Wu Youfu really doesn’t want to toss about anything in Sanyuan,He is like Wang Jiadong said,Be the emperor。But Peng Changyi obviously won’t be like this,and so,Some thoughts on Peng Changyi’s work,Wu Youfu is not good to express opposition,That’s not justified,The best way is to let Peng Changyi toss,As the saying goes,Much work,More mistakes,Wait for you to make a mistake,It’s not too late to clean up!

and so,Peng Changyi’s travel plan,I got the idea of the Peach Blossom Festival,And put it into practice。
and so,Peng Changyi has been busy with the Peach Blossom Festival these days,But he did not dare to forget about it,Say hello to Wu Youfu,Wu Youfu is more satisfied with this。
Peng Changyi suddenly said to Wu Youfu:“correct,Can the old chief cut the ribbon for our Peach Blossom Festival?”
Wu Youfu heard what Peng Changyi said,I pinched my finger and said:“There are four or five days before the opening ceremony,I’m afraid he won’t stay that long,Moreover,If he stayed to cut the ribbon,We have to readjust the plan,I have to report to Jinan。”
Peng Changyi said:“I just thought of it,Does not count。”
Wu Youfu said:“It’s not impossible,Let’s talk about the situation。”
“Ok。”Peng Changyi said again:“Water came out of those two motorized wells in Longquan Township,I want to have a small ceremony。”
Wu Youfu closed his eyes,Said:“Look at the arrangement。”
On this matter,Wu Youfu has never been too interested,Peng Changyi doesn’t know why。
At this moment,Qi Xiang called,Said that he had reported this to the leaders of each township,They also said that they would immediately send people to stop cutting trees。In addition,Qi Xiang said he had communicated the matter with the deputy county magistrate in charge of agriculture,Since this deputy county magistrate is still at Lang Zhunong Exhibition,Some things can only be called and asked。
Peng Changyi thinks that Qi Xiang has done a good job,Played a role in supplementing vacancies,For some time,Peng Changyi relies heavily on Qixiang。
Drive the car all the way,Drove into the main street of Sanyuan County。Peng Changyi suddenly frowned at the sidewalk under construction on both sides,He did not speak,Because the car is going all the way,Soon we drove into the best hotel in Sanyuan。
Yuncai Yun’s business class stopped at the main entrance of the hotel’s high steps。
Wu Youfu and Peng Changyi quickly get off,Wu Youfu walked a few steps to the door of the car,Pull the car door,Together with Ge Zhaoguo,I got out of the car with Qie Yun。