buy pomegranates。My childhood memories are the most ingrained。
“Don’t eat one by one,Eat more boldly,Look at me。”Jiang Fan said,Put a handful of pomegranate seeds in your mouth,Then there was the cracking sound of pomegranate seeds。
Ding Yi looked at and put all the remaining pills in his mouth,Chew,Cool and quench thirst。
Two people ate pomegranate with interest,Mother Jiang next to them looked at them with great joy,Happy from ear to ear。
Jiang Yan said suddenly:“brother,Just let my sister-in-law taste something so cold,I have to eat later。”
Jiang Fan just handed the pomegranate seeds to Ding Yi’s hand,When Jiang Yan said that,He quickly grabbed it from Ding Yi’s hand again,Put it directly into my mouth。